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Tesla Model Y (White, Existing Inventory) $70447 @ Tesla NZ


Tesla nz existing inventory is much cheaper than new order.
White model y only 70447
Black or silver model y 72097

If you try order brand new
White one 73487
Any color except red 75187

I previously ordered a white one, now it seems make sense to cancel the order and reorder the existing inventory.

However, what doesnt make sense is even it says existing inventory, its not in stock, and delivery date is between 25th of may till 15th of june.. is that even legit?

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  • +40

    Sir this is cheapies, we live off $2 mispriced Lindt Chocolates that are price matched from The Warehouse.

    • +8

      Some of us are so cheap we live off dreams of owning a tesla, so leave us be

      • I said good day, sir!

      • +1

        Some of us are so cheap we live off dreams of owning a Lada……………

        Fixed that for you

        • +1

          Margot Robbie, who is sat next to me in my Tesla, said she prefers the Tesla over a Lada any day (the oldies are going…'who is Margot Robbie?' and the young ones are going 'what is a Lada?)

  • +8

    Thanks, bought three! One
    for me, one for my partner, and a spare one for when I forget to plug mine in to charge overnight.

    • Hope you got a black one to match your work shoes

  • Because it’s part of extra orders that they are bringing on the same boat as new orders just in case a new order comes in, they will be able to fulfill it faster than a brand new built to order request.

    • Its just strange that existing stock is so much cheaper than new build. Well i guess you never able to follow the tesla pricing strategy

      • Why? That makes sense to me. When you have excess of something, you sell it cheaper to offload. When something is built to order, it costs more. That's standard in any industry.

  • +2

    So tempted to yolo buy one these at 1% for 3 years… but on the other hand I could not buy it and put extra on the mortgage.

  • I think that pricing excludes the $400 non refundable order fee.

    When you click through the Drive Away Price (Incl ORC And GST) is $70,847. Before rebate, which currently stands at $8625 (and this car is due before the July 1 rebate decrease).

    Works out to $62,222 after rebate, which is a pretty sharp price regardless. Just $6k more than than a MGZS EV Long range. Basically the same price as the Atto3 Tachyron, and a heap more car.

  • I test drove an EV last week and it just feels so different (e.g. it decelerate faster when you let go off the pedal)

    • +1

      It's called regenerative breaking and it extends your break pads life span and battery range.
      You can configure it so it feels more like a petrol car but why would you (you will get used to one pedal driving).

  • Spoke to the Tesla rep about these. They may not arrive before the July 1st cut off date for the higher rebate. Not big $ but fyi.

    • i hear different replies on this. I called tesla, and they said this should come along with my previous order on 12th of may. However after I reorder the existing inventory, the all shows delivery estimate is 25thof may till 15th of june

      • Maybe they just can't guarantee it, so just say that. It seems like a lot of time to get sorted before that date anyway.

        • Im wondering can they legitimatly call this existing inventory when they actually dont have in stock? If this delays after 1st of july, i might take this to tribunal as this is false advertising i see

          • @Thesuede: I think they are calling existing inventory, the cars that are already on the boat, here to NZ, that a customer has cancelled, existing inventory.
            Previously they have said if the car arrives after any chance in rebate, they will refund the difference.

    • +1

      I bought one of these yesterday, had a phone call from them yesterday evening stating that pickup will be late May.

      • The existing stock? I can see on my app it says due arrival between 25thof may and 15thof june.

        • Yup the existing stock

          • @MrIncrediball: How is tesla making cars so quick, the toyota i ordered last november has a wait time of 12 months

            • @kyogui: yeah no clue what toyota is doing. I would've bought a bz4x if I could've.
              If you're after a toyota corolla hybrid 2018 then hmu, I need to sell my current to make room for the tesla

            • +1

              @kyogui: They keep their cars simple to manufacture. They have the record of making one car every 30s in one factory. Competitors are closer to one every minute.
              They only offer a few colours, two seat colour options, two wheel sizes and only two battery pack sizes for one car model, where competitors have so many more trim levels and more parts inside the car. Take the ventilation system for example, there are no manual air vents at all. It’s all automated through one car-wide slit in the front. Tesla has only three physical buttons, hazard light and two scroll wheel buttons on the steering wheel. There are only two things I can think of now.
              Oh and there are so many less moving parts compared to a traditional car to manufacture and assemble on the production line.

              • @phillq: Not to forget the efficient forging process of aluminum chassis.

  • +1

    Thank you sir, my $2000 Toyota is better:)

    • Drag race?

    • yeah sure

    • Please get me a brand new latest merc, audi, bmw suv for less than that. No seconds please god knows what sh!t that car has been through. Lol.

      Don't get all the hate against an ev. People are already paying more than $60k+ like on Toyota, nissan, Mazda and other Suvs'.

      • +1

        I guess it's just a different attitude to money. I always buy second hand and run them into the ground. My most recent was a 2006 model bought in 2016 for 12k. It also cost about 2k "extra" in unexpected repairs.

        My hate isn't targeted at evs, it's at things that are trying to deliver "status" to their owners. The SUVs you mentioned also fall into that category.

        If I can have a perfectly functioning car for 12k, it's hard not to think that people spending 60k or 70k really are being scammed.

