This was posted 1 year 5 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Whittakers - K Bar Range 99c [Seen at New World College Hill]


I saw this last night at New World College Hill, near Victoria Park in Auckland. I'm not sure if this is a store-specific deal, but it is really cheap!

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    Wow, that is damn cheap. Usually 50c to $1 more then regular choch bars at my local PnS.


    Wow, they were $2 at Pak n save last night and I picked one up.


    I picked up the pinapple ones when they first came out. It was vile, very very sweet and had a chemical taste. Its still in my fridge and will rot away until I get drunk and have another piece. Failed line from Whitakers I can see why they're dumping them. Might buy one just to keep as a collectable.


      Failed at marketing the KKK chocolate bars too :) Maybe if they launched it the promo after Trump's inauguration it might be more successful…


      Someone probably got fired for this debacle, It's unbelievable that they made so many of them.

      The Whittakers L&P bars are just as vile.


    that is a really good price for chocolate, I would recommend you buy one and try before you load up, its not their best creation.


    The raspberry one is great if you like cherry ripe

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    Whitakers do some really great chocolate, but this is not one of them. All are very sweet and the fillings have an odd taste. The price seams to reflect that it's not been popular.

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    They all taste better if you freeze them first.


    im all about their normal milk chocolate. that stuff is the shizz nizzle


    Not nationwide, $4.79 in Silverstream.

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    Still $1.99 at some of my local New Worlds'. Will no doubt drop to 99c soon. Even at $1.99 (discounted from $5 ish?), they still have plenty of stock lol…

    And on a different note, I saw quite a few heavily discounted Xmas treats in New World. Those 99c treats, cakes or candies (some discounted from an overpriced $10 range) are all gone of course. I was tempted to get that oversize Grand Ferrero Rocher for $9.99 (down from $20) but decided to get 10x 99c KKK bars instead in near future, hehe…