This was posted 9 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ozito PXC 18V/240V Hybrid Inflator / Deflator (Skin Only) $49 ($47.78 with PowerPass) @ Bunnings, Silverdale


Seems to be a new product. Old version (not hybrid) still showed on the website for $99.

At 5pm there were heaps of boxes with no price. It's even cheaper with PowerPass at $47.78

analogs from ryobi $149 and dewalt $281.
The bar code was scanned with app but I was unable to find it with the search after.

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    Please excuse my stupidity, but what does 'skin only' mean?

    It doesn't mention being able to inflate bike tyres (or car tyres). Is that because it is not powerful enough, or some other technical impediment?

    Just blowing up the flamin' paddling pool would be good though :-)

    • skin only means no battery. device only.
      this uses battery and mains power.

    • Will be able to inflate both car and bike tyres (the one with the switch for cars/mountain bikes, the presta adapter for road bikes) but compressors get VERY hot and these little ones can't move a lot of volume so you have to run them for a long time to do large things like car tyres and they can't dissipate the heat quickly enough.

      They'll also likely chew through those 18V batteries.

      Max PSI 160 (road bikes are ~130, mountain bikes are ~50, cars are ~35) and they have all the adapters for the different fittings.

      They'll probably avoid specifically saying it can do them so that people don't try and fill four car tyres from flat in one go, which will probably burn it out. So capable, but not recommended in all scenarios.

      But you'll be fine doing top ups from like 30-> 33 PSI on a car tyre or two, better off going to the petrol stations, though, if you can. Or buying a large compressor.

      Reviews indicate the hybrids are the older ones, and the non-hybrids are the newer ones, so maybe they removed mains to limit how long people run them for, and are just clearing out the hybrid models.

      • I have the battery only version and it'll happily inflate all 4 tyres from 10 to 30 PSI without overheating and that's on the 2.5 Ah battery. It will take a while though.

        In general, it's a really nice piece of kit, I use it all the time for balls, bikes, inflatable mattresses and topping up the cars. I've had a fair amount of Ozito kit over the years and have happily replaced most of it with other brands, but this thing is a keeper.

      • That's exactly why i wanted one.
        It has a 5 year warranty, i bet they got thrashed in aussie.
        My local station has removed the pump due to noise complaints, and the next one is a analogue gauge.
        Was looking at a slime 12volt one and it states upto 6mins to inflate a flat tire

        From the manual.…

        It is not suggested that the inflator work continuously for more than 10 minutes. If 10 minutes of use has been reached, turn it off and let it cool for 10 minutes before using again.
        • If the inflator is making abnormal sounds or its temperature if quite high, switch the unit off straight away and let it cool for at least 10 minutes before trying again. Improper use may result in damage of the Compressor

  • I use this portable compressor Rechargeable Air Compressor 150psi Portable Electric Tire Inflator and it has worked so far. I have topped up all 4 tires from 38->41psi at a go. Battery was less than half used. Also bicycle tires. Always keep it in car in case of emergency.

    Any reason I should pick either or? Don't need to inflate bed or pool.

    • +1

      Ozito has the the ability to run from Ozito batteries, desirable if you are in that eco-system, and can run on mains.

      Both are slow (Ozito 10 L/Min @ 30psi, aliexpress at 20 L/min with no specified pressure, so I assume zero psi).

      Both have short duty cycles (10min Ozito, 12min aliexpress).

      Both will be fine for topping up car tires a few PSI, or pumping up bike tires (but I suggest both would struggle for road bike tires running over 100psi).

      Both would be unsuitable for say airing up 4x4 tires from 15psi to 50psi when you get back to the road. - Will take unworkable long as every 10 minutes you would need to stop and let it cool for 10 - 20 mins.

      Ozito has low pressure, high volume mode, unlike aliexpress

      Aliexpress is more compact and has built in battery.

  • Could this one be used to inflate bike tyres (not so concerned about car tyres to be honest) as well as a paddling pool?

    It seems to be the same thing to my uneducated eye, but is half the price - maybe due to having no battery option?

    • I use ryobi version which looks almost the same use for topping up tyres on a car, monowheels and bikes. works perfectly. hybrid seems to give a bit more flexibility

      • Thanks :-)

      • Can confirm. I have had the ryobi inflater for years. Does a good job on topping up car and motorcycle tyres.

    • +2

      I've got this one (both battery and mains power) and I use to inflate the family bike tyres before going on a trip. Easily does 4 mountain bikes with no dramas. Either battery or mains.

      Also inflates blow up beds/chairs so should be fine for your needs.

      I also use it to check and top up the car tires on battery without issue. Not as quick as a gas station but still quicker than getting in and driving to one, and then waiting for space while someone's picking up their flat white and has parked in the park next to it….. :)

  • PSA - None available @ porirua

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