Free 1GB of Global Data (eSIM, Data Valid for 2 Years) @ (New Signups)


Just a heads up that the eskimo eSIM deal is still live, using it right now!

Credit to Ozbargain:

Apologies, just reposting.

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  • Thanks for the post. Can I sign up and activate a few months later? I know it's valid for 2 years but keen to start it when I'm overseas.

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      Yep. I used it last week in Australia, signed up ages ago. Works fine.

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    Thanks note to others don’t use the referral link. It superseded the deal code so I only got 500mb,,, my bad.

  • If am going to Australia.. do I need to signup there or can I sign up in nz and use there.. how to start or activate

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      Sign up in NZ is fine.
      It won’t work until you activate roaming so just leave your roaming off until you arrive in Oz.

    • I signed up in NZ the days before my travel but left the eSIM off until I got on the flight.

      Also, if you have any issues at all, just message them on the app, they respond quickly.

      I had to tweak some settings to get full 4G speed where I am and they guided me through; no stress.

  • Thanks! Anybody know how long it takes for the 1GB of data to show up in a newly signed up account?

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      Reopened app now and was prompted to redeem the 1gb :)

    • Yes I just signed up and the 1GB loaded immediately.

  • There was a half-price 3GB deal if you buy within 7 days, anyone make use of that?

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