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Free Regular Chips & Drink with $5 Purchase (No Previous Purchase Required) @ KFC


I've used this "trick" for a while and thought i'd share it.

Visit the link, type in a random string of numbers and spam the continue button, which should then let you enter the survey and redeem a validation code with no previous purchase required. Useful if you want a bit extra and you can't find any old kfc receipts about.

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    I always use the GitHub pizza generator, but last time I went they ask me for a receipt beside the code I gave them

    • ahh I guess im lucky, my local only asks for the code at the speaker

    • What is that pizza generator? Does that give you a freebie? EDIT: Oh don't worry, I found it with some googling.

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    no need to enter any numbers, just triple tap continue

  • +7

    Even better - the codes don’t mean anything. You can say a random code - and it works. Their system doesn’t verify it.

    • I'll give this a go tomorrow

  • +3

    This has been around for years… lets hope they never notice with big announcements like this

  • The code, will it only work in-store or can be online too?

    • I think drive thru and in store only, not working at the in store kiosk too

  • And the websites gone!

    • Still there for me

      • How Bizare, the website said "coming soon" when i went on there

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