expired SanDisk 16GB Ultra Dual $13.5 | 32GB Ixpand Mini USB 3.0 $59.9 | Ultra Micro SD Card SDXC UHS-I 100MB/s $123 @ Trade Me


So I messed up! sorry guys. The deal is up an running again for the weekend and I have added a few more SanDisk Deals.

SanDisk 16GB OTG Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Flash Drive SDDD2-016G $13.5
SanDisk 32GB iXpand Mini USB 3.0 Flash Drive SDIX40N-032G $59.9
SanDisk 64GB CZ430 Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive Memory Stick Thumb Key 130MB/S SDCZ430-064G $39.0
SanDisk 32GB Connect Wireless Stick USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDWS4-032G $52
Sandisk 200GB Ultra Micro SD Card SDXC UHS-I 100MB/s Mobile Phone TF Memory Card SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA $123
SanDisk 128GB Ultra Micro SD Card SDXC UHS-I 100MB/s Mobile Phone TF Memory Card SDSQUAR-128G $66

First post here so please be gentle.

Hi Guys, I am (Matt) the store rep for Flash Forward on Trade Me. We are a small business based in Adelaide, Australia.
We aim to bring you good bargains every now and then. Let me know your thoughts on this :) And it comes with free international shipping. Takes about 5-10 business days with DHL eCommerce :) Thanks, Guys!

SanDisk 16GB OTG Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Flash Drive SDDD2-016G $13.5

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    Not a bad price with free shipping. Thanks


    Price is showing as $22 now. Is this deal over?


    What year are we in?

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      Gregorian calendar 2018 MMXVIII
      Ab urbe condita 2771
      Armenian calendar 1467
      ԹՎ ՌՆԿԷ
      Assyrian calendar 6768
      Bahá'í calendar 174–175
      Balinese saka calendar 1939–1940
      Bengali calendar 1425
      Berber calendar 2968
      British Regnal year 66 Eliz. 2 – 67 Eliz. 2
      Buddhist calendar 2562
      Burmese calendar 1380
      Byzantine calendar 7526–7527
      Chinese calendar 丁酉年 (Fire Rooster)
      4714 or 4654
      — to —
      戊戌年 (Earth Dog)
      4715 or 4655
      Coptic calendar 1734–1735
      Discordian calendar 3184
      Ethiopian calendar 2010–2011
      Hebrew calendar 5778–5779
      Hindu calendars
      - Vikram Samvat 2074–2075
      - Shaka Samvat 1939–1940
      - Kali Yuga 5118–5119
      Holocene calendar 12018
      Igbo calendar 1018–1019
      Iranian calendar 1396–1397
      Islamic calendar 1439–1440
      Japanese calendar Heisei 30
      Javanese calendar 1951–1952
      Juche calendar 107
      Julian calendar Gregorian minus 13 days
      Korean calendar 4351
      Minguo calendar ROC 107
      Nanakshahi calendar 550
      Thai solar calendar 2561
      Tibetan calendar 阴火鸡年
      (female Fire-Rooster)
      2144 or 1763 or 991
      — to —
      (male Earth-Dog)
      2145 or 1764 or 992
      Unix time 1514764800 – 1546300799


    no point advertising just one unit tbh


    Showing the right price now.


    Cheers for fixing the problem :D


    I have I've of those dual flash drives. Quite a clever design. Microusb on one end and normal usb on the other.

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