This was posted 1 year 1 month 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Ryobi 150 Piece Driving Set $20, Saxon Axe and Blocksplitter Set $25 @ Bunnings


Pretty good deal considering the 99 pieces set is retailed for $29 and this one $20 for 150 pieces


This comprehensive set of driving bits includes square, hex, Philips, torx and slotted configurations in various lengths. There are also a range of nut drivers, socket adaptors and an extension bit - all in a convenient carry case with clear lid for easy bit selection.

114 x 25mm driver bits
18 x 50mm driver bits
6 x 89mm driver bits
8 x nut drivers and 3 x socket adaptors
1 x extension bit

Saxon Axe and Blocksplitter Set $25 @ Bunnings

Good deal as a set I believe, as other brands like McGregor's - only Axe retails for $37.98 (See below)

McGregor's Boys Axe with Fibreglass Handle 2.5lb

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    Pretty good except the socket bits which are Imperial


      Pretty sure all the "nut drivers" I use at work are imperial, i've never really noticed till you mentioned it though, hmm.


        Probably damaging the nuts in the process.

        Still, it's never bad to have an imperial set handy. Just use it on the right things. I'm going to pick one up as long bits themselves are difficult to come by for cheap. Was trying to find a torx screwdriver the other day and mitre 10 were sold out of the size I wanted.


          I've only ever used them for the likes of tek screws, which have imperial heads. Pretty sure they are aimed for that usage in this pack design. That and it's probably USA aimed, which doesn't help. FWIW, I haven't damaged a single head as they are the correct size.


    Seems to be sold out everywhere as of this morning.


      Bunnings are always "sold out". They always have limited stock in some remote rural branch but advertise the deals nationally to bring people in their doors.
      I don't bother with their deals anymore.


        Actually its because the deal normally starts on Thursday (sometimes earlier and they dont advertise it) so if you want the item you have to get in quick. Iv probably managed to get over 90% of the sale items I have wanted at my local branch. The times I missed out is because I have gone in on a Sunday.

        Also is a good idea to check them out on a Monday as that when they usually put out their clearance stock.
        Got a Victa Blower for $100 last week, they only had two in stock on clearance.


        That'd be pretty illegal if they were doing that. The fair trading act states that they have to have stock of something before advertising it, or advertise a fulfilment time. They play it safe by saying "stock not available in some locations" but if you can demonstrate that they always do this then you'd have a case against them.

        The guy I asked told me that they were pretty keen to move them and as expected they simply sold out before I got there. I also found out that their stock systems run their updates overnight, which is a bit crap and also useless for calling up and asking if there's stock of anything anywhere. Can't even put it on the website.

        In any case I'm booked for a focus group meeting for Bunnings this week, I'll be sure to mention it. I doubt they want people to think they're doing that.

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    Thanx for posting Bhushan. A good deal, irrelevant of the imperial sizes issue. I just picked one up at Bunnings Glenfield, Auckland. (they had a small box full of these, tucked away almost out of site at floor level. Advice to other cheapies like us, is with Bunnings extra special run out stuff like these, is they often dont care to display clearly the limited stock they will have of the item, rather the stock is left stuck somewhere about almost hidden. So trick is to get one of the assistants and insist they physically check if they have any of the particular run out special in stock. Cheers.


    Bunnings Dunedin still has 2 of the axe sets on the shelf