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Unlimited Texts/Calls (AU/NZ) & Data (10Mbps $40/m, 50Mbps $50/m, Uncapped $80/m) + First 3 Months 50% off @ Mighty Mobile


New MVNO Mighty Mobile, owned by Kogan. Uses One mobile network.

Unlimited data, unlimited calls to AU/NZ, unlimited text to AU/NZ, unlimited hotspot.

For monthly plans the first 3 months are half price:

$40 $20/month 10Mbps
$50 $25/month 50Mbps
$80 $40/month uncapped speed

Offer available from 30th August to 30th September 2023. 50% off is available and applied to first three consecutive months of the purchased plan. SIM must be activated within the first three months of being purchased.

Monthly Plans

Fast Plan Faster Plan Fastest Plan
$40/mth $50/mth $80/mth
Unlimited Data up to 10Mbps*1 Unlimited Data up to 50Mbps* Unlimited MAX SPEED DATA*
Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^2 Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^ Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^
Good for 720p, HD Good for 1080p, FHD Good for 4K, Ultra HD
Hotspot included (at no extra cost) Hotspot included (at no extra cost) Hotspot included (at no extra cost)

365 Day Plans

Fast Plan Faster Plan Fastest Plan
$399/365 Days $499/365 Days $799/365 Days
$33.25 per month $41.58 per month $66.58 per month
Unlimited Data up to 10Mbps* Unlimited Data up to 50Mbps* Unlimited MAX SPEED DATA*
Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^ Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^ Unlimited Standard Calls & TXTs (NZ & AU)^
Good for 720p, HD Good for 1080p, FHD Good for 4K, Ultra HD
Hotspot included (at no extra cost) Hotspot included (at no extra cost) Hotspot included (at no extra cost)

Moving to Mighty Mobile

  1. Purchase a Prepay Plan with a FREE SIM from Mighty Ape
  2. We’ll ship your SIM Card with your new plan already loaded right to your door.
  3. Keep your existing number or wecan provide you with a new one!
  4. Simply plug your new SIM card into your compatible device and follow the prompts!

  1. Maximum data speeds, Fair use and Mobile terms apply. Actual speeds you experience may vary due to several factors, including your device capabilities, location, network congestion, and network coverage. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details. 

  2. ^Unlimited voice calls and TXTs to standard NZ and AUS numbers (e.g. no short codes or MMS/PXT). Personal mobile phone use only. Mobile terms apply. 

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  • +2

    Great to see another entrant in the unlimited-data-capped-speed plans.

    For comparison MyRepublic is:
    $25 2Mbps
    $50 10Mbps
    $75 uncapped

    These all have caps on the hotspot.

    One's plan is $80 but you can get anther line for $40, so if you have 4 people together you pay $200 total or $50 each. And you get some international texts and calls included

    Spark is $100 or $65 for 4 people together.

  • +1

    Competition is good.

    I guess kogan mobile is going the fixed cap route and MM is unlimited. Both are from same parent company and using the same network. Interesting.

  • -1

    Note that just like Kogan Mobile you can’t txt short codes or do PXT/MMS

    • +4

      Kogan has unlimited MMS/PXT messaging.

      • Oh yeah I do actually know that!
        No short codes like Kogan is what I should have said.

    • +3

      Not sure if that's true. I have TSB acc and they require replying a verification code to a short code to confirm transaction.

      And it works with my kogan phone number.

      • +3

        The cost of replying to a short code (or premium txt) is decided by the business that sends them.
        Many companies will send a short code that is classed as a premium txt and will charge to reply. It is these ones that you can't reply to on Kogan because the account is not in credit as such.
        In your case, TSB will likely be using a free to reply code.

        Here is an example list of short codes I found on the Spark website and whether the number charges or not.…

        • +1

          For what it's worth, I've been with Kogan for about 8 months and it's yet to be an issue; I haven't had a short code I wasn't able to reply to. If the day does come where I have a short code I can't reply to, I'll just ring the business directly and still be stoked at how cheap the mobile plan was.

    • Been with kogan mobile since it launched..
      for probably the last year you can now text free short codes (not ones that cost) Never used to be able to but you can now.
      I use MMS/PXT all they time, are free and included with unlimited sms.

      What you can't do is send messages to non NZ/Au numbers, no mention on their website if their international calling pack includes international sms. But this doesn't affect my daily use.

  • +1
  • +4

    Useless to the poor like me. What I want is $80 for a whole year, even with only 1GB of data, not $400 unlimited.

    • +1

      Kogan mobile sales near the end of the year

  • Kogan competing with itself?

    • +2

      Kogan doing market segmentation. These are two very different products anyway.

  • +2

    Now only if Kogan starts a supermarket chain here, that would be great.

  • As good as they are for our market, still so much cheaper over in Oz for similar plans. 500GB 365 plan right now for $199 in Oz ..if only.

    • They have the ability to offer that kind of service because of the amount of people over in AUS. Sadly I don’t think we will ever get the opportunity to get those prices here…

      • Pretty sure I paid $20 for a 1GB USB. We might always lag behind Aus, but I'm sure we will get 500GB of data for less than $200 at some point.

    • Have just returned from a few weeks in Samoa, we paid $30 for a sim with 50gb data, calls and texts. NZ is expensive for data.

  • OK. Why not shortcodes? Am I missing something? Is this because they're based in Aus or something?
    (Wife has Kogan deal, no shortcodes aren't a big deal for her, but it's a bother for me to lose that)

    • +1

      You may get charged a fee for shortcodes. They don't have the billing system to charge you that fee.

      • So it will not work in cases where the business is charging you to save them time.

  • Do you have to sign up for a year? Or can you sign up for 3 months and then cancel?

    • +2

      If you sign up for the monthly plans then yes you can cancel after 3 months

  • Why all the MVNOs are on One network? Any MVNO other than Skinny on Spark?

    • Warehouse Mobile uses 2degrees network

    • Mercury and Compass mobile are on Spark

      • Thanks. Farm source is the best value with Spark

  • More info:

    • Wi-Fi calling is included
    • Daily roaming will also be available by the end of 2023 as an add-on. Prices will be confirmed closer to the time
    • Number porting is done online

  • Would I seriously regret going on the slowest plan?
    I play some light games, sometimes watch youtube on the bus, stream a lot of audio on spotify.

    • Actually never mind, it's too expensive for my needs even at that lower speed.

    • If you change your mind, 1080p YouTube is ~8Mbps for 30fps and 12Mbps for 60fps. If you don't expect to watch 1440p or 2160p then it would be ok - maybe some buffering or reducing quality here and there but not completely awful.

      Around Black Friday or Boxing Day, there are likely to be deals on Kogan Mobile that work out cheaper than this (I paid $165 I think for a year of 15GB monthly)

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