This was posted 11 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Get US $5 off Your Next US $25 Purchase - Amazon Assistant Extension


Saw this at OzB, and thought it was quite a nice deal.

Install the extension from the link
Click the Amazon Assistant icon
Click through the promotional card to redeem credit
Shop for physical goods sold by
Credit is valid till 31st December 2017.

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    Have you tried this and got it working?
    It doesnt work for me and it also seems like its not working for a lot of people on ozbargain aswell.
    Any tips for this to actually work? I've never used amazon assistant before and even after installing this, cannot seem to find the promotional card redeem credit thing.

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      I got it last week. I just followed the instructions on Slickdeals. Not all accounts are eligible, so that may be the limiting factor.


        Ah thanks.
        Ok, so i couldnt get this to work before following the instructions above, like everyone else i wasnt able to find that redeem code thing.
        So try this:
        It should give you the $5 from that link. Then just search your item via the amazon assistant addon and checkout should automatically apply the $5 off your purchase.
        Was able to work for me this way.


          Thanks it worked for me. At least it said I got the $5 credit, haven't seen it yet. And I got it even though I got the $5 at the real end of last year (I seem to recall it said something like you can't have installed Amazon Assistant in the last 365 days or something last year, lazy to look at this year's T&C).


          @Nil Einne: you won't see the 5$ credit in your account. You need to search the item you want via the amazon assistant, if its over 25USD, when you check out, it will automatically deduct 5$ off the total.


    Would this work for Amazon UK as well or only .com?


    worked for me a week or two ago, now I'm trying to find something to use this on.. remember that you have to start your product search with the assistant for the discount to show