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Free Seeds (Wildflower, Basil, Sunflower or Tomato, Subject to Availability) @ Professionals


Spring has arrived, a season of fresh starts and flourishing opportunities! Professionals are embracing this exciting time with our annual Swing into Spring, and we are delighted to offer you complimentary seed packets to kickstart your very own garden!

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  • Last time deal like this was posted

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    Never got any seeds last time

    Not sure if it's related, but constantly having to unsubscribe from emails from real estate agents.

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      Check the privacy terms, they share/sell your info

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      Use a throwaway address - I'd suggest not using the plus-address from Gmail (or others), as many businesses strip the plusses out (sometimes due to their databases not accepting plusses in email addresses which is a programming / developer fault perhaps, but still).

    • i use multipled fake email, rather than using my mian email act

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      Same here, the agents are pesky too.
      Follow up email stating "hope you enjoyed the seeds"
      I replied"never got them" they reply "ohh we will send themagain" and that was the end of it.
      Good marketing campaign to get people to provide emails for business

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    Never received mine last time as well.

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    Same…totally forgot I had ordered them until now! But they never arrived :/

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    It does say subject to availability so that could be why people didn't get them.

  • I got my seeds from the last promotion but it was literally a bag of seeds stapled to a flyer, no address or anything so maybe they only distribute in areas that have lots of form submission??

    • or in areas they have a presence. I had to select "other" for nearest office, so taking bets on whether I get anything :D

    • My family got theirs like this (not wanted).

  • I got them last time, so I'll give it a go again.

    I used a throwaway address, so no idea (or care) if they spammed me.

    • How do you get a throwaway address when they are posting to the physical address where are you living at?

      • Must be throw away email address so we don't bother about spam emails!

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        How do you get a throwaway address when they are posting to the physical address where are you living at?

        I was referring to the email address, and I also use a phone number that never rings, but always goes to voicemail.

        I also have them posted to our PO Box (rather than my physical address), so they can't visit me from any info I give away anyway.

        They'll never find me!!

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    Why would you give your information away for some seeds that cost about $1 on trademe.

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      Because we are cheapies. You sure you're on the right website here? ;)

    • having cheapies regret now

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