This was posted 8 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 $39.20 + Free Silicone or Rubber Case (RRP $25 - $29) + Free Delivery @ Samsung


This is the new Samsung Smart Tag

Only black available as a single pack

You can get 20% off the 4 pack (2 black, 2 white $127.20 = $31.80 each) but they don't come with free case…

Don't know how good they are but had an expiring voucher to use up

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  • Cheers, I'm not fussed about the cases so bought a 4 pack.

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    Don't forget THANKYOU30, brings the 4 pack.dpwm to under $100

    • Thanks, got the four pack for 97.20

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    Saw the thumbnail, read the words 'silicon' and 'rubber' and initially thought this was something else entirely!

  • Great, can finally cash in my vouchers from buying the S23U earlier this year when these were out of stock. Think I got the last of the 4packs. Thanks!

  • For a slightly better deal, if you have a Student account, the standard pricing for the single packs is 30% off - $34.30. Also includes the cases Bonus Offer.

    The 4 packs aren't currently listed though, however may be able to talk to Live Chat and get a deal.

    • Only a deal if you want a case though, otherwise it is 137 vs 97.

  • how is the battery changed? doesn't mention anything after the 500 days life

    • If it's like the old ones it's just a button cell battery.

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      There's a Sim ejector tool style pinhole in the bottom of the loop. Stick the pin in the hole and a tray slides out the bottom to stick a new cr2032 cell in. I looked kntjeanial yesterday to check how replaceable they were.

      500 days is also in energy saver mode that limits functionality. As long as it's better than my smart tag + where after a week it goes in to low power mode because it's used up most of the battery ok USB feature I never use.

  • Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag 2 is official, but it'll only work if you have a Galaxy smartphone?

  • Seems sold out now 😞

  • $97 order just got shipped, they're moving fast on these ones for once.

    • Good one. I had mine already in the cart and then they just went, you must've gotten mine 😆
      Hope they get restocked

      • I got in early, saw this yesterday from their email and found the best deal and slept on it as I wasn't sure I needed them and the code has some time left on it.

        I was going to post once I got my order in, but then baagin posted it so I lost my thinking time and just ordered without hesitation knowing they'd now sell out quickly 🤣

        • Good advice I might get my promotional mail toggle turned back on. I had ample time after seeing the deal, regrets I thought I could run some errands in between 🫣

    • Yep mine shows a tracking number now too but hasnt been picked up yet.

  • got 1 last week, leave it in the car, works great.

    • Do you have an aqua?

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    How different are this compared to airtags

    • Exactly the same general purpose, different manufacturer. They function better on Samsung devices, than Apple devices. Horses for Courses

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    Back in-stock. $50 off code stacks with the others mentioned on here. Hopefully my deal isn't a dud.

    • By $50 you mean the CRP2023 code aye? I tried and couldn't apply it to the SmartTag2 though.

        • Ah this one, cheers Wakrak I did this a few days ago thanks to your post, gutted I haven't done it in sooner, waiting for the voucher.
          I ordered the smart tags immediately upon reading your tip off of the restock.

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