This was posted 3 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB (Mint/Navy) $649 + Shipping / $0 CC @ JB Hi-Fi


Was in JB Hi-Fi today and saw the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB.

Thought it could be a solid upgrade for someone looking.

Pick up locations could be limited.



Rated IP68 for water and dust resistance, this phone stands up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Phone Operating System Android
Phone Type Galaxy S20 FE
Network compatibility 4G
Colour Navy or Mint
Device screen size (inches) -6.5
Resolution (Pixels) 2400 x 1080
Display type Super AMOLED
Touchscreen True
Internal memory 128GB
Expandable memory up to 1TB
Expandable memory format Micro SD card
Battery capacity (mAh) 4500
Wireless Charging Type Qi
Processor Model Number Snapdragon 865
RAM (GB) 6.0
Rear Cameras (MP) 12MP (Wide) + 8MP (Telephoto) + 12MP (Ultra Wide)
Front camera (MP) 32MP
Built-in flash True
Digital zoom 30x
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Manufacturer's warranty 2 Years

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    Best Samsung phone if you want the Expansion Slot for your offline music/photos/movies etc

    IIRC the newer phones after it don't have that feature anymore…

  • +5

    This is like a 2+ year old phone with crappy specs. Not worth it for the price. You can easily find better spec phones for less. I got my Redmi K60 Pro for $600. Does 30W QI charging, Snapdragon 8 Gen1, 512GB emmc, 120Hz screen, 5000mah battery, etc.

    • +4

      You call Samsung crappy then say redmi in the same sentence?

        • -1

          I'd prob get a POCO F5 pro and would be cheaper and still be faster than S20 FE !

        • +4

          Calls someone triggered and then proceeds to have a meltdown. Nice one.

        • +1

          Maybe SD card and Galaxy smart tag integration and probably better camera on the Samsung is more important than better other specs on your Redmi?

          What you look for is not what everyone looks for.

          Can I find the smart tag location of the smart tag on the family dog using your better specced Redmi ?

      • I owned this model from work last year. to be honest, the battery was not worth its prize.

    • Is this model being sold in NZ ? I can't find any known businesses sell it from searching on Google.

        • +5

          You give up local warranties and consumer guarantees.

    • Personally I have no problem with your 2cents on the specs. Just wonder how you can get your Redmi K60 Pro 512GB for $600? It is still selling like 1kish in Aliexpress excluding GST, and it looks like this model is not available in NZ retail shops.

      So when I did my research before I bought my phone, I chosen OnePlus 11 (I paid 1100ish) instead of Redmi K60 Pro. Otherwise, Redmi K60 Pro will be a no-brainer to me if I can buy a brand new one with $600.

      • I was speculating between mi 11 ultra & one plus 10pro and bought one plus instead. Main reason being the warranty and don't have to deal with import tax etc as that was over $1000

    • Why is that a samsung phone that's going for $198 at the warehouse has a better (50)mp camera?

      • +3

        Megapixels don't mean a lot. On a smaller sensor you might actually want lower megapixels to get more light in

        • +1

          It's a bit annoying marketing has lead people to believe the "number go bigger" for improvement.

          I see heaps of people talking about tvs in size only as if that's all the matters. No care for the panel or I/O or viewing angle or brightness etc.

  • +6

    This is not a good price in 2023. If this is the exynos version you cant trust a lot of the reviews either.

    Having had an s21 fe exynos for work briefly I wouldn't reccommend this.

    It's hard to find this on pricespy because of all the variants but I found an old noel leeming paystub with a line for me having sold one in 2021 for $699. A $50 discount for half of the support life, 2 years on just isn't worth it.

    Also here's it $200 cheaper at Dick smith?… not the same, obviously.

    (Just noticed that my link is a refurb, but it's an option)…

    • +3

      The one you listed was a refurbished verision with 6 months warranty.

      JB Hifi has both listings as snapdragon, I assume their product page is correct.

      The reason I think this is a good deal is because of the micro sd card support and the water restiant rating.

