This was posted 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Updated Synergy NZ Code @ Torpedo7


Updated Synergy code for T7. Up to 50% off.

Discounts are off RRP and vary by category. If the product is already on promotion customer will receive the lower offer or promo pricing. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Bikes and Frames, Electronics, Freight, Gift Cards, and Workshop Services. Valid to 4/2/2024 (code is subject to change at any time)

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  • Cheers OP

  • Thank you for sharing! I saved $127 ^^;

  • Whenever I add the code it just empties my cart? Lol

    • on mobile?

    • That happens to be on Edge on my work computer. No issues on my home computer though (also Edge).

    • It’s trying to tell you not to buy 😆

  • I get 'This code does not exist'

    • Still working for me.
      What are you trying it on?

      • reef jandals

  • Does anyone know if you click and collect, whether they ask for ID or proof you can use the code? Im looking at a bike that needs to be built in store so cant be delivered

    • I’ve done click & collect a few times in the past with the Hospitality code - ordering online and then picking up.
      Never been asked for any proof of the code, only ID to confirm it was me collecting (ie. drivers licence).

      • Cool thanks for reply

  • How do you actually gain access to the Synergy NZ code legitimately - ie which employeers etc offer this?

    Also does anyone happen to know if there is a way to use the N3 pricing for Torpedo7 online (or at least check prices), or is it only by asking staff in store?

    • +1

      I get similar or better pricing at T7 with NZMCA membership, but instore only.

      • Similar to N3 or Synergy?

    • I don’t believe you can check N3 online with Torpedo.
      I’ve only ever managed to do it instore.

      • Bugger. I’ve just got the app recently and trying to figure out if the discounts it supplies are better than synergy all the time?

        Picked up a life jacket this arvo. $34 “discount” with their club membership.

        Then either an extra $12.28 discount with Synergy or an extra $28.50 with N3 so a fair amount extra taken off

        • From what I have seen N3 at Torpedo is really good - similar if not better than the hospo code.
          But I haven’t actually used it for some time just because you have to physically go instore to check which is a shame.

          Other supplier discounts with the N3 app if you are new to it - really good prices on Century Yuasa car batteries. Also not available online but good discount.

          N3 is similar or the same as CSC at Noel Leeming but you can at least check pricing online by loading your N3 card to an account. Can also buy instore and not just online.

          • @bigcheese: Cool, thats promising. I might just start checking the price with Synergy online and if I'm happy to pay that, will go in store and be pleasantly surprised if its cheaper.

            Yeah I recall an old thread about CSA batteries being so much cheaper. Has given me an idea for a camping portable battery setup so will start checking options for that and pop in and get them to price up some options at some point.

            • @Tmurder91: You do need to go into a Century office (not agent) to get it - there are 11 locations natonwide. List here
              They have been really helpful on the phone and will tell you that they have it in stock, just not the N3 price over the phone.

              • @bigcheese: Good to know. Thankfully their office isn't too far from me

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