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Free Seeds (Sunflower or Tomato, Subject to Availability) @ Professionals


Spring is here, a time for new beginnings and growth (and hopefully better weather). This time of year also means Professionals annual Swing into Spring starts, offering you some complimentary seed packets for you to start your garden!

Both sunflower seeds and tomato seeds are available to order here
and these will be delivered to your door, ready to plant and sprout, with a little love and attention.

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  • I thought it is from "Professional Growers" lol

  • *seeds are subject to availability

  • thanks i order some

  • Your seeds will be sent, '… as soon as it is safe to do so."

    Interesting :-)

    • The Facebook posts I've found referring to this offer date back to October, 2021.

      Lower Hutt

      Maybe OP can confirm where he/she saw this offer.

      • That might explain it :-)

        Or, my personal hope, is that they are really Triffid Seeds, and they are working to make them less… aggressive.

      • +2

        Got notification through email

  • +1

    I just got some Tomato seeds in the mail today.

  • My tomato seeds arrived today.
    Thanks OP.

  • Just got some tomato seeds in the mail. Thanks OP.

  • i never got any

    • +1

      Me neither - at least so far.

    • +1

      Yeah same, I never received anything in the mail. Got a cheeky email from the real estate agent, "I hope you are enjoying your seeds" a couple of weeks ago.

      • +1

        I also got that - pretty incompetent.

  • got my seeds today in the post got 1x Sunflower 1x Tomato

    • +1

      That took a while! Mine arrived a month ago.
      Although I only got the one packet so maybe they gave you two for the delay?

    • +1

      That gives me hope that mine might still be on its way 😂

  • Lol a bit of an old post, but did anyone else not get their seeds?

    • Never got mine

    • I did receive them but forgot all about planting them - over 3 months later!

    • Didn’t get mine either :(

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