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Living & Co Sausage Roll Maker $10 (with MarketClub Membership) + Shipping ($0-$3 CC/ $0 in-Store) @ The Warehouse


Non-club price $25. Save $15 with MarketClub.

Looks similar to the Kmart one.

Doesn't look like you'll be able to get Edmonds pasty for much longer though.

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  • Do you have a link to the kmart sausage roll maker? Want to check it out. Couldn't seem to find it in the website when I search it.

  • has anyone made sausage rolls before wat kinda meat do u use

    • depends on your preference, you could use beef mince or a combination(beef, pork, lamb etc).

      Have a look at the ingredients list of your fav on the countdown website etc or some of the receipes included in the kmart manual I commented above to get an idea what you need.

    • A mix of beef and pork with some mixed herbs and breadcrumbs is a pretty traditional recipe.

      But, really, let your imagination (or the Internet) loose and try some thing different! Chicken Kyiv sausage rolls for instance.

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    Or maybe use the oven?

    I mean, how is this going to fit next to the pie maker, air fryer, George Foreman grill, sandwich press, doughnut maker, waffle iron, mini pizza oven and the instant pot?? 😁

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      I feel personally attacked by this comment X_X

      • +1

        I'm sure there have been multiple account deletions because of hurt feelings due to that comment.

      • -1

        Cheapies seem to also be softies. Go down to your local building site and grab a half cup of cement (no point in buying a whole bag!)

        And then HTFU

        • I was clearly joking, Thanks for your OTT pass-ag comment though! :)

    • I'm sure I can slot it in between my egg Rollie and pie maker

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