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Get $50 When You Open & Activate a New Go, Freedom, Jumpstart or Select Account + Visa Debit card + Make 5 Transactions @ ANZ


Open and activate a new ANZ Go, Freedom, Jumpstart or Select account, open and activate a new ANZ Visa Debit card, and have it linked to the new account, make five transactions (see eligibility exclusions below) using your new ANZ Visa Debit card that is linked to your new ANZ account between 12:01am on Wednesday 26 April 2023 and 11:59pm on Friday 21 July 2023 and ANZ will deposit $50 into your account.

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    1. Eligible transactions do not include any reversals, ATM cash withdrawals, EFTPOS card transactions, transfers, interest credits, or fee charges. There is no minimum spend required for the five eligible transactions.

    That's good to know

    Marketing info on an example online account here:…

    It seems if you want a MyPhoto card you should separately open the account and then request one:

    Also FYI as ANZ is a dinosaur, their process still requires you to visit a branch in person which requires an appointment to be made.

    proof of address (such as rates, water, or power bill)
    proof of identification (such as a passport or national ID card).

    Contrast to some of the other banks that do license / passport / realme verification that might put some off

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      Actually you can join ANZ without going in-person. They had ID verification online, but I did have to call them to activate the online banking.

      • Just signed up, wasn't presented with the option to do this at all, it just said they would contact me to make an appointment. Is there a particular place you have to go to for ID verification online? I just clicked the apply button on the site.

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          I signed up the other day through the ANZ go money app didn't need to go (or send anything) in.
          Just had to show the app my drivers license and face.

          • @fake: That's a useful tip to know. They must have a different onboarding process between their site and the app. Maybe @alice12358 can update the OP with this.

            • @eXDee: Yes - the website and app follow different flow. God knows why.

    • Eligible transactions do not include any reversals, ATM cash withdrawals, EFTPOS card transactions

      What are some good examples of transactions that would be eligible? Ordering stuff online? Trying to work out if this is worth the hassle…

      • yeah they need to elaborate bit more on :eligible: so we know, best i can suggest is try maybe like a $1 each of gums/lollies from a dairy/supermarket but again not sure if thats going to work.

        • I assumed that when you used your card in a store it would count as an 'EFTPOS card transaction'?

          • @Rubenite: I assume if you're using a visa debit card it would count? EFTPOS cards are the non visa/MasterCard ones that don't have chips and you can't use online. But typically have no transaction fees so the banks are trying to kill them

          • @Rubenite: A debit card has dual functions, there is EFTPOS function on CHQ + SAV buttons which nets no transaction fees and goes through the EFTPOS network. However if you use Paywave, press CRD, or do an online transaction, it goes through the Visa Debit system and theres a fee associated with the transaction. For most users they are only aware of the fee in the context of paywave or a flat 'card surcharge' when purchasing online.

      • 5x Visa Debit purchases would assume work, so like online/paywave etc

        • paywave

          Perfect, thanks! I guess then I'll keep my five cheapest supermarket items to one side and put them through separately on paywave.

          • @Rubenite: Even if its not paywave using credit and putting in the pin so it passes through as a Visa Debit transaction rather than EFTPOS

            • @Huntakillaz: Are you sure? At my local dairy they charge a surcharge for using paywave, but not if you insert the card and use savings or cheque, so I figured doing that would still be considered EFTPOS?

            • @Huntakillaz: Nevermind, I can't read - just re-read your comment and I get you

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                @Rubenite: lol yea basically they want you to use the Visa Debit functionality of the card, so ideally use it in supermarkets and places where surcharge is charged ontop.

                So Paywave/Credit options of the card

    • "does not include EFTPOS card transactions"

      so a quick shop at the local dairy using EFTPOS is not included?? why

      • The bank doesn't make much money through the EFTPOS system. There are no fees per transaction, instead retailers pay lease fees for terminals and fairly fixed account fees. The debit card system however, which is run through the same visa/mastercard/amex etc system as credit cards are, attracts per transaction fees. They take (for examples sake) 0.5 to 1% from the retailer who may or may not pass this on to you. This is why they want an online transaction, a paywave transaction or you to press the CR button. CHQ and SAV will not get them the fees they are after.

  • What we do mostly with bank cards everyday? Purchasing stuff using eftpos instead of cash.

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    10 years ago westpac would give you $1000 for referring people don't think this is worth it

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      Yeah 10 years ago…

  • I'm with ANZ at the moment. Can I open a new debit card under my name to benefit this deal? :D

    • Probably no, depending on what products you already have with ANZ:

      1. This offer is not available to:

      Current ANZ customers who hold an ANZ Freedom, Go, Jumpstart, Select, Benefits, Premium, Private Banking Current account, or Agri Personal Current account
      Existing or past ANZ customers who held an ANZ Freedom, Go, Jumpstart, Select, Benefits, Premium, Private Banking Current account, or Agri Personal Current account at any time between 25 November 2022 and 25 April 2023.

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    Rang ANZ and they said they don't want people to just open the account claim the $50 and then never use it again. I also got told that it will ruin your credit and you will be blocked by ANZ and you won't be able to use them again if you do that.

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      This isn't a credit product, so can't ruin your rating. Also very skeptical of being 'blocked' by ANZ if you didnt use your account for a while. Nothing in the conditions about continuing to use account/card after you've received the $50.

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        That's what I was told. It's you versus them.

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          ANZ are talking shit. They won't block you if you open an account and then close it.

          Also wouldn't affect credit rating.

          • @felixfurtak: I agree, call their bluff. They ain't gonna do anything.

          • @felixfurtak: Remember he's saying 'ANZ versus you'.

            What he forgets to realize is that the person from ANZ could be an underpaid international worker r who doesn't actually give a damn about finding out the correct information. Ever phoned a company only to have 5 reps say 5 different things? Potentially the same thing.

            • @Latex Fist: ANZ is not outsourced, their contact centre is in Wellington City.

              • @Soullessmate: Point being that one person does not make a company.

                Just because you talk to one person and they say one thing, doesn't mean that they're correct. Countless times have I heard colleagues say things to customers over the phone and I've had to interject to tell them that they're quite literally not correct.

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      lol can't ruin credit on your own money and you can just leave the acc open with like $2-$5 for like a year then close it

  • My experience with this: I went in store to open account, they said I needed to do it online. Signed up yesterday afternoon, got a call just now saying if I have NZ drivers/passport I can verify via Go Money app and not have to go in physically.

  • I only had a online call and term deposit with ANZ. SO signed up online was very easy and I will see if I get it. Thanks to the OP for posting this as I wasn't even aware of it being a product and it will be useful to use instead of a credit card.

  • I made 5 transactions but still haven’t gotten my $50… anyone else?

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