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Whey Protein Concentrate 1kg Chocolate $24.46, Pea Protein 1kg $17.50 + GST + $2.99 Shipping @ No Whey


Email says valid until the end of the week.

One of the best prices I've seen on protein powders this year.

I haven't tried this brand before, but one of my workmates buys the pea protein in vanilla and seems to like it.

Other deals on site are also cheap, but many are past best before (as described).

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    Same prices at Xplosiv if you have promo codes for that website + vanilla at the same price.

    15% off with TEAMGG code. $23.78 delivered.

    • Thanks. Just ordered the vanilla one with TEAMGG code and interest-free Afterpay. Paid $5.93 today.

      • How?

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          Go to Xplosiv. Add item and use code. Pay with Afterpay which splits payments into 4. $5.93 x 4 = $23.72

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        Why use afterpay?

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          Tight budgeting

    • They also have free shipping over $60. I bought 4KG for $83.16.

    • I have awful couriers that steal and lose 50% of things so i have started choosing signature required when its offered (even though it cost a dollar more) package came from xplosive this morning and even tho i paid shipping and extra for signature, label on it says no signature. Ripoff

  • Is it near expiry?

    • Received it today and I can't actually see an expiry date anywhere on the packet

  • Also free shipping for orders over $60!

  • Does expiry actually matter?

    I remember unearthing a big Sistema box of 3-4KG of whey that I had bought a few years earlier and worked my way through it. Nothing seemed off about it.

  • Can anyone comment on the taste of pea protein from these guys compared to pea protein from NZProtein?

  • How does the whey taste? I normally get NZprotein which does the trick but this pricing is great

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      Genuinely terrible, imo (the Chocolate, at least)

      • Ta, I guess I will stick to the NZProtein product

    • I've eaten pure pea protein from a different brand before and had to throw it in the bin because it was putrid, but the nowhey chocolate pea protein doesn't taste amazing, but the chocolate flavour masks it enough for it to be tolerable for me to have everyday as a shake or as a smoothie.

  • Thanks OP - picked up a couple from Xplosive

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    Used to buy 20kg from Davis but their price is over $500 now.

    Now I usually buy from myprotein.

    This is pretty good especially for plant based $/kg.

    Ordered 8kg worth. Cheers

    • I use to buy ON brand. Mixes and tastes well. The price has gone up remarkably
      Any good plant based alternatives?

  • bought the plant based stuff just since it was a fair bit cheaper per kg, hopefully it tastes alright

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      update: this vanilla plant protein tastes pretty horrible, ill tough it out till its gone cos i aint trying to waste money but this stuff is disgusting

  • whats better whey or pea ?, i read animal proteins are more easily digested and absorbed than plant-based

  • what is the best / most tolerable flavour here?

    • I've had vanilla and chocolate and they're both fine taste-wise, although I preferred vanilla. My only problem with them is that they don't mix too well

  • Anyone takes Green powders as a supplement. Any recommendations? Nuzest is expensive

  • Where do you add the TEAMGG code? Do you need to be logged into an account? Thanks

    • Are you on the right website? If so, you enter it at checkout.

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