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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $45 + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Store) @ PB Tech


Noel Leeming recently advertised the 4K Firestick at $49.00

PB Tech have dropped the price further by $4.00

Model: B09ZWK94N4

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  • Whats the purpose of this when we have a smart 4k tv?

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      Generally some of these higher model streaming devices perform better than built in smart tvs. Also have found that sometimes smart tvs apps get less updates and can be generally less supported. Has got better tho in recent years as Android smart tvs have hit the market. I have a smart TV but I much prefer using Nvidia shield.

      • These used to be one of the better preforming Kodi boxes on the market. But since Nivida came out with the shields this is no longer the case. The only real use I can think of would be telling Alexa to change the channel!?

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          These are far cheaper than the Nvidia Shield?

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      We have an Android Smart 4K TV in the dining area that keeps dropping WiFi, rendering its Smart function useless. I thought it was the router or positioning (and did lots of funky stuff trying to improve it) but this has been rock solid since we put it in.

      These fix aging or broken built-in Smart TV.

      But if it ain't broke, there's no point.

    • We have one on both out TVs to install overseas apps and use nordvpn to jump regions. So now we get all the UK and Australian networks and using the cashback websites that cost use a few dollars for 2 years. Already paid for itself getting the world cup using ITV in the UK instead of paying sky.

  • Does this offer any improvement over a chromecast with google tv?

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    • Always rely on the comments for better deals

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    Bloody hell. Paid $48 last week

  • Oh they've dropped further, must be clearing them out. RRP $110, $49 at NL, was $48 at HN.

    Bought two over the last week, one to fix a Smart TV that keeps dropping wireless capability, the other to add Smart capability to an older plasma.

    Very good, much better than the Mi Box I have plugged into another TV from a couple years back.

    One very cool feature which I didn't realise until AFTER I set it up, is that it detects what brand TV you have, then automatically configures the IR blaster for it. So the power/volume button works on the TV and you needn't use two remotes.

    My father in his 70s now uses TVNZ on Demand, ThreeNow and Al Jazeera and no longer touches broadcast as of a few days ago.

    Would absolutely recommend over anything other than the latest Smart TVs.

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      I don't think it is using the it blaster, it uses cec to control it over hdmi as far as I'm aware. It's pretty common now and a lot of devices can do it.

      • Both Amazon and Google use infrared blasters to control volume and on off however just pushing the enter button and on off button will activate HDMI cec and start the television or make a Amazon or Google command. Google TV has the advantage of it own digital volume Control if you cannot pear your television to the remote. And Google TV also has a input select button on the remote. I have both and the Amazon stick works great on the Sony TV but is useless on the Warehouse Verona TV as you cannot pear the remote to control the volume, so I use Google TV.

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    Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen)

    What's new with this generation?
    * Powerful 2.0 GHz quad-core processor
    * Double the storage for even more apps and games vs. 1st gen
    * Wi-Fi 6E support for smoother streaming

  • My plan is to set up tailscale on it (easy vpn linked to my pc) and give it to a family member so they can access my netflix. Hope it works well enough.

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