This was posted 4 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Panasonic 65" JX600 4K Android Smart TV $999, Goldair 1800W Upright Fan Heater $19 + More @ dtr


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  • I wonder if you could price match these ?

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      A lot of price match policies exclude stock liquidation or clearance lines but no harm in trying!

  • Give it a go @LonelyShower

    • Seconds late to post the same.. but its a very valid point..dont want to spend hundreds when a product become faulty..

    • Do be careful as you wont have CGA/warranty when they gone.

      Is DTR completely closing down, or are they just closing the shops?

    • Won't they still be covered by the manufacturer? eg contacting the manufacturer if there is an issue under the CGA

        • In that case, why do you believe the CGA won't still apply?

            • @coffeee: Okay fair enough - you might want to pull your comment above, as it is quite misleading.

              • @Alan6984: All physical stores are closing, they intend to operate online only after that

                • @Dunno: Sure, but there is no reason why the CGA won't apply (and be enforceable) on DTR after they close the physical stores.

                  • @Alan6984: Yep and even if DTR shuts down entirely the manufacturer/importer would also be obligated to resolve it.

                    • @Dunno: Not sure about that - where does that general liability of the manufacturer / importer come from?

                      If you are referring to an explicit warranty provided by the manufacturer / importer, then that would only last as long as the explicit warranty was for (say, 12 months), and I am not even sure if it would be a legal liability anyway, as there is no contract between the consumer, who bought it from a defunct retailer, and the manufacturer / importer.

                      • @Alan6984: Sections 13 & 14 of the Consumer Guarantees Act

                        13Express guarantees
                        Where goods are supplied to a consumer, this Act applies to any express guarantee given by a manufacturer of the goods which is binding on the manufacturer in accordance with section 14.
                        Part 3 gives the consumer a right of redress against the manufacturer where the goods fail to comply with any such guarantee.

                        14Provisions relating to manufacturers’ express guarantees
                        An express guarantee given by a manufacturer in a document in respect of goods binds the manufacturer where the document is given to a consumer with the actual or apparent authority of the manufacturer in connection with the supply by a supplier of those goods to the consumer.
                        An express guarantee which is included in a document relating to goods and which appears to have been made by the manufacturer of the goods shall in the absence of proof to the contrary be presumed to have been made by the manufacturer.
                        Proof that a consumer was given a document containing express guarantees by a manufacturer in respect of goods in connection with the supply of those goods to the consumer shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, constitute proof that the document was given to the consumer with the authority of the manufacturer.
                        Compare: Trade Practices Act 1974 s 74G (Aust)

                        • @nzmax: Yes - but that only applies for an explicit (express) warranty (guarantee) period - could be anything, but often 12 months.

                          There is no general liability to the manufacturer / importer such as is imposed by the CGA on the retailer?

                          • @Alan6984: I think so, sections 16 onwards, Right of redress against suppliers. Also the Consumer websites have a lot more info on this and they explain it in simple terms.

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                            Under Manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty

                            The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) gives you the right to seek a remedy, eg a repair or a replacement, from the manufacturer whether or not the products come with a manufacturer’s warranty (called an “express guarantee” in the Act).

                            Manufacturers do not have to provide a written warranty with their products. However, if they choose to do so, the Act says they must meet their obligations under that warranty. The CGA still applies whether or not a manufacturer's warranty has expired.

                            • @Dunno: Cool - thanks!

                            • @Dunno: I understand there can be issues if the retailer importeda product directly from overseas and didn't buy through the NZ supplier / manufacturer. You sometimes hear of issues when people by Jap imports.

                              • @nzmax: That does not remove the retailer from their obligations under the CGA even if its grey market/parallel imported goods. But if in that case the retailer went under the NZ supplier would not have any obligation as it was imported from another non NZ supply chain.

  • And also look who will honor the warranty on these..

  • my dad is keen on buying 65inch TV
    can anyone tell me diffrence between Panasonic 65" JX600 4K Android Smart TV and Panasonic 65" LX650 4K HDR Android Smart TV?……

    also if there is any fault, since DTR is closing down can we still get warranty from Panasonic? (how hard is this process?)

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      i think the warranty should apply as long as you got the invoice and can claim that you purchased it on the current date. I would say it is the same as display products that go on sale and we end up buying from stores, i have done this a few times and claimed warranty directly from the manufacturer, they honored it since my invoice stated the new date. I even purchased open-boxed and returned iPhones that were over 1 year old since originally activated, apple was denying the service and I then proved it with the invoice, they updated everything in the system.

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      dtr will continue to be an online store and provide support according to press releases

      Consumers can choose to deal with the retailer or manufacturer for CGA

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    I went in store and asked for a deal on the Q70B 85". Got it for 2799 cash.

      • I wouldnt be suprised. 85" tvs had to be a three person job

      • Yep helped a mate unbox one, was no easy feat, especially when one wrong move can wreck the tv and ruin friendships

    • RRP is $7,499. Discount is 62.68%.

    • Which store and did they have it in-stock?

      • Christchurch, they had one new in a box

    • What was the asking price compared to the cash deal price of 2799? And did they seem willing and open to offering a cash price? Just gearing myself up to ask for a deal :) Thanks

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        3499 was the list price. They were pretty keen to move it

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          No luck for me - sales clerk had no ability yesterday, so emailed store, and got this reply (and I don’t think their advertised prices are that amazing…)

          “That is not something we are offering - I am not sure where you heard that but prices are as advertised.

          Thank you, ”

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            @NZ Buc: Have to agree - I looked at a dryer and freezer, and neither of them looked to be particularly good deals, so I'm not going to bother going in to the store myself.

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          I also enquired but was told they weren't discounting from their advertised prices. Interesting.

  • 46kg with no stand I think it says in manual

  • would be keen on…

    wonder how low they will go on this…

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      Currently $3,088 + $300 gift card at Harvey Norman. Similar deals elsewhere.

  • I ordered an Apple Watch first thing Friday morning. I followed up yesterday and the order was cancelled. Not sure how everyone else is getting on for online orders



    • Yeah - my items from Thursday 11th were cancelled today.

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