expired Warehouse Mobile Call Pack Now $4 for 200 NZ/OZ Min, (Was $4 for 120 NZ Min)


This is a pretty nice price drop.

The biggest downside to Warehouse for me was that previously calls to Oz were 44c/minute. Now it's down to 4c min or $4 for 200 min/31 days. Being able to call my other home really cheaply without getting a $46 combo is enough to get me to switch to Warehouse.

Now I can get 600 mins to NZ/OZ, 2.5GB rollover data, no text (I don't text at all) for $28/31 days which works out much cheaper for me than Skinny, which has a 28 day expiry on its plans (thus you get charged 13 times a year). However, keep in mind that Skinny has rollover minutes and Warehouse does not.

That said, I really like being able to add more talk packs and not subscribing to say the $46 Skinny combo for my excessive phone chatting. I probably burn through ~350-550 minutes a month.

That said, I'm keen for the moment Warehouse gets unlimited calls.

The dream, really.

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    Need more & cheaper data. 8 dollars for 1.25gb is mediocre

    • +3 votes

      Mediocre compared to what? I think $8 for 1.25gb is great value. My monthly mobile bill now is around $10 ($8 data plus misc phone and texts).