Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit or Nasaflo Neti Pot Delivered @ NeilMed


This has been posted a couple times on Cheapies before. Most recently in 2019.

Visit the link and take the quiz to receive a free NeilMed kit. Either read through the slides or see the answers to the quiz here

Item code is P1886B

I saw this advertised somewhere about a month ago but didn't repost it here as I wasn't sure it would arrive, based on comments from the other Cheapies posts, so could be a bit hit or miss. I received an email from Aramex today though saying that a parcel from NeilMed had been picked up in Auckland so thought I would post it.

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NeilMed Pharmaceuticals


  • I ordered this last time and never got it, but ill try again as maybe courier "lost" it

  • Just checking though my emails.

    I completed it on 21/05 and they said they would deliver it within 30 business days so it'll be true.

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed NeilMed’s online product training on nasal irrigation, we hope that you found it informative and would use the information you learned to recommend our products.

    Your free product will be delivered within 30 business days to your address below

  • What did you put for pharmacy/store?

    • +1

      I put life Pharmacy last time (not even a specific one) & it was accepted

  • Which product did you guys choose? The kit or the pot?

    • Got the pot as have been using the bottle for a while so might try or keep the pot as a spare.

  • I have been using this or similar by other brands for years. As and when needed.
    My hayfever that was getting to uncontrollable levels is all but gone. I no longer get sinus infections every time I get a cold. And generally get much less cold and flus than in the past.

    Wholeheartedly recommend.

    • I'm happy that you're feeling much better now! I always get hayfever like everyday and have always been curious about this product. I just signed up for a free one and i'm excited to use it!

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        I agree with the other user. Have been using the bottle for almost 3 years and hayfever is way more controlled. I wish I do this often, but I am lazy and with busy life keep forgetting to make it a habit.

        Overall it's great.

        Tip: You don't even need to use sachets if you are doing this regularly. Boil water with non-iodized salt and cool it down until it's lukewarm and use that.

        • Is there any issue with use of iodised salt?

          • @McFarty: That can be inflammatory for nasal cavity as far as I know. Again I am not an expert or doctor. So do your research.

        • the hardest part for me is waiting for the water to cool down to commence.

          • @coffeee: Can't agree more.

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            @coffeee: Boil some water put in fridge in a clean bottle/container. Then whenever you need to use it, just pour what you need into the pottle and microwave or low power to warm it up.

  • Can I do this twice so I can order 1 of each to try?

  • Does anybody have the correct answers to the training questionnaire please?

  • +1

    My Neti Pot arrived. This is what I received…

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