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Play Finger Kickin' Good game for a (High) Chance of winning KFC Snacks, Vouchers, Merchandise and More



Closing Date 20/06/2023


Description KFC Food, KFC Vouchers, KFC Merchandise, PlayStation5, Tickets to Super Rugby,WONDERBOOM 3, Beats Studio Buds
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $30,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Mobile App
Prerequisites Email Subscription

Play Finger Kickin’ Good now for your chance to instantly win! 🏉🍗
Not to mention every entry is another chance to win 30K cash and heaps of other epic prizes! T&Cs apply.

Ts & Cs here https://kfcnz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/15788054519577-K…

Partner and I both won a free snack burger today.


4. The Promotion is free to enter, and no purchase is required. To enter, Entrants must:

a. Download the KFC NZ app to their Apple or Android device.

b. Participate in the Finger Kickin’ Good digital experience via the KFC NZ app and kick a conversion. A conversion is awarded in the KFC NZ app when the entrant kicks the rugby ball and it crosses over the rugby goal post. 

c. Entrants must submit a conversion through the “Play Live” or the “Play Anywhere” functions on the KFC NZ app.

d. Once a conversion has been submitted by the entrant, they must enter their full name, email, & mobile number via the KFC NZ app.

5. Each entry gives the entrant a chance to win three prizes: (1) Instant Prize, (2) Weekly Prize and (3) the Grand Prize.

6. No entries will be accepted outside the Promotion Period.

7. Entrants may enter a maximum of once per day during the Promotion Period using the “Play Anywhere” function, or use the “Play Live” function at a specified Super Rugby match to earn triple entries.


8. There are three (3) Prize tiers as part of the total Prize Pool.

Instant Prizes:

9. The following KFC products can be won throughout the Promotion Period as instant prizes:

- KFC Popcorn Chicken Snack Box;

- KFC Large Chips;

- KFC 3pk Wicked Wings;

- KFC Snack Burger;

- KFC Secret Recipe Piece x2;

- KFC Secret Recipe Piece;

- KFC Crispy Tenders x2;

- KFC Mini Popcorn Chicken;

- KFC Mousse;

- KFC 6pk Nuggets;

- KFC Slider;

- KFC Chicken Nugget Snack Box;

- KFC Wicked Wings Snack Box

(‘Instant Prizes’).

10. There will be a capped amount of Instant Prizes available during the Promotion Period.

11. Upon submitting an entry, entrants will be notified instantly on screen in the KFC NZ app as to whether or not they are a winner of an Instant Prize.  Entrants who have not won an Instant Prize will be notified immediately on screen that they are not a winner of an Instant Prize.  

12. Within 24 hours of being notified that they are a winner of an Instant Prize, the winner of an Instant Prize will receive a unique 5-digit Claim Code to use online at kfc.co.nz or at any participating KFC restaurant nationwide, excluding KFC Auckland International terminal (Participating Stores). To redeem an Instant Prize, winners must either present their Claim Code to a KFC cashier at a Participating Store to receive their Instant Prize or enter the code at cart when redeeming online on the KFC website for delivery or click & collect orders. Service fee & minimum spend of $20 still applies on KFC Delivery.

13. Instant Prizes are not redeemable via aggregator delivery platforms, like UberEats, Menulog, and DoorDash.

14. Claim Codes will be valid for redemption for 72 hours after receiving the Claim Code.

15. A Claim Code cannot be used more than once.

16. Limit of one free KFC product per customer per transaction. Not available with any other promotional offers.

Weekly Prizes:

17. All valid entries received (winning and non-winning Instant Prize entries) will be automatically placed in the Weekly Prize Draw.  

18.  Weekly Prizes are available to be won throughout the Promotion Period. The Weekly Prizes will be determined by the Promoter in its sole discretion, and may include: 

- Tickets to Super Rugby matches

- Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 - $129 RRP (30 to be won) 

- Sony Playstation 5 - $899 RRP (4 to be won) 

- Beats Studio Buds Noise Cancelling True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - $239 RRP (30 to be won). 

- KFC Chicken Dollars - 100 x $20 vouchers to be won

- KFC Merchandise such as sweatshirts, hats, beanies, scarves, bags etc

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  • +2

    won a snackbox on my first try

  • Merged from Free KFC Instant Prizes (SnackBurger/Popcorn Chicken Snack Box/2 Pieces Chicken/Wicked Wings Snack Box/Nuggets & More)
    Go to Deal

    It seems to be a pretty good deal - just with a quick rugby kicking game (similar to cricket one), email and phone number required to get free instant food prizes including but not limited to:
    Snack Burger, Popcorn Chicken Snack Box, 2 Pieces Chicken, Wicked Wings Snack Box, Nuggets & More
    You can also get into weekly prizes and grand prizes.

    The instant prize promo code gets sent via txt to mobile number you entered and you have 72 hours to redeem. Only one instant prize per day. It seems to be you can do it again each day. It doesn't seem to have an ending date though - once I find out, I will update it.
    Weekend meals pretty much sorted!

    • Not a guaranteed instant prize unfortunately

    • Didn’t win

    • Won a popcorn chicken snack box, thanks OP!

    • Large chips for me. Thanks 🙂

    • Got an email about this 😊 Woo got a free snack burger!

    • Chocolate mousse for me 😁

    • when do you win the prize? im only in the draw

      • I had a see if you are an instant winner text box I could click on -after entering my details. Said I was a winner, then it texted me my prize code

    • Popcorn chicken box thanks OP

    • Won popcorn chicken as well!

    • popcorn chicken for me & my partner lunch sorted for tomorrow thanks op :)

    • Cheers, won a choccy mousse

    • Popcorn chicken snack box for me too yay thanks

    • Damn thats a lot of popcorn chicken. Me too!

