Voting Guidelines

Positive Vote No vote Report button Negative Vote
The deal is good The deal doesn't apply to you Incorrect title The deal is not the cheapest available
You are associated with the poster Incorrect description Issue with product
You are a competitor of the poster Out of Stock or Expired Issue with retailer
You dislike the OP's avatar Should be posted to forums
You dislike the RRP of the product (not the actual price) SPAM
Incorrect URL or Coupon
Error with Deal

Positive Vote

  • Vote positive if you feel the deal itself is good, this encourages the poster to share more deals and informs the community about the worthiness of the deal.
  • Refrain from voting when it's not a good deal but has a funny picture or coupon, good description, you like the poster or any other element that is not related to the deal itself.

If you are associated with the poster or company DON'T VOTE. Friends, family, employees, shareholders, media relations, developers, contractors, affiliates, marketers and similar are not to vote on related deals. Infractions will lead to account bans, store bans and the post being removed.

No Vote

  • If the deal doesn't apply to you or you aren't interested in the company. You may also choose to leave a warning about the business or deal via a comment only.
  • If you have any association or relationship with the business or the dealings related to the offer, do not vote.

(eg employee, owner, marketer, website developer, supplier, in a relationship with someone in the business)

  • If you have any association or relationship with a competitor's business or organisation, do not negative vote (or negatively comment).
  • If you have been asked/encouraged to vote by someone, do not vote.


The Report button is an additional tool provided to all members to assist in quickly identifying inappropriate posts and comments.

The Report button can be found underneath each deal, forum post and comment. You will find a number of reasons that you can choose such as:

  • Duplicate
  • Sold Out
  • Expired
  • Affiliate/Referral
  • Illegal/Inappropriate
  • Insufficient Quantity
  • Not Available to Australia
  • Sockpuppeting
  • Spam
  • Targeted Offer
  • Title/Description
  • Other

For more complex issues, use the Talk with a Moderator forum.

Negative Vote


  • To let others know about issues with the deal, merchant or product.

Result of negative vote(s):

  • If there are more negative votes than positive, the deal is hidden on new deals page & categories page for visitors and users with default settings.
  • All comments by the user who cast the negative vote are highlighted with a negative vote symbol.
  • If the negative votes are cast against a deal posted by a rep, this will increase the time period between their next subsequent post.

When negative votes are revoked:

  • The community casts a number of negative comment votes to any comment by the user casting the deal votes.
  • A moderator deems your vote to be invalid as it doesn't conform to voting guidelines (see below for a list of inappropriate negative votes that moderators will revoke).
  • You are a competitor to the business the deal is for (this will also lead to account and/or store bans).
  • If too many negative votes are revoked for a user, this will result in the loss of negative voting abilities for up to 90 days.

If you spot an invalid vote (from the below list):

  • Use the report button to notify a moderator (see below for a list of inappropriate negative votes that moderators will revoke).
  • Try not to take negative votes personally.

Appropriate uses of negative vote

  • Cheaper price elsewhere
    • Ideally, mention store, URL and price include shipping (if applicable).
  • Issue with product (For example:)
    • It does not work the way it should
    • It has been recalled
  • Issue with retailer (For example:)
    • Previous purchases were not received or the shipping time exceeded what was expected.
    • Issues arose which were not rectified in a satisfactory or timely manner.

Inappropriate uses of negative vote

Any negative vote that falls into any of these reasons will be revoked by a moderator. Negative votes for any other reason will not be removed by a moderator. These are verbatim phrases.

  • No explanation of the vote:
    • “Not a bargain”
    • “Agree”
    • “SPAM”
    • “I don't like this deal”
    • “I don't think it's a good deal”
    • “Ditto”
    • “lol”
    • “No deal/Not a deal”
    • “No Thanks”
    • “Not much of a bargain, a mere promotion”
    • “Advertising”
    • “This is marketing” or “Marketing”
    • “Weird looking website” (Nothing to do with the deal)
    • +1
    • ?
    • “What's good about this”
    • “This is an awful deal”
    • “Meh”
  • Incorrect or missing information in title or description
    • Requesting price in title.
    • Requesting shipping cost.
    • Mentioning RRP.
    • SPAMMY sounding title.
    • Misspelling or grammar issue.
    • Incorrect URL or coupon.
    • Listed as freebie.
  • An issue with the poster
    • Disliking their avatar.
    • Disliking their comments or description.
    • Disliking their username.
  • Expired/Out of Stock.
  • Should have been posted in forums/competitions
  • Pointing out that the product is a grey import.
  • Requiring Facebook/Twitter/G+ to access deal