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Transfer American Express Points to Marriott & Receive 50% Bonus (E.g., 40000 AmEx = 60000 Marriott Points) @ American Express


Imagine, if you have 40000 Amex Points,

Transfer to Marriott: You get 60000 Marriott Points (= 20000+10000 United MileagePlus Miles or 20000+5000 Cathay Miles or Air New Zealand A$ 300+25) (Best Choice)

Transfer to Cathay: You get 20000 Cathay Miles (Even when Cathay sometimes offers 15% extra bonus, you will only receive 3000 bonus miles)

Transfer to Airpoints: A$ 266.67 (Worst Choice)

To receive 50% bonus Marriott Bonvoy® Points you must transfer Membership Rewards points from the American Express Membership Rewards Programme to Marriott Bonvoy® into Marriott Bonvoy® Points between 12:01am NZST on 1 May 2023 to 11:59pm NZST on 31 May 2023.

Transfer your points to your frequent-flyer program*, and as a bonus, we’ll add 5,000** miles for every 60,000 points you transfer to frequent flyer miles. And if you’re a United MileagePlus® member, you’ll get 10,000 bonus miles for every 60,000 points you transfer.

Referral Links

Airpoints: random (45)

Referrer gets 15 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

Airpoints Platinum: random (64)

Referrer gets 40 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints Platinum card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

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  • Totally confused with this .

    What can I do with Marriott points? Just hotels? Or can I use them on flights?

    • after you transfer Amex Points to Marriott, you can then transfer to lots of frequent-flyer programs from Marriott.

  • I just stayed at the Sheraton Grand in Sydney using points transferred from Amex.

    In a couple of weeks time you can book a room there for $400 AUD or 40,000 points. So each point is worth 1 cent, or the bonus points are 0.5 cents.

    If you transferred 50,000 points, you'd get $250 of free points.

  • Thanks OP for posting it!

    Wish Amex would send out a promo email to the cardholders. Day 3/4 and see it first on cheapies. Not in app either.

    • I'm waiting for the promo email also. Not sure whether this is targeted or not.

    • Seems it is not targeted only. Checking here: https://www.americanexpress.com/en-nz/rewards/membership-rew…
      could see the "bonus " information.

      • It's not targeted but would be nice for Amex emailed out the promos for people to take advantage the offers.

  • Thanks OP! Perfect timing!

    I am having trouble adding MV account to American Express transfer partner page, it asks me for company name but I don't have one. Anyone successfully adding MV account at all?

    • I just put my name in there ,and it seem to work

  • Thanks, OP. I also note that Marriott is doing a 30-50% bonus when you purchase their points at the moment (through to 2 July). So the combination of both should be plenty for a hotel and/or flight redemption.

  • Thinking of whether to transfer my points or wait for when Amex does their points for charges promo (50% more one )🤔I have quite a bit > than 100k

    • +1

      Don't transfer your points unless you have a use for it in mind. Marriott Bonvoy points can devalue anytime.

  • Hi OP, is this the first time you see this kind of bonus transferring from Amex to Marriott please?

    I never took any notice of marriott bonvoy before as they are out of my budget range.

    We have booked a trip for Xmas and doing a stop over in Singapore on the way back. After doing some research, I was quite shocked how expensive the accommodations are in Singapore. So I decided to transfer Amex points to MV for 3 nights. Your post just came at a right time!!

    3 nights for 121000 points
    Transfered 80850 Amex points = 121275 MV points
    Cash price for the hotel is $2870 SGD = $3450 NZD

    So, I have saved 40425 points on this, it equals $303 cash if I want to use it for dinning experience. But when 80850 points = $3450, I wouldn't never use 40425 points for $303 again.

    Thanks again for your post.

    • Wow what hotel is that? That's points well spent, almost 4 cents per Amex point, way better than a business class flight redemption. I am really surprise you can redeem it at such good value as it is really hard to find such rooms since Marriott moved to dynamic pricing.

      Edit: I think I found the hotel. Well done, definitely worth it.

      • It's The Westin Singapore. I started looking about 1 month ago, it was 119000 points and now it's 121000 points but with the 50% bonus, makes the extra 2000 points nothing. I was planning to stay in ibis (be a true Cheapie) if I couldn't find anything decent 😂

        Sounds like you know Marriott quite well. Do you make the redemption often? This is the first time I use it, so not sure if this rate is much worse than before. I did find another hotel in Tokyo for 370000 points for 5 nights with the cash value of $8494NZD. But the point redemption option has disappeared now.

