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Sodastream 60L Refill $25.99 @ Noel Leeming (Instore Only)


Not sure how long it has been this price for, and how one goes about Price Promising/Price Beating it, considering it doesn't show online.

If you are game, Bunnings would be the place to try it!

Maybe long weekend deal?

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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    My bro you should definitely look at the adapter kit for sodastream (like the FreedomOne kit). There is an upfront cost for the kit and a CO2 cylinder (got mine of trademe shipped to Rotorua).
    Honestly i've had it since 2020 and I fill it once a year at "gas fire and cylinder services" in tauranga for $60. Its not for everyone, but I smash my Drinkmate (Sodasteam alternative) at least once a day. If you want to save money, this is the way to go since those sodastream bottles are the ink cartridge or razor blades of home bubbles.

    • Hey. Yeah i have seen these, but its for the Grandparents, and that's just what they like to use. I think its the on demand aspect of it rather then the money, however will talk to them about it!


    • Where's best place to buy this in Chch? Last I looked at this option, the gas canister was too big to fit anywhere in the kitchen.

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      Links to any good options to buy? Searching turned up a few options but hard to tell what's legit.

    • Yes. Have been wanting a cheaper option. Don’t suppose you could post some links for the gear that’s needed please? Would prefer a refill of the original canister rather than a big bottle sitting next to the sodastream. Kitchen aesthetics an all.

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    Yeah, not sure why NL took the swap Sodastream off the online store, using discounts was the best deal in town (was about $22), now it’s Airpoints to Mitre10 vouchers for $27 each swap !

    Probably need to ask why NL took it off Online ?

    Or if there is cheaper option (other than the initial $350 rig to fill your own bottles), please let us know

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      Wouldn't mind betting it was some agreement with various parties (either Sodastream themselves and/or other competitors) to stop people price matching. Seems very sus tbh

      But yeah you can (for now) get Mitre10 to price beat The Warehouse (https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/sodastream-refill-exchange-…) to get it down to ~$23 - AND you can use your airpoints :D

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      I'm fairly sure best deal is Briscoes friend and family since they seem to allow 50% Sodastream refills. Maybe other times when they have 50% off but I think the more generic ones tend to exclude Sodastream refills. These happens once (or is it twice?) a year, so you might want to stock up on some spare cylinders at the same time so you have enough to last a year.

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    Not sure if it’s still valid. I bought a refill on 29th sept with CSC and it was $21.49 after discount.

    • Curious how you got CSC pricing as a Cheapies member without the card 😅

      • Same as you know it's a card lol.

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        I bought it when it was online and did click and collect. I also have a CSC account. I’m not sure how often they check. I normally just say the CSC discount and they update the price on the comp when in store.

        If they wanted to see it, guess you could say you forgot your card at home?

        • Hmm, can’t seem to find Refills online, interesting, which store did you get it from ? (That was totally the price I use to pay, it was much better !)

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            @fade: Yea. They’ve taken it off. I just tried clicking on the link on my receipt and the page doesn’t exist. It was from Noel leeming moorhouse.

            Might still work in store? I’ll find out when mine runs out.

  • Used to get charged about $24.95 in my local pak n save. Has the price gone up much?

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    Buy Breville the Infizz Fusion at NL and get 250 bonus Flybuys

    $282.64 via CSCBG Main

    • Noel Leeming F&F discount not applicable as apparently already below cost, and this deal is cost +. 15% off at Briscoes for $25.65 per refill.

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