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One Day Sale: Beef Mince $9.99/kg (North Island), Mushrooms Portabello $9.99/kg (South Island) + More @ New World


New World One Day Sale + Earn 4x Flybuy's points or 4x Airpoints Dollars™ (minimum purchase $50).

New World North Island Deals
New World South Island Deals

These are some of the deals mentioned on their website; however, some stores have exclusive deals.

North Island

  • Pams Edam/Tasty Block Cheese 500g - $4.99
  • Green Cabbage - $1.99
  • Fresh Lamb Leg Roasts (Bone in) - $11.99/kg
  • Selaks Essentials Range 750ml (Excludes Reserve/The Taste Collection) - $7.99
  • Deep South Ice Cream 2L - $3.99
  • Red Seedless Grapes - $4.99/kg
  • Snacka Changi Kettle Chips 150g- 2 for $5
  • Chelsea White Sugar 1.5kg - $1.99

South Island

  • Tip Top Trumpet 4 Pack - $5.59
  • Export Gold or Ultra 24 Pack - $30.99
  • Moccona Coffee Jar 95-100g, excludes Classic Decaffeinated and Indulgence - $9.99
  • Dettol Healthy Clean Multipurpose Trigger 500ml - $3.49
  • Nestle Milo Cereal 700g, Nestle Milo Protein Cereal 600g or Uncle Toby's Cheerios 570-580g Varieties or Nestle Nesquik Cereal 650g - $6.99
  • Lynx Anti-Perspirant Deodorant or Body Spray 165ml - $3.99
  • Fresh Quality Mark Beef Ribeye Steak - $29.99/kg
  • Wattie's Soup Very Special 520-535g - $2.99

Options to price match @ The Warehouse as well; however, some items do have limits placed on them.
How to pricematch

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  • So… Pak 'N Save prices for a day

    • pretty much the only thing cheap was the Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg could price beat with the warehouse.

      just notice there is a limit of 8

      • +1

        Price match not price beat i think?

      • TimTam @ $1.99 ea is not bad, not in OP's list.

    • +10

      Sharper pricing than most Paks - don't be so disingenuous.

      • Yeah was going to say for the North Island deals the Tasty cheese https://www.newworld.co.nz/shop/product/5007358_ea_000nw is a price I haven't seen in I think ~2 years. Mild/Edam/Colby sure but the Tasty is normally $1-2 more/kg.

        Also I think the Deep South Ice Cream 2L is a better deal than common at Pak'n'Save in Auckland nowadays, I don't pay that much attention but I think ~$4.99 is a more regular Pak'n'Save deal. The Fresh Lamb Leg Roasts (Bone in) also looks a good price to me, fairly sure $11.99/kg is not that common nowadays. Red Seedless Grapes at $4.99/kg also seems a price not that common at Pak'n'Saves of even most fruit and vegs near me if we aren't talking about RTC items. Green Cabbage I think also given current prices.

        Finally the Pams Edam Block Cheese 500g at $4.99 while it's the same as some recent Countdown deals, the price for 500g isn't very common at Pak'n'Save AFAIK. It's the same per kg as the normal $9.99 Pak'n'Save 'price lockdown' price which I think still applies to cheese although it's ended for milk power, table spread and some other items. But as discussed in the Countdown deal some people will find 500g better depending how quickly they go through cheese, if they have enough freezer space to store extra opened etc.

        • Wattie's Soup Very Special is available at Countdown this week for $3 by swiping one card for North Island. Haven't checked for south island.

  • +1

    The rascal nappies is at good price too if you need them.

    they're back at the price before Covid. I'm shocked that Huggies boxes are now $44 for it's normal price and $30+ when on special.

  • Pure steinlager is at good price too

  • Cheese got swiped hard.
    Guess I'll put an online order for next week

    • Both Tasty and Edam or just Tasty?

      • both at most stores in welly, I just used the online to order from Newtown for next week

        • Interesting. New Lynn still had probably 30+ Edam not long before closing. Tasty was all out since at least 2110, I was wondering if they stock it since Hobsonville doesn't or at least the online store doesn't have it but it is available online at New Lynn.

          • @Nil Einne: New World Remuera didn't even bother to display the price of the cheese on special, just had the normal price. I had to take it to checkout to see if it scanned at $4.99, which it did. The store had so much cheese left, guessing because there was no ticket mentioning the discounted price.

            • +1

              @nzshopper23: Lol, New Lynn had a small price label. Lots of the other one day specials had a big price label so wonder if they were also not promoting it as hard. I mean although they had 30 or so it didn't look like they had much room for more. I don't think they could have sold that few so I think they had re-stocked it recentish. Alternatively they had a display somewhere else but I did look and if they did it was gone now. (Did find the bacon, orange juice and lamb in a special display but not the cheese.)

              • @Nil Einne: Probably got a special cost price hence the sale, and by not selling through it, they can increase the profit on it for selling after at normal price

  • +1

    Grabbed some nappies, legs of lamb and weetbix but did a hard pass on the mince as it just looked like pink paste :(

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