Cheapies Choice Effort Member Recognition Award for Outstanding Community Contribution

Ever felt like you were putting in so much effort and not getting rewarded for it? Stayed up all night formatting a 2000 row table with specials and discounts? Created your own bumper stickers and distributed them to 1,000 local community members?

Well now you don't have to feel left out!

We here at want to reward the most outstanding act from a member in any given month, so we are introducing a monthly reward for the 'Member of the Month'.

The prize for this will be $50 Paypal cash (or you can choose to donate it to your favorite charity), as well as a shiny silver badge!

Judging will be done primarily by myself, with input from the Moderator team aswell where necessary.

Political correctness will not be a consideration. If you have won the prize, you can win again, there will be no "everybody gets a turn" factor, or split prizes either. Basically the more competitive, the harder my job will be in deciding a winner, and that's not a bad thing!

So bring out your SuperCheapie capes, fire up the BatMobargain, and come up with innovative ways to contribute to the greater enjoyment and engagement of the community in an outstanding way.

Competition will begin retrospectively, from last month, as the idea was brought about and inspired by the first winner, who will be announced below.

Please note this may not necessarily be awarded monthly, but when an outstanding act of community spirit takes place.


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    The winner for February is:

    asmcar - for his outstanding effort in enduring 85 pages of near death boredom, and informing us all of what the deals were.


    • Thanks Shaw, I've PM'd you. Doesn't work out to be such a bad hourly rate!

      To add a bit to the story, I actually finished work at 4am that morning then got up again at 8am to go into the stores to check it out.

      The question now is, do I do it all again this Friday?!

  • Great idea - love this site!

  • Awesome Shaw, and well done to asmcar - great effort!

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    Decided to do it a little differently this month:

    The winners for March are Wellington, eXDee, and Mark Wasley.

    Reason being that these 3 make up our team of Power Users.

    Wellington and eXDee have both been doing this since around the middle of last year, quietly making ninja deal and title edits, and contributing to the community as a whole. Without these guys, and the rest of the mod team, I'd probably be bald by now!

    Mark has only recently come on board, but it's no secret that he has been tremendous with his deal posting, and the quality of content he produces. At one point a week or so ago, the home page had 5 or 6 deals, all posted by Mark.

    These 3 all volunteer their time to keep the site clean and looking good, as well as expiring deals and updating titles.

    Congratulations to you guys, we all really appreciate the work you do, because of this, I'll be adding a little bit to the prize and giving them $50 each to go and grab some sweet DSE closing bargains…..

    As the site and community keeps growing, we will be on the lookout for more Power Users. To be eligible for this role you need to ensure the quality of your deal descriptions are top notch, and the titles are of a high quality. Community conduct and the way you present yourself are also taken into account, but to a lesser extent as it's mostly a ninja position. Most importantly, to become a Power User, you need to be very familiar with the report function. If you spot a deal that you know is expired or incorrect, report it so we can clean it up.

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      Congratz guys!

    • Congrats, well deserved. I think that all three of you have edited my some of my posts. Thanks!

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    A lot of you probably don't know that we have a wiki as part of the website. One user in particular has recently discovered this, and has been making a huge number of meaningful contributions with high quality structured content.

    So, member of the month for April is ClipIt. Some of the pages that he is solely responsible for, or has contributed to, are:


    For anyone not aware, there are also a number of other useful wiki pages available, Stats, Getting Started, Tips and Hints, and more.

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      Only just saw this, I've been away from a computer for a while (just had my phone), but a huge congrats to ClipIt, great effort!

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      Well deserved!

  • Think your've missed a month :)

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      Don't worry, I've been keeping an eye out.

      Please note this may not necessarily be awarded monthly, but when an outstanding act of community spirit takes place.

      Don't want to lower the bar just for the sake of giving something away, it devalues the effort of others then.

  • Just a heads up, this hasn't been forgotten. I am still looking out for individual acts that go beyond the call of duty.

    Another thing to note would be that if anyone feels like they want to nominate someone else, please PM me with name and reasoning, would be happy to consider suggestions. Not promising anything, but open to feedback.

  • We really need another Member of the Month…

    • I've been looking, checked this thread just a few days ago to keep it in the back of my mind, but haven't seen anything standout. Everyone really is contributing on par, which is good for the community and site growth. The weekly benefits are a reward for top deal posts, so this isn't really about quality of deal posts, but more someone thinking outside the box or going the extra mile.

      • I agree with you there. I'm keeping an eye out too.

        • Sweet, feel free to PM me if you spot anything.

      • Maybe change the name of this thread to something like 'Cheapies Contribution Award' to indicate it's not monthly?

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          Updated the title, I'll leave the thread as is for now. The purpose doesn't change.

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