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Skinny & Spark Prepay SIM Cards $0.99, 2degrees SIM Card $1 (Standard/Micro/Nano) + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Store) @ PB Tech


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    Pic is of a Cheapies person waiting for their Ubereats order 🤭

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      "Eatin' Greedy" :D

  • Also good if you are with 2d and need extra sims for data sharing

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    These are 50c each at Pak N Save Royal Oak For 2 degrees

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    These SIM cards are often $1 at PNS stores too. See em at this price all the time on Grocer.

  • A couple of Questions regarding how these work… Do they come with numbers pre-loaded, that you can just load onto a Pre-pay deal, for the cost of the SIM?

    Can the numbers be changed? Or if you want to stop using it, you just turf it and you lose whatever credit you loaded to it?

    Also, since I've never been a pre-pay customer… can credit from one number be moved to another number, if/when you intend to switch to a new number?

      • Comes with pre assigned numbers
      • Generally can't be changed unless you're porting another number from another provider onto that sim
      • Generally use up the credit in whatever way you can then bin it if you need tp get rid of it, otherwise credit is lost and cannot be transferred to another number (except in some instances when moving to a pay monthly plan you can ask them to credit your acc with the outstanding amount)
      • Prepay requires a topup of once a year for most of them to keep them active, minimums range from $5-20 (2 degrees is $10)

      Basically you buy it, topup once every 365days and use the no. to signup to delivery services, to get thier new user discount offers.

      • I bought a 2degrees Sim and signed up to doordash and didn't get a text back to register an account, is that because a top up is necessary? $10 is a lot lol

        • probably need to activate simcard first (to receive txts), altho i need not have to do that (for 2degrees) but that was many months ago, might have changed now.

        • Depends on the sim provider some you have to activate and topup to receive texts and other work just on activation for a while.

          Best way is to activate it and then call the no and text it from another phone to see if its working properly. Some delivery services texts take a while to come through when making new acc's

  • As someone who doesn't have too many devices, any tips for how to make a PC appear as new to Uber's checks (in a PM if necessary) would be really appreciated. I think I've got all the other new stuff covered, even some $5 Uber Prezzee cards, if they'd help at all.

    • https://www.cheapies.nz/node/41742 check the tips in the deal post

      • Yes I always employ that, but it's not enough.

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          Spinup Virtual machines with vpn?
          and Use firefox/librewolf portable so you can copy the whole folder across VM's and not have to enter you details everytime
          (Chromium based ones don't work from my experience due to the way it stores some settings in the USER Profile folders so defeats the purpose of have a persistent profile across session/vm's)

          • @Huntakillaz: doesn't uber eats just cross reference the same address being used everytime?

            • @zyfinity: Use your neighbours and go stand outside their house/business or some nearby place when the under is about to arrive
              Like the guy on the pic is doing 🤭

            • @zyfinity: Yeah, 8 litres of milk from a local BP station felt worth the pick-up effort for me, for a while. Maybe I even got too predictable for the software with that. 'You've made an extremely uncommon first order, yet it's also a suspiciously frequent order' could be a recently added red flag.

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    $1 at Harvey Norman ATM too

  • Any free delivery codes?

  • Going by the info that I've seen on the brands website.. from what I can tell, prepay cards still need to be put onto some kind of plan?

    Can you just get the Sim, put a small nominal amount on it, to basically just get access to the number, if you're only ever going to use it on Wifi ?

    EDIT: Disregard this question.. went to local SPark store and got a $2 Skinny SIM.. the store guy explained it all to me.. all good.. Thanks!

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