      My previous S7 and current S10e has gotten dunked more than once, IPX68 is usually rarer on other phone models.

      • What do folks use microsd for nowadays? I ran into a storage problem with my 64 gb iphone but haven't ever had issues on 128gb phones.

        • +2

          Expansion Slot for your offline music/photos/movies etc

          not every pays for streaming music and movies.

          Filling up sd cards means you can just carry them and watch/listen even where there's no reception

        • I and many others use our phones a lot outside Cellular and WiFi coverage so cloud based storage is of no use, so SD is one feature we cannot do with out.
          I need storage for maps, trail cam video and photo downloads, Merlin and other AI databases, and photos and videos taken on my travels, etc.

    • +1

      Based on the model number it looks like the snapdragon version. But this is a 3 year old phone now, so think samsung will drop updates soon and likely only do security updates

      • Folks in the broader public are definitely not super open to anything not Samsung or apple.

        That's probably down to not-pb-tech retailers only having interactive demos for Samsung apple and a bit of oppo.

        I personally won't buy another Samsung having won a note 20 ultra exynos worth $2399 and it was such a great looking phone / screen / camera but it ran very hot, had awful battery and ran the UI at less than 20fps after they updated it to the new one UI with the blurs. Went back to my oneplus

          • @NovaAlpha: I had a work zflip3 and it was cool. Poor battery (even though I never even connected it to cellular) but it was super smooth.

            I think they've been about $700 before. Fantastic at that price.

            • @LonelyShower: Yeah at that price it is worth it. And yeah Samsung battery life has always been rubbish. I get like at most 8 hours of screen on time.

      • +1

        Login name checks out.

  • Cheaper deal for the S21 FE via amazon AU

  • Wouldn't an a54 be a better buy. I just bought one for my mother in law from samsung nz using the coupon codes for $512.

    (-10% -$30 - $50).

    • There is deal for the S21 FE

    • +8

      Honestly I have no idea but the a54 looks good and is a great price.

      This post was way more controversial than i thought it would be.

      I thought it was a good deal as my last phone was the S10e at $799 during 1st lock down and the lastest flag ships are like 2k these days.

      • +3

        People will always argue haha. I personally use this phone and I dont find it all that bad.

      • +8

        Don't be disheartened in posting.

        What's a good deal is subjective and relative.

      • +3

        It was worthy of a post, but at the same time people should also be aware of limitations and it is always good for there to be some conversation on that. So long as people remain civil about it…

  • +2

    I would buy a Pixel 7 or 7a from an import site, pricespy it.
    I am not promoting any business here.
    I paid my Pixel 7 for $850 and $580 for an iPhone SE 2022, both Japanese specs and imported from Hong Kong and work well in NZ.

    • supero? i have never used their service before.
      when pixels come down in size i will upgrade from my p5.

      • Supero is dodgy

        • I’m not sure why you call it doggy.
          My shopping experiences are good.
          I use PayPal if anything went wrong, I have my buyer protection.
          Check online reviews, it works just like kogan but much smaller importers.

      • Most phones sold by supero were also sold by expert infotech which is business based in Auckland and they have been around for few years.
        Supero and another online overseas retailer techinn is another option which is shipped from overseas they did look dodgy but bought my Amazfit GTR 2 watch like 2 years ago, was over $100 cheaper than the dicksmith.

    • Bought my pixel from dick smith and there is no 5g.

      Otherwise it's a fantastic phone

  • +3

    I bought this for $560 back in 2021 when in came out. Guess it aren't getting cheaper

  • +3

    everyone arguing about samsung vs redmi vs etc and here i am on my blackberry

  • phones in new zealand are getting more expensive now i remember a few years ago you could get android phones as low as $20 now the cheapest you can get is $89

    even a lot of mid rage phone are expensive now

  • I bought s21 fe for 100 dollar more from kogan

    But ended up selling it because the battery life (despite the large capacity) is crap due to exynos CPU.

    Ended up getting nothing phone instead

  • Now $699

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