Delhi, India Return from AKL $1105, CHC $1109, WLG $1158 [Feb-Jun] on Air India/Qantas via Aus @ Beat That Flight


Massive price drop from the similar sale last year. Air India on 787s / A320 Neos, and Qantas across the ditch.

Central Delhi’s Hidden Gems: The 8 Best-Rated Hotels Under AU$150

Auckland to Delhi (8 Feb - 30 Jun) from $1105
Wellington to Delhi (8 Feb - 30 Jun) from $1158
Christchurch to Delhi (8 Feb - 30 Jun) from $1109

Auckland to Delhi

Dates: 8 Feb 24 - 30 Jun 24

Wellington to Delhi

Dates: 8 Feb 24 - 30 Jun 24

Christchurch to Delhi

Dates: 8 Feb 24 - 30 Jun 24

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    • I paid USD $80 for my five year Indian eVisa, but a 30-day eVisa is only USD $25, and a steal deal USD $10 for the months of April to June.

      Also, check the fees that actually apply to your passport nationality (and, if you have multiple nationalities, check each one) as some have lower fees.

      E.g. Argentina is $0, Cook Islands is $0 (but unsure how this works as you're on an NZ passport), Sri Lanka is cheap, Kiribati is free, Tonga is free.…

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      I've done this trip recently - Air India has improved since it was sold to Tata. There were issues - my entertainment screen didn't work, but the food was good and the flight was fine and I always preload my tablet with movies so I can listen with my Bluetooth NC headphones.

      • Plus afaik Singapore Airlines owns a stake in Air India, which was originally jnspired by Air India in the first place. Positive things ahead

  • May is usually peak summer hence low tourist season, but if you can avoid the heat or better handle it - its a great deal!

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    Fingers crossed, they start direct routes from Auckland to New Delhi and Mumbai

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