This was posted 3 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sodastream Jet Black $49.50 (Usually $99) @ Mitre 10 Nelson (Pricematch at any other Mitre 10)


Sodastream Jet Black $49.50 (Usually $99)

Pricematch at any other Mitre 10 store.

They also have available:

  • Sodastream Sport White $59.50 (normally $119).
  • Sodastream Terra Black or White $139 (normally $199).

Not showing discounted prices online, but according to M10 price promise:

  • Our Price Guarantee
    If you find the same product cheaper from another Mitre 10 store or online at we'll match that price. The in-store price may be lower than that advertised.…

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  • Hey. I love that deal, but since they dont have the expiry date on them (or cant read it), they will likely decline :(

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      I'd suggest getting your local store assistant to call the Nelson M10 branch to confirm pricing. No date on the clearance items due to being on clearance. They'll be at that price until sold out.

      • If it's clearance arguably they can exclude it IMO. Their T&C and FAQ isn't as clear as it should be that "stock liquidations" applies to Mitre10 store price matches but IMO it's enough to allow them to exclude Mitre10 store price matches for clearance items as well

  • Where are they manufactured?

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    FWIW, it's an expensive way to make Pepsi if you ask me..
    Just the cost of the gas refills + syrup alone is as much if not more per litre than buying from the supermarket (well mine anyways.. YMMV)
    $27 for a 60 litre gas refill that provides "up to" 60L worth of drink + $11 for a 440ml syrup that provides "up to" 9L worth of drink = $1.67/litre


    P&S Pepsi 1.5L $2.29 = $1.53/litre
    P&S Pepsi 2L $2.79 = $1.40/litre
    NW Pepsi 1.5 2 for $5 = $1.67/litre

    • Even worse value if you just use it to make soda water. Just buy cheap brands at under $1 per litre. It all tastes the same…

      You do reduce plastic usage

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        i dont know of any soda or sprakling water that goes for 1 dollar a litre there more expensive then that

        • really? have you looked at for soda water prices?, many are priced to work out approx $1 per litre. PaknSav has a 1.5litre for $1.22 so thats even cheaper than $1 per litre.

        • $1.19 for 1.5 litres at local New World, so 80c per litre. Value brand.

          Tastes heaps better than chlorinated tap water through a Soda stream

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            @Baagin: Wouldn't that still make it almost twice the price if it's $27 for 60L = 45c/L

    • You want to get your refills at Briscoes 50% friend and family IMO

      • I can't find anything online at Briscoes that mentions 50% off for F&F?

        • I mean these deals

          They seem to do them every year and I think so far don't seem to have excluded Sodastream refills (or syrups or new cylinders). If you have the cash and space, stock up on enough new gas cylinders (along with refills of existing) to last you ~1 year and refill them when the F&F sale comes around.

          You can also try with the non F&F 50% sales that they also do about once a year but it's possible these may exclude SodaStream refills. The last one doesn't seem to but because these attract more customers I suspect it's more likely they will. They often seem to with their at least 30% and even at least 25% sales I think.

    • Thanks for the calculation! That is a very valid point I didn't even think about.

      Even with the sales, it'd still be more expensive & time-consuming than ready-made soft drinks.

    • I just find the store bought bottles go flat quickly once they're opened. Plus all the plastic use.

      But then I drive to a store, taking back my old sodaatream canister and get another one that was refilled in Australia (yes, Sodastream refills in Australia according to the box 🙃)

      So ultimately, whats worse

  • i literally live on sparkling water,i like the pure nz one, but its like 2 bucks at the warehouse 1.5l, the soda water here at paknsave has baking soda in it,wish it didnt

    • Reduced to Clear Palmerston North has Pure NZ Sparkling for 99c a 1.5 litre at the moment - other RTC stores might too.

      • oh yeh cool thanx

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      Stick to posting on tiktok. Here's not the place for politics.

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        Totally agree with you Lifeline.

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          There are hundreds of sites to discuss this subject. Cheapies is not one of them.
          I respect your views on the subject but they should be discussed in an appropriate forum. Implying that someone supports genocide because they make that point is not helpful to anyone and is a perfect example of why emotive subjects should be discussed elsewhere.

  • Can you use adapters for these

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