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[Sharetank] Diesel: $1.899/L, 91: $2.569/L, 95: $2.759/L @ Z Karamu, Hawkes Bay


In my humble opinion, the market has now bottomed out and that's all we get.

This price was the lowest I could confirm before my spoofing had issues… So if you have a CONFIRMED lower price… comment in the section below.

After doing calculations, it looks to be the bottom for everyday prices (This excludes IF they drop on the next Gull promotion day) Not Financial Advice

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    If you have time, are you able to explain your reasoning/calculations as to why this is the bottom? Would be an interesting insight.

    • +3

      Yup I will do later on dude.

    • If he can accurately predict that he wouldn't be on cheapies posting on petrol prices.
      He'd be earning billions trading.

      • Not exactly true.. Petrol prices and Stock market are TWO very different things

  • Hi op, Could you please explain if this is the bottom for roughly 3 months or longer? My Sharetank balance can cover a few more months, so I'm unsure if I should top up now.

    • +1

      I doubt anyone would be able to forecast that.. If you could you'd play the stock market.

      • Not exactly true.. Petrol prices and Stock market are TWO very different things

        • +1

          I was more referring to the fact that if you had the ability to predict what it was going to be in 3 months time, you'd be able to predict the stock market…

          No one knows what it'll be in 3 months time.

          • @Latex Fist: Oh haha. Yeah thats true… but with the data we have… we can make calculated decisions.

  • I assume this would come down tomorrow being the Super Pumped day.

    • i thought so too but from the past deals the price stayed the same.

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    It was cheaper than this at pak n save hastings last week

  • +1


    Just checked and the pricing is now 91 - $2.599, 98 - $2.789

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