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Starlink Rural Offer: Base Kit $199 (Usually $1040) @ Starlink


Rural New Zealand limited time offer

$199 for hardware in rural areas usually $1040

Shipping $34 1-2 week delivery
30 day trial.

The service itself is $159/month for home, $199/month for campervans.

(I hope I’ve done this right apologies if I haven’t)

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  • Roam is $520 too, which I gather has been going on a bit longer


    • Says $729 for me when I click that link

      • Even after you’ve put address in and gone to order now?

      • Maybe they hiked the price overnight! It says this for me too now.

        • Still showing $199 for me and an ad popped up on Facebook this morning with the offer

          • @Chanelle: They're looking at the Starlink Roam. Last night it was on special for $520 but it's now showing $729.

            • @Stoic: Ah I see, my bad sorry

            • @Stoic: Noel Leemings offer discounts to Motor Home Association members (and Farmlands etc). That might get the price back to ~$500.

    • They’re the same same tho aye?

  • Ouch!
    Family just got this a few weeks back at full price.

    • +1

      Did you get the up to $2,000 government rural broadband credit as well?

      • How do you get this?

          • @phillq: You have to be in a remote Location to qualify for this scheme with no access to Farmside, Lightwire etc or cell phone coverage.

            • @pdevonporf: Yeah my family member had a poor quality copper option that was just insufficient for modern needs or quality required for business.

              Not far out of town driving wise but well beyond the region of fibre and also sadly with VERY patchy cellular coverage.

              Unlikely to qualify for a subsidy/grant but with little of note provide at their location

  • Can I buy this then sell it to someone in an urban address later?

    • +1

      Probably but it’s likely to be difficult. It’s a challenge to even transfer your account to someone else.

    • +5

      Why would anyone urban want to spend $159/month for broadband when they have readily accessible wired internet?

      • +1

        Only those who really like the musky smell

      • Some urban people unfortunately dont end up being under the Chorus network such as our street. Developer rushed things and put their own fibre lines which Chorus does not manage, was a huge drama.

        • Well that sucks. Be interested to see what the governments plan is around this longer term.

      • We have fibre access available at our apartment block
        But the landlord company is shitty and won't let anyone get it to their apartment, So we either pay their $80p/m for 80GB on thier wifi or stuck on Adsl/Wireless.

        Sometimes you're just screwed over. And things like this maybe nicer.

      • It would be good for preppers I imagine. Starlink will still work if you have an inverter, power station, solar etc.

    • +2

      Can buy it from NL now at 199 that will avoid the rural address requirement

  • So is this the infrastructure hardware for rural areas that otherwise don't have broadband access, and you still need to buy fibre from an ISP or is Starlink separately providing the bandwidth as well?

    • +1

      It’s a satellite option. Plug and play, anywhere. You pay an ongoing monthly fee on top of the hardware. What’s discounted here is the hardware.

      • I see. Thanks. Very cool.

    • +1

      This is hardware specifically for the star link system.

      You then need a monthly payment to get access to the data etc.

  • According to NZ Post and EVERY courier company I'm at a rural address. Of course, 'spacex' don't agree. Oh well.

    • +2

      NL have dropped their price to 199 now so address won’t matter

  • +4

    Thanks OP, the fire station in the little town we holiday in was fundraising for this because they lost comms in the floods. This should help!

  • The "Normally $1040" line is starting to get a bit old, when it has been "on sale" for months - Noel Leeming still have it in-store for $498.49

    • +4

      Shares same marketing company with briscoes?

  • I have Lightwire for the same price per month and hardware included free. Although speeds aren't as good but the more customers starlink has it starts to throttle speed as it's done in the US. Also there could be hardware issues in the future which could be at your expense because you own the hardware. On the plus side starlink gives competition to the market which helps me.

  • Is it the same hardware all around?
    Would I be able to use this on the road ?

  • Yes their definition of "rural" is very strange. My brother's RD address near West Melton out of Christchurch also defaults to the "urban" cost

    • NL have for 199 now too so address shouldn’t matter 👌

  • +4

    Noel leeming have dropped it to $199 now too

  • Stocking up as survival kit? 😄

  • I was in NL yesterday and they've got it in store as $729 now and the standard kit is no longer on their website.

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