Posting Referral Links

IMPORTANT: Referral links on ChoiceCheapies are currently in beta testing.

Posting Links in Content

Summary – these are the current rules as of April 2015. See also Affiliate/Referral Links in Deal Posting Guidelines on what links can be posted, and Referral and Affiliate Link Differences.

  • You CAN NOT submit a deal with an affiliate link as the main link/URL. Affiliate links CAN NOT be placed in the description or anywhere else at all.
  • You CAN NOT submit a deal with a referral link as the main link/URL.
  • You CAN NOT post affiliate/referral links in the comments.
  • You ARE NOW ALLOWED to include referral links for group buy sites in a deal post (change effective as of April 2015).
  • If this is your first deal post on ChoiceCheapies, or you are still a P-plater (it has been less than 6 weeks since your first deal post), you CAN NOT submit a deal with affiliate/referral links or codes ANYWHERE in the deal.
  • You MAY include a referral link in the main deal/forum post description, however it must
    • Be declared, eg prefix/suffix with *”This is my referral code”*
    • Near the end of the post, always after the main link.
    • If store is not already in the ChoiceCheapies referral system, please explain the referral. For example:
      • This is my referral link, if you click through and make a purchase I will receive $10 and you will receive $5.
  • Either put your referral link at the end of the deal description or don't mention it at all - do not solicit referrals.

Submitting Referral Code

ChoiceCheapies supports user-submitted referral code for some of the merchants. In order to submit your own referral code,

  • Merchants must be approved for referral links by ChoiceCheapies. All approved merchants will be listed later in this wiki page.
  • You must be a user on ChoiceCheapies.

You can then go to your account settings → referrals page to set up your referral codes for all the merchants that we are supporting.

Merchants included in System

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Bigpipe
  • Dropbox
  • Lastpass
  • NZ Forex
  • Pureprofile
  • ReShip.com
  • StackSocial
  • Uber
  • Vinomofo
  • ZenMarket