        • The Westin Singapore is an excellent choice to redeem Marriott points especially during Christmas. Westin Perth, Ritz-Carlton Perth, Kyoto and Tokyo or St. Regis Rome and St. Regis Bora Bora, which are also places to redeem Marriott points with a good value.

          Another good way is to transfer Marriott Points to Cathay Pacific if you want to book an award business class ticket to Europe worth $5000-$7000 (216000 Marriott points → 90000 Cathay miles) or business class ticket to East Asia by United Airlines (110000 Marriott points → 55000 United miles).

          • @Robin: Thanks Robin. Ritz-Carlton Tokyo looks very nice. I had a search on UA website and found the perfect flight to reach my final destination from Tokyo. I need 33000 UA pts for two tickets. With every 60000 UA pts transferred, I get bonus 10000 UA pts, so I am thinking about transferring 120000 Amex pts with 50% bonus = 180000 MB pts, then transfer to UA.

            Sounds like you used UA before. I never used points on UA before, my question is how often do UA pts devalue? Is it quite easy to get award tickets on UA? I was going to transfer Amex points to Cathay for two business class tickets to Europe next year, but their fuel tax is crazy high and not really anything available. So if UA works really well, I will transfer half of my Amex points to UA. Any thoughts? Or do you have any experience with American Airlines redemption? Thanks

            • +1

              @Superpower21: UA offers low tax redemption, before 2019 Asia-AU/NZ is only 20000 for economy one-way, 40000 for business and now around 30000, 55000 for business (still a good way to book award travel from AU/NZ to Asia). I've redeem Cathay mile from AKL-Paris via Santiago by Latam and the tax is quite low, cost 90000 miles + NZD $25 tax per person. The availability is also quite limited, so you have to keep an eye on that.

              If you redeem for Malaysia Airlines, the tax is also low. Qantas seems cheaper than Cathay, but gone fast. Tax from Europe back to AKL is much higher, especially from London, so I just book with money.

              I have never use American Airlines, but you can search for availability on their website for the whole year. I just check and found for the same date, you could redeem from AA website for low tax business class by Qatar (85,000 miles + USD $61.50) and Cathay even has no availability for business at the same date. I can also find same flight by Qatar on British Airway website, but the tax is NZD $317.74. I've found American Airlines from AKL to Asia is even better than United, only 40,000 + low tax. But with United you can include a free NZ regional flight is there is an availability.

              • @Robin: Thanks for all the tips! I finally got a chance to look at the options you mentioned. We can only travel around Xmas time which makes it very difficult to redeem any flights especially for business class. We do plan to fly with Qatar again to Europe next year (with points this time). When I search on Cathay, all I see is Malaysian airlines, no Qatar at all. I will do more research before I transfer. Thanks again for your valuable inputs!

                BTW, The Ritz Calton Tokyo for 5 nights is 442000 MB = 294667 Amex points for $17317 NZD. Which make it 5.8 cents per Amex point. So tempted….. 🙈

  • Sorry, OP. It's me again. One more question, is this the first time you have seen 50% bonus transfer from Amex to Marriott please. I want to transfer enough points to redeem two business class tickets for 2024 Xmas but a bit nervous about keeping my points in marriott until end of this year before I can see the flights for next Xmas.

    • +2

      Last 50% extra was August and September 2022. Another way to earn Marriott points is to apply a US Amex Marriott Brilliant card by using Amex Global Card Transfer, you can wait for the 150,000 marriott welcome bonus.

      • Thank you so much! I have enough points at the moment but definitely look at the Marriott Brilliant card later on.

      • Hi Robin, can we do that from New Zealand? Thank you :)

        • You need to provide a US phone number, you passport number and a US residential address when you apply the card, normally it is an instant approval.

      • Do you mean we could also get Sign Up Bonus on other cards when we do the global transfer? I always thought it can only be applied to the same card and you will not get the SUB, eg NZ Platinum Charge to US Platinum Charge.

        • Unlike NZ Amex, you can have Sign Up Bonus on every US Amex card. And no FTF on most cards, which is an exclusive feather of NZ flight centre credit card.

          • @Robin: That sounds great. A few silly question
            - How do you pay for the bills if you don't have a US bank account? will Wise work?
            - Could you apply multiple cards using the global transfer program? or after getting the first US card, you can build your credit score even if you do not work in the US, and apply for another card.

            • @Melonia: Wise will do.
              Yes, you can keep using the global transfer system to apply all cards if you don't have SSN. Amex will show you your FICO score after 6-10 months after you have your first card.

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