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Interesting. thanks!
15/03/2023 - 13:12
good to know thanks!
14/03/2023 - 12:11
I've never heard of Temu. How does it compare to AliExpress, Wish, DX, banggood and others?
14/03/2023 - 11:51
EDIT: sorry ignore me. wrong thread
11/01/2023 - 08:26
you can retrieve the pin via the app, but don't seem to be able to change it. I have no idea which banks ATM might let you change it.…
05/01/2023 - 15:54
A whois search shows the domain was first registered in 2015 ( If I'm understanding…
05/01/2023 - 15:15
I tried the sysadmin one, but part-way through was presented with: Sign up - To access this content and benefit from learning features,…
02/12/2022 - 13:18
Not as good a deal, but they appear to have this in stock: Harman Kardon Adapt Wireless HD…
09/11/2022 - 08:47
4K resolution is too high for 24" (perhaps except for very specific use cases). I got a 4k 27" Dell monitor and have to scale it to 150%…
29/09/2022 - 18:13
(Pea) Plant Protein Powder (Vanilla / Chocolate) $24.46 /kg (Was $34.95) + Shipping ($3.99, Free with $60 Spend) @ NoWhey
Best price I've seen on vegan/plant protein for a while. I've ordered 3x to qualify for free shipping. Hopefully it tastes OK!
01/09/2022 - 16:22
Wow, what a great response. I'm already a tea drinker (I'm lucky to have taiwanese friends that occasionaly bring oolong & green tea as…
04/08/2022 - 11:58
Thanks but this competition is too hard for me! I don't get how to play
28/07/2022 - 14:37
I use the Apple USB-C to 3.5mm DAC with my OnePlus 6 Android phone. The sound quality is excellent and no hiss (unlike some cheap…
26/07/2022 - 10:10
I bought this last time around. Screen seemed to be a solid build and the picture was nice. However ... First one had a permanent vertical…
27/06/2022 - 12:18
I impulsively purchased this. Fingers crossed it's decent!
22/04/2022 - 10:38
Size-wise you should be able to work out what frame would suit using a measuring tape and online calculator -…
20/04/2022 - 15:08
I finally managed to create an account. However wasn't able to purchase this item (was only trying to buy one): Before logging in I get the…
07/01/2022 - 10:28
You're not alone ...
31/12/2021 - 10:13
lbaty joined ChoiceCheapies.
Welcome aboard!
31/12/2021 - 10:03