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Join Clever Living and Get a Free Cleaning Cloth, Whilst Stocks Last


Join Clever Living
Want to spend less time and effort looking after your home? Then Clever Living is for you.

Each month we will send you tried and tested tips and tricks to save you money, use fewer chemicals in your home and ideas that will save you time.

So if you ever wanted to know how to easily clean your pots and pans or how to make a wonderful pavlova, then clever living is for you.

Joining is FREE each month we will send you tips, tricks and great recipes for you to enjoy.

Join now and receive a free cleaning cloth, while stocks last! – Offer only available in New Zealand so why not Join up.

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  • I signed up last time this was posted and it never arrived

    • Previous Deal, stocks probably ran put years ago.

      • misread - ignore this

  • Whats the Promo Code?

    • There isn't one.

      • I just wrote Freebie in the code part, see what happens.

  • +1

    this deal is still active as I recently signed up and received my freebie 😀

    • But it's FREE!!

      • -3

        There's a time cost, and you are also giving them your contact info.

        I guess my point is that there is so many mediocre deals on cheapies that it feels like spam. Substantial discounts, 2-4-1s, valuable freebies - I think those are great. Just don't see the value in this cloth tbh.

    • +1

      Care to elaborate?

      I'd have thought that having deals such as these, and other small freebies, would actually increase the diversity of the community as well as offer retailers a chance at extra exposure.

      Just because something doesn't particularly appeal to you doesn't mean it doesn't to others. It's easy to ignore deals you aren't interested in.

    • +1


      • -3

        Its a substantive criticism - not trolling mate. Not a frequent poster, but I do read Cheapies daily.

    • Please read the voting guidelines before negative voting this deal. Your vote is inappropriate and I have reported it. If you don't want to give away your contact info why not remove your name from the telephone book. And why don't you post a deal for once instead of saying how bad Bargain Mom's deal is. If you don't like a deal don't vote, no reason why you should neg a deal just because it doesn't appeal to you.

      • A bit like revoking a vote on another deal for no good reason, apart from it helping you win the weekly comp ; ) No hard feelings, but it was a bit of a stink move lol.


        • +3

          Yes, have noticed a little bit of 'strategic' voting creeping into CCs lately. Not illegal as such but as you say, not quite in the community spirit of things.

  • It's easy to ignore deals you aren't interested in.


  • I see the point Deal Leader was making. Freebies seem to garner lots of votes simply because the item is free, it doesn't matter how cheap/unnecessary the product is, it will generally do well. I think he was trying to say that this reflects how we are as a community (a bit tight lol). The ban seems a bit harsh : P

    • +2

      The ban seems a bit harsh : P

      Don't think he was banned, if you are banned you go end up in the penalty box, if you disable your account (My Account > Settings > Deactivate Account) your user name appears as DisableUser.

    • Understand the point re votes. But puts up the question as to whether voting is/should be based on appeal and/or value? If 'appeal', then voting as such is not inappropriate per se.

      Perhaps a value adjusted algorithm is needed?

      Case in point is the $300 bear a poster snaffled for a few dollars. Value wise, was probably one of the best deals all year. But as it (understandably!) wasn't posted until after expiration, didn't benefit other people. (No criticism implied here. Fully understand the reasons for not putting it up.) So a formula that combines appeal (votes) and value perhaps? Or that may just be making things too complicated…..

      • Or that may just be making things too complicated…..

        I think it would.

  • Mine came today, wasn't expecting it. Cheers bargain mom!

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