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Free Shipping (Usually $7) or $10 off $50 Spend (One Use Per Account) @ Briscoes


These codes always seem popular, so here is another round.

Free Shipping: ABA-VONB23RER
$10 off $50 spend: B10WPJMBGG, WELCOME10

  • Only one code can be used at a time so choose the best option for you based on the value of your cart.
  • Must log in to an account in order to use and the code can only be used once per account.
  • If you have already used the code simply create a new account.

Credit to divxmaster for the $10 off $50 code (B10WPJMBGG)
Note: The WELCOME10 code only works on a new account even if you have not used the code before. If you want to get a $10 off $50 then simply create a brand new account.

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  • Much appreciated!

  • When do the codes have to be used by?

    • No way to tell

      • FYI, just used it now for some stuff I was hoping to get on special and still works ☺

        • +1

          They can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of months depending on when it’s received in its lifecycle.
          I have updated the codes a few times in this post to try and keep it current.

          • @bigcheese: Super handy. Thank you ☺ at first it didn't work until I noticed it was a total of $49.98 😂 added a thing from clearance for 75 cents and that worked.

  • Thank you for this!

  • Another free shipping code added to the post.

  • Nice spot Bigcheese. Thanks. Just did a close on $50 buy with click & collect, and so got the $10 off. so close on 20% extra discount. :) .(Briscoes always abit stingy with a compulsory click & collect fee. Most other retailers don't add such a fee or you can get an option code etc to get the fee off).

  • Just used this on a small order. Shipping totally free.

  • Why do briscoes do a click and collect fee?!

  • Free Oversized Delivery on until Sunday 20th November 2022 in-store & online on all Outdoor Furniture Settings, Beds, Oasis Filled Beanbags & BBQs over $499.
    Worth $75

  • ABA-VONB22RDG3 still works. Cheers.

  • Anyone know why the briscoes BF post was pulled?

    • From Cheapies?

      If yes, it's because no bargain was listed. The original post just alluded to the fact that Briscoes is about to have a Black Friday sale. I tried to help by changing the title to 50-70% off, but that still wasn't enough. So the mods removed it.

  • Sale started…

  • New free shipping code and $10 off $50 code added to post

    Free Shipping: ABA-CEDB22R443
    $10 off $50: WEL-CEDB22RJ4D

  • Thanks guys, just had all my out-of-town Christmas presents brought and sent, yay!

  • ABA-CEDB22R443 worked for me. Thanks OP.

  • Post updated with another free shipping code added.

    Free Shipping: REG-CEDB22RP8U

  • +2


  • Anyone still able to use the free shipping codes? None seem to be working for me (brand new acc)

    • +1

      They only last a few weeks and then expire.
      Try this one: ABA-NAJB23RMD4

      I'll update the post.

      • Ahh amazing, thank you

  • Another free shipping code added:

  • +1

    $10 of $50

    • Cheers. Added to post.

  • Thanks to alanimal for a new free shipping code now added to the post.

  • Two new codes added:

    Free Shipping: ABA-RAMB23RD3S
    $10 off $50: WEL-RAMB23RH4R

  • ABA-BEFB23RDEC = This coupon has reached its redemption limit.

    • +1

      I better replace it then!

      Thanks - post updated

  • WEL-RAMB23RH4R for $10 off $50 worked today :)

    • +1

      I test the codes every so often to make sure they are still current and all of the others are still working at the moment too.

  • None of these codes working… are there any new ones for April?

    • All three worked for me. Did you follow the instructions?

      • Order is over $50… tried all codes.. have used before and worked

        • One use per account. Maybe create another account?

        • +1

          As Wakrak mentioned it is because of the one use per account.

          Here’s another $10 off $50 you can try if you want to use an existing account.

  • Another free shipping code added:

    • Legend, thanks

    • Thank you! Just used it! :-)

  • +2

    @bigcheese @Wakrak - Hi, I managed to stack 3x codes today on a new sign up account. I stacked a 2x $10 off $50 spend codes, and 1x Free Shipping code. Happy to DM pictures.

    The first code (WEL-RAMB23RH4R) was applied when my shopping cart had a $59 item in it. This brought the price under $50.

    I then added two other items, bringing the price up to $102.60 and then added the second code (WEL-RPAB23R443). This gave me a combined discount of $20. I then added ABA-RPAB23RR4E for free shipping.

    So as long as you can get the price under $50 for the second application of the $10 off code, you can get up to $20 off.

    I ended up paying $82.60 instead of $109.60
    Savings of $27

    • +1

      Nice one.

    • +1

      Well done.
      This doesn’t usually work as it is meant to be limited to one coupon per transaction.
      However, I have done it in the past so I know it can work.

      Make the most of it while you can.

  • Another free shipping code added

    Don't usually have four codes running at once.
    Please let me know if any of these stop working.

  • New free shipping code added:

  • Another free shipping code added:

  • +1

    Code BRISCOES50 will also give $10 off $50 online but only for this weekend: Sat 24th & Sun 25th June

  • +1

    New $10 off $50 code added

  • All free shipping codes seem to be expired - any new ones going?

    • Codes are working.
      Are you logged into your account? You will get that message if you are not logged in or if you have used that particular code before.
      Make sure your shopping cart is empty first before you start and it should work.

      • Ah ok. I'll try logging back out and then in again, then filling the cart. Cheers!

        • Make sure you clear the cart first. I have struck problems in the past when I have had previous items in my cart so always start empty.
          Then add your item and finally one of the codes.
          If this still gives you issues then simply create a new account.

        • Did you get it to work in the end?

          • @bigcheese: I never did get these codes to work with a couple of accounts but no doubt I was doing something wrong! I managed to use the one day free shipping a week or two ago instead though.

            • +1

              @joshtnz: The other thing to try is using incognito mode before logging in to your account. I’m not sure what else I can suggest as the codes definitely work once per account.

  • Free delivery on all Briscoes orders today only (Thurs 27/7/23) - no codes needed!
    However, you can use the $10 off $50 codes and get free shipping as well.

  • +1

    New $10 off 50 received 26/07 - DEF-GUAB23R9F4

    • +1

      Cheers. Added to post.

  • Any free shipping code for Rebel Sport?

    • I don't have a free shipping but here's a $10 off $50 for Rebel

  • Free delivery and C&C on all orders today (Thurs 10th Aug).
    Good chance to combine with any of the $10 off $50 codes as you normally can't get both free shipping and the extra $10 off.

  • Note: As Briscoes have free shipping for all online orders today Thurs 7th Sept, the free shipping code in this post won't work.
    You can however combine the $10 off $50 codes with the free shipping offer.

  • This code still works for free shipping

  • Cheers. Just used one of the free shipping codes on some felt pads.

    • I think I have more Briscoes accounts than Briscoes has sale days to get these codes 😆

      • It's a bit like that eh. The autofill form had emails I haven't used in over a year from that old TWH app glitch.

  • Just used DEF-GUAB23R9F4. No issues. Cheers

  • +1

    I've just updated the post - the codes are getting harder to get these days, so just the one free shipping code now.
    I did receive another free shipping code but they actually sent a Rebel Sport code on a Briscoes email! Seems like a system glitch as I spoke to their call centre and they have received a lot of calls about it.

    If anyone has a current Birthday code then please let me know as the only $10 off $50 is currently WELCOME10 which will only work on a new account.

  • New free shipping code added:


  • Code: TAKEOFF10 for $10 off $50 as well until Sun 10th Dec

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