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INC Creatine 500g $16.49 + Shipping / $0 CC @ Chemist Warehouse


500g creatine monohydrate powder - an absolute bargain, supplement brand equivalents usually double this price at least.

Says in-store only but was able to place an online order for delivery

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  • Damn just got a kg bag last week for much more

  • What's the normal price?

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      $33. Ordered some on sunday night from CW and fortunately was able to cancel on monday and reorder at the new price

  • Being a cheapie I don't buy this :)
    NY times: "But the effect is usually small. Creatine makes the most sense for certain competitive athletes eager for a split-second advantage, said Samantha Heller, a senior clinical nutritionist at N.Y.U. Langone Health. “For your average gym-goer, someone who’s a cyclist, someone who plays soccer on the weekends — they don’t need this,”"

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      Worth reading this and looking at peer reviewed studies.


      • Examine.com doesn't appear to be as reputable as it claims, as it isn't based on peer-reviewed studies. For instance, they display the New York Times logo on their website, but a search of the New York Times doesn't yield any results related to them. This raises concerns about their credibility.


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      It’s the most researched gym supplement, it’s fine. Makes your arms look bigger too

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      Great for cognitive benefits as well - reduces fatigue, need to rebound sleep; great for parents w babies, shift workers…

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      I'm an average gym-goer. I started taking creatine after 7 years of lifting weights and noticed a very obvious increase in my lifts. Got my bench from 140 to 150 in a couple of months. I had been stuck at 140 for a couple of years.

      • The difference between taking and not taking it is minimal, and it's not guaranteed that you won't inadvertently harm something else. Ultimately, your reasons for going to the gym should guide your decision. If, like me, you're exercising to enhance your health, then the supplements are not a priority at all. Another intriguing question to consider is whether you'd still be able to bench 150 if you stopped taking supplements today. Could you maintain that level of performance within a week?

  • I bought the Musashi one a few weeks ago. Tempted to stock this as well now. Thanks op.

  • Great deal, thanks for sharing.

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    This stuff is stupid cheap compared to the other hipster brands out there charging $45 for a 300g tub. Bought 4.

  • Order cancelled - lame!

    • Chemist warehouse suck when they cancel an order, when its happened to me they dont even email why or respond to emails or send other things in the order.

  • Yup…2 days later…order cancelled.
    First time ordering with them, but a few friends have told me this is common with that company.
    Actually ordered 7 different items and 3 were 'cancelled'. So just 60% of the order fulfilled.

    • Is still on their website and says 7 people have ordered today!

  • Their protein bars are $1.99 as well.

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