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N3 Friends & Family: Cost +5% TVs, Whiteware, Cellular, Computers; Cost +7.5% Smart Home; Cost +10% Deals Storewide @ NL


It's that time again; CODE starts working once stores open on the 15/09/2023.

Cost + 5% of TV's and Whiteware, Cellphones and Computers;
Cost + 7.5% on Smart Home
Cost + 10% Deals Storewide

I know it's a bare post, but I'm working, so that's all you get 🤣

The offer is cost* +5/7.5% on all products storewide, except Gift Card purchases, Tech Solutions, Endeavour products, Tech.Inc products, extended warranties, laybys, delivery fees, Dyson products, Apple hardware (including iPhones), gaming consoles and bundles, iTunes cards, mobile phone top cards, bonus, free or half price Extras, IT accessories, PC software & consumables, AV accessories, storage & power products unless otherwise stated.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • +1

    This was very dissapointing last time.

    • N3 is always better

    • I honestly never seen NL having a nice promo just because. I even got some vouchers from GJ Gardner for discounts at NL, the discounts are non existant.

  • +2

    Cost is inconsistent at noel leeming, definitely cross shop.

    Its unlikely that anything here will be much cheaper than black friday

    • Look at the Breville and I think from memory DELL…

    • obviously their cost is very high-_-!

  • +1

    Do you have a better photo? Uploaded one is pretty poor quality

    • Sadly not sorry. Theres a code to use online though 😁

  • whats NL? Noel Leemings?

    • +3

      Character limit means sometimes headings need to be abbreviated to fit.

  • Code wouldn't apply for me 😮‍💨 kept getting error

    • +1

      Am getting the same, 'Invalid coupon code'. Might not have enabled it automatically at midnight as it only starts today.

      • +1

        These codes are often late starting.
        Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take effect for a few more hours.

  • Code not working online as of now

  • Code starts working normally once stores open.

  • keen to find out what sort of discount I can get from tvs

  • I think I got the exclusions right. Bit of a squint job.

  • +1

    Code is succesfully applying right now.

  • +1

    I'm interested in hearing of decent deals. I had a laptop in my cart and it only dropped ~$19 in price.

  • +5

    I'm surprised they get away with this false advertising - They shouldn't.

    I'll give this as an example. This F&P washing machine price at NL right now is $1,749.00.
    With this discount it's $1,306.16. That implies their cost is 1,240.85 with 5% taken off.
    We know this isn't true or very likely at all because there's 5 other retailers selling it for BELOW this number. ($1150 and one even at $1,091)

    • +1

      Youd be suprised… I used to see the actual pricing working there. Often Noel Leemings 'Cost' is often higher then what some retailers are selling at.

      • +3

        OR the cost you see isn't actually the cost at all. It's actual item cost + your commission + stuffed in operating costs + whatever else they like.

        • This.. NL would be far from the only organisation that uses a dynamic "cost" price not a raw cost price.

        • retailers do negotiate costs based on volume often and there are volume rebate schemes (thats why macbooks are super often cost+gst and are actually cost+gst but the rretailer needs to achieve volume to get the rebate)

      • +2

        This is 'noel leeming salesperson heresay' but:

        I have worked there, I know guys who have worked at noels and harveys. We had an idea that the 'cost' we were shown as salespeople was not the item cost, but rather an amount chosen by the buyer / category manager that they wanted to sell between as the harveys cost was often significantly lower than ours

        There were instances where there was 'margin support' which meant cost showed as waay lower. Cost price would jump around like crazy. There are rebates etc.

        This is in the ad:

        *Average cost reflects the average cost price of the product including administration and
        handling costs and does include any volume related adjustments which may apply to GST. O

        So essentially cost + however much they think the administration should cost.

        All you need to do is consult pricespy. This is just a regular promotion locked behind a flyer. but the exclusivity is what drives noels customers these days

        • +1

          Yeah, as I suspected. Though on the face of the flyer, regardless of what small print they put in, I think the intention and the overall outcome is to mislead consumers - Potentially making it unlawful.

          • +2

            @Jexla: I do not for a second disagree that it has that effect.

  • +2

    Here is a much clearer PDF image of the offer.

  • would this offer be better than the CSCBG?

    • Sometimes - and sometimes not.
      The only way to know is to test it out.
      If I am looking for something I have one tab open on my laptop using a code such as this one and then another one on a phone using my CSCBG profile.
      You will find it varies as to which gives the better discount.

  • +1

    I noticed that 'extended warranties' is in the t&c's. We were explicitly told to never call them that as salespeople

  • Our F&P washing machine is $1749 full price
    $1446 with csc premium discount
    $1306 with cost + discount
    and you get a free $200 gift voucher

  • +3

    Just picked something random, the Samsung Freestyle Projector LSP3B is $1,499 but with this promo it comes down to $765.93. That's $733.07 off, so a pretty big discount.

    • +2

      Just overpriced

      • +1

        Those freestyle things were just a bad idea and they've struggled to offload them. All the ads showed young people using them and putting them in light sockets and whatever … but those are exactly the people who dont have $1300 for a projector of all things.

        There was heaps and heaps on trademe and facebook just not moving when they were freebies with a phone or something similar ( I cant remember)

  • I tried putting in the code for Bose qc45 headphones but nothing happens to the price. Can someone try for me?

    Many thanks

    • +2

      No discount for that with this code - it doesn't work on everything.

      Some options:

      • I bought one for $335 at Harvey Norman in Nov 2022 (Noel Leeming had it at $385, Harvey Norman price matched, and Amex had a 'spend $250 get $50 back' at Harvey Norman at that time).

    • Not all products are discounted, and the QC45s aren't.

  • Thx everyone happy Friday

  • Any good 43-50" tv's under $1k

    • Sony X77L 43" comes to $1113 and comes with a $200 gift card so if you value the gift hard its under $1k. It's definitely bottom of the range for Sony TVs so not sure how the picture quality on it is but in my experience their android TV implementation is excellent

      • I think they all moved to Google TV but regardless Noel Leeming's pricing is terrible.
        You can get the 50-inch from SONY themselves with no deal full price for $100 more than that

  • +2

    Terrible TV prices with many if not all being cheaper elsewhere. With some Even cheaper at FULL RRP from SONY NZ directly like the X90L 65inch being cheaper pretty much anywhere with NO Deals than Noel Leeming. This is classic Noel Leeming and their Fake pricing. This is True WIth SONY LG, Samsung and Other TV brands. Ive lost faith in Noel's Pricing

  • +1

    Has anyone actually found a worthwhile discount?

  • It says cellphones, which ones are those, cause it doesnt work on samsung units seems like!

    • I agree. I did not find any interesting Samsung unit applied

  • Samsung 64GB EVO Plus MicroSD Card w/Adapter $11.81…

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you can stack Noel Leeming Gift Cards at checkout?

  • Eneloops have slightly better discount then cscbg premium.

  • +1

    Lenovo laptop comes down pretty good +$200 gift card

  • Trying to get discount on the Garmin Venu 3 but the code does nothing - anyone got any other tricks?

    • Buy at Torpedo 7 and uae the student code

      • They dont stock it there unfortunately.

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