        No seconds please god knows what sh!t that car has been through. Lol.

        That kind of fear mongering puts a huge holes in people's pockets.

        Of course I have the huge advantage of not caring what other people think about the lump of metal I drive.

        Do not fear the LOLs of strangers.

        • +2

          Where do you propose the second hand cars you buy will come.from if no one is buying new cars?

          • @taeken: I'm not committed to the second hand car market. I'd also accept a cheap new car.

        • +2

          Further to the second hand market, nothing against it. I value safety of my family at all costs, which I feel is better in newer models. Also the factors of features and convenience.

          That 12k car was once a $30-$40k car. Plus those repairs cost time as well along with money which not all people have when you can't live without a car for a single day.

        • +1

          I agree somewhat. Never had new and probably never will. But don't forget that we have paid thousands in fuel and repairs. A $70k car with no ongoing costs (In the unlikely event they also have a high spec solar battery install) wouldn't take that long to catch up to what you have spent. You can't deny that EV is cheaper to run than ICE.

          Then there is the resale too. Currently the market for used EV is very strong. What's your $12K 2006 worth now? $4k on a good day?

          And as someone else already mentioned the improved safety aspects of a new car are not to be shrugged off either.

          • @kiwical: You have excellent point about ev having "no" ongoing costs.

            Do Teslas not have regular "servicing"?

            • +1

              @boldbilly: There is no regular service required. Recommended tire rotations after 10ks & wiper fluid topup. There are no moving parts or oil changes, so unless you have issues with the car no need for any service.

            • +1

              @boldbilly: They do not have any normal ongoing servicing costs, for example, a Tesla motor only has 17 moving parts, compared to an Internal Combustion Engine with approximately 200 moving parts. There is no driveshaft in an EV. You hardly need to use the brake, as the motor regenerate the energy back into the battery instead of braking, coolant doesn't need to be replaced for the entire lifetime of the vehicle, oil filter never needs to be replaced, no engine oil to replace either. Also no fuel filter replacements. The only thing you need to replace are the tyres, the windscreen washer fluid and the air cabin filters. Actually, in Tesla's manual, they recommend you not to service them as they don't need servicing.
              Other EV manufacturers may recommend you to service their car, maybe because they like that extra money coming into their dealerships (which Tesla has none), maybe because those branded EV's actually need servicing as they were not designed to last as long as a Tesla.

              • +1

                @phillq: Thank you. I like learning new things.

                After all this I can actually imagine the day when I might buy one. Depends how much my wife can earn me this year :-)

                • @boldbilly: You can test drive them at Tesla and they don’t even push you for a sale, they are all geeks that love the car and answer any any every question you may have!

                  Before I could afford one, one sales guy at the mall asked if I would like to test drive one. I replied no I can’t afford one. He replied, “oh that does’t matter, we just want to educate everyone and give them an awesome experience!”, I then test drove one, LOVED IT, worked hard, saved up and actually got one! I can honestly say after driving one, then driving my wife’s internal combustion engine car, I don’t want to go back to a traditional car!

                  • +1

                    @phillq: Sounds awesome. Enjoy your car. Maybe I'll join the club soon too

        • +2

          I find you are very judgemental.

          Just because you dont care about cars and willing to drive second hand cheap cars, doesnt means others have to agree with you.

          You might think its a virtue that you are not “materialistic” as others.

          But things exist for a reason. People can afford buying nice cars maybe have better jobs, have more money, instead of taking the sour grapes, maybe just face the facts.

          You might not see the value of other materialistic as others , like nice watches, fancy clothes. But people who buy them have their reasons, and its not for you to judge. Instead of mummbling and express your negative opinion on others, get a life.

          Good luck with your metal, and i really wish when some nice cars passing by you, the grapes are not that sour

          • @Thesuede:

            I find you are very judgemental.

            Most people are. You are definitely judging me :-)

            doesnt means others have to agree with you.

            Of course not. Who would think that?

            But things exist for a reason

            Yes. It's because a group of people thought they would be able to convince other people to buy it.

            That's the ONLY reason things exist.

            Instead of mummbling and express your negative opinion on others, get a life.

            Normally I do have a life, it's just that right at this minute I'm in a hospital bed feeling a bit bored.

            I do genuinely worry that some people spend much more money on "things" than they need to. If marketing departments and peer pressure and status symbolism didn't exist would people really spend this kind of money to get to work or supermarket?

            • @boldbilly: To be fair, Tesla don't spend on any marketing of it's cars. Also, they don't have dealership like others where the pricing is different most of the time. They have fixed price at any given time unlike other dealers who would offer bonuses or extended warranty at a discounts and like that.

              As far as their referral system goes, it was stopped for awhile and I think due to public demand they brought it back. They are technically losing money on the referrals as most of the Tesla owners don't buy their cars due to referral. It's just an added bonus.

  • -2

    The obsession with credits in referral links smacks of the worst kind of pyramid selling. Not to be trusted

    • They get automatically added if you have a post with the brand, Not from OP. Looks like 32 people have loaded their referral credits to cheapies, and you get one at random.

      Personally, rather a brand did this than spent big $$ on TV advertising.

  • OOS (must have been cheapied)

  • Looks like there's stock in Auckland again

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