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$50 off $100 Minimum Spend @ Samsung NZ


Just got a text from Samsung

Thank you for your recent purchase from Samsung New Zealand.
Tell us how we did to unlock a $50 Voucher to use on your next purchase (min $100 Spend) and go into the draw to win a Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ (WiFi) if you complete the survey before 30th April

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    Not really sure where the deal is here…

    I mean, I get it's a targeted promo, but if the code that's provided is unique to that person, and it's only for SOME people who have purchased a Samsung device recently, I don't see how it's a deal worth posting about…

  • If anyone would like to share their voucher code…:)

  • Yeah if anyone wants to share I'd take a code!

  • +2

    There’s another Samsung live shopping at 7:30pm tomorrow which should mean another promo code and more discounts?


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