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Goldair GSFH150 Flat Fan Heater $28 (Was $109.99) + $7 Shipping / $3 C&C @ Briscoes


2000 watt fan heater, with 2 heat settings and 1 cool fan setting. The adjustable thermostat provides maximum efficiency, and it also features an adjustable airflow grill, safety cut-out and overheat protection.

Comes with a 2 year warranty

Click & collect $3
Delivery $7

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    Use the Briscoes free C&C/shipping codes here
    Save the $3 C&C or $7 shipping fee.


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    Was $109.99


    • Briscoes prices are always >40% inflated. Althoughly legally to have a "sale" on an item i think they first have to sold it at their "normal" price. So someone paid $110 (maybe Mr Duke himself)

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    Looks like some ridiculously inflated original prices from Briscoes.. How is it even possible this is $110 at non-sale prices?

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    Price actually went up $3 lol

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    • Add another $3 for click and collect.

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        Use the free shipping/free c&c codes I mentioned above.

  • I purchased an older version of that heater about 10 years ago and am sure the normal price was only about $45 and bunnings had it on special for about $20 at the time. But I guess that is inflation for you. Not a bad deal at $28 but normal price $110, I wonder who would have paid that. mine has since died and I had replaced it with a dyson. but this isn't bad as a small backup to quickly heat a small room.

  • Just purchased one of these and it's pretty decent. it instantly heats up and fills a decent sized "double bedroom" within 5 minutes.

    on the low heat mode it uses ~900watts, on the high heat mode it uses ~1900watts.

    it's also got a dial so you can adjust the temperature which uses a simple "Bang–bang control" to reach a target temperature.

    for $28 it's definetly worth it, but I wouldn't ever spend $110, I believe as mentioned by another comment this is the "normal" price and $110 is just used as a figure to show how significant their deal is.

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