Qantas: Direct to New York City from Auckland from $1460 Return [May-Apr] @ Beat That Flight


Did you know you can fly direct to New York from Auckland? Technically both AirNZ and Qantas have the option, but Qantas seems to win generally on price at present, so I've focused on those.

Some dates AirNZ might be cheaper tho, and so might some multi-stop options, but you can always use the filters to hide the ones you don't want.

Examples below!

Auckland to New York City (16 May - 30 Apr) from $1460

Auckland to New York City

Dates: 16 May 24 - 30 Apr 25

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    Some of the dates if you dig through the results you will get direct flights for bugger all extra cost too.

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    Only $25 or so more to fly to/from WLG!

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    @beatthatflight - not sure if anyone has raised this before, but the low fare calendar seems to just hide itself after a few seconds, which is rather annoying. I'd have to refresh the page just to change the date or look at the cost on the calendar.

    Furthermore, notice the price on Monday 27th shows $1718, but it changes when I click on it:

    It seems rather inconsistent. Why is that?

    • Yes :/

      Part 1 - intially I had it always hidden, and you would click to expand, but people never seemed to actually do that. So I expanded it by default, but sometimes if it's used before the load event has completed (and even then sometimes) it vanishes :/ Javascript is not my forte, but I'll have another crack at it soon.

      Part 2 - prices are cached. Everyone does this, skyscanner, kayak, heck even an airline I've previously worked for doesn't always have the latest prices for their OWN flights, because it all comes from a GDS which limits access per second. So that price is usually accurate - and it was certainly accurate at some poiint in the last 24 hours, but if the low seats at that fare bracket have sold out or the sale has ended, it will sometimes be out of date. The fix is to not cache, but then you can't get a fare calendar…so there's a balance :/

      And even if I don't cache it, my data provider caches as well. Even the airline I mentioned does caching. Flight GDS are overly complex routing problems running on antiquated software, in my view at least :P But it's too hard to change them globally, and not enough incentive for the GDS companies to do so.

      Anyway, hope that wasn't TMI, and thanks for letting me know. It's given me inspiration to at least take the fare calendar bug and have another crack at it sometime soon :)

      • Thanks for the explanation and I always appreciate the technical info :)

        Maybe add a little * somewhere for the fare calendar to say the data shown is cached and may not reflect the actual prices. Or perhaps this was there somewhere and I just missed it.

        • no that's actually a good simple idea. The fare table is something I pull from my provider, but I can probably inject some code to print that. (Adds to list).

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