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10-In-1 Smartphone Lens Kit

The vast majority of photos these days are taken by our smartphones. And while these smartphone cameras are getting better by the day they still lack the versatility of a dedicated camera. This is mainly due to the fixed lens which prohibits zooming in without losing quality. Well with this 10 in 1 smartphone camera lens kit you can get wide-angle shots, fisheye shots and zoom in as well as experience a ranch of filter that reduce glare and add artistic effects to your pictures.

So if you want to take your mobile photography to the next level and explore the possibilities of your smartphone camera then this 10 in 1 kit is for you.

Package Contents
Fish Eye Lens
Wide Angle & Marco Lens
2X Telescope Lens
Star Filter
Kaleidoscope Lens 3
Kaleidoscope Lens 6
Flow Filter
Radial Filter
9x Lens Cap
Universal Clip
Cleaning Cloth
User Manual
Retail Box

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