    • Won an instant prize but forgot to hit the send code via SMS button on the instant prize page… will the code still get sent to me eventually within 24 hours?

      • Try the game again then go to instant prize page again, it will say you have already got an opened instant prize. Then you can resend it.

        • Didn't realise until I'd already submitted 3 entries unfortunately so now can't get back to the instant prize page :(

          • @KouponKween: Update for anyone who has the same issue - I emailed and they resent the code to my mobile number.

    • wow they're really sticking to the "winners will receive SMS code within 24 hours thing". Still haven't got my code and I played last night haha

      • +2

        I got the code instantly

        • hmm.. guess I better email c.sanders then 🤣🤣

    • Got another free snack burger today 🎉 did some families numbers and 2 got free chips, 1 got nothing.

    • I don't think the codes are unique, who got EV009?

      • +1

        They are definitely unique. And I would redeem that code quickly if I were you.

    • You didn't have to actually play the cricket game though. Seems this one you do?

    • Successfully just claimed three prize codes immediately one after another in store and got them all together. For anyone holding onto them for a couple days

      • Did you get strange looks from behind the counter?

        • Sort of. He had to work out how to do a free transaction and then got I was going to keep giving him codes. Was worth it.

          • +2

            @2cheap: Don't do it like that. Just order online and pick them all up. Not sure if they can even tell it's a free order.

            • @Bill: Thanks. Will try that. Especially as I got emailed free chips for joining the app and they are online only

            • @Bill: I even got strange looks if I ordered online. This comp will be altered soon, just like the previous one (people winning too much $10 zingers)

              • @The Hound: The woman at my kfc literally threw the box on the counter with this weird dismissive look. Not that I cared, free burger for me, I said thanks very much and enjoyed my free lunch.

        • I once gave the person 8 codes in one go.
          Was able to redeem 24 wicked wings.

          • @bullseye: dude noooo, because store will complain to head office and they will modify the game to make it much harder to win. Same thing happened to the previous comp and I want the free lunch to last until June lol

          • +1

            @bullseye: I'm amazed they do this, the T&C states clearly one code redeemable per visit. Come on people don't go crazy and kill the golden chicken, I mean goose.

            • @fatboyj: Realised yesterday they have their own anti-abuse solution in place. Was completely blindsided but after another day of KFC, (had 1 snack burger and 2 popcorn chickens), I felt very sick. To the point I was debating whether to throw up or not. The smell of the burgers makes me kind of nauseous now so I'm pacing myself. Can't wait to move onto the other menu items.

              • @Bill: hehe yeah it's American fast food so. Always remember that doco "Supersize Me"

                • @The Hound: I guess it's particularly emphasized as I don't really eat too much fast food other than McDonald's and pizza which I may have once in a while. May also be caused because the burger I ate had some mould growing on the bread (I powered through it) since I got it the day before and put it in the fridge a bit late. Good bulking food though although dirty bulking isn't really my thing. All I remember from that doco was him throwing up and becoming more unhealthy at the end of the 30 days.

    • +1

      The win rate on this seems pretty high. Ate KFC yesterday, will be doing the same today popcorn snack and large fries. Enough for 2.

      • +1

        Can't seem win chicken pieces haha. Hopefully that snack burger and popcorn was this weeks special lol

        • I get chicken pieces, wings and popcorn chicken. What area are you entering to get the snack burger? Has anyone ever got the large fries?

          • @Joshyss: yeah I'm getting those this week. Last week was snack burger, popcorn snack box and got some fries too. I'll PM you a fries, tested a minute ago and still works, but not sure about tomorrow

    • Won't be redeeming the mousses anymore. Kind of disgusting to eat a full one and I would rather just have ice cream.

      • I thought they were nicer than expected but a full one was pretty rich

        • Was nice at first but towards the end I felt like gagging. Although to be fair, I did have a snack burger and a popcorn chicken snack box right before.

          • @Bill: I had a snack burger and was full 😂

            • @bench: Going to be 3 for lunch today 😁

              • @2cheap: 😂😂😂😂😂

              • @2cheap: Raining popcorn lunch again

              • @2cheap: Has anyone won bone-in chickens yet?

                • @The Hound: Not that I've heard. Not a fan of wings and drumsticks so I'm happy with that

                • @The Hound: Finally got something different today (past 12am). 2 pack of chicken and 6 nuggets

      • Glad it's free though, will try one out tomorrow!

      • the mousse is quite nice, shared with the family, would happily eat a whole one.

        • I've had a few, some good some bad. Bad ones must be past best before dates lol. Will check before consuming.

  • Won something last 3 days in a row. Thankfully they redeemed all 3 in one go today

  • Best day for me today. Won 3/4 tries. Popcorn chicken, nuggets and wicked wings.

    • yess got something which is not popcorn lol, hope they offer chicken pieces next week

      • +1

        I got 2 Pc Secret Recipe today

    • is it one every device or something?

      • +1

        You can win an instant prize per mobile number. Me and my partner both have personal devices and work devices.

        I'm not as hardcore as some cheapies with 10+ burner numbers haha.

  • If you’ve claimed a freebie, may as well mark yourself as a winner.

    • everyone is a winner 👍

  • Free fries…

  • Anyone want popcorn chicken code?

    • I'll have it if still available thanks. I've gotten better luck next time last 4 days!

      • Of course, PM’d!

  • third day now, am i the only one?

    Play again tomorrow for another chance to win an instant prize!

    • I had to stop pause playing only because my tummy can't keep up lol

      • Kentury Fried Cooked

        • Krazy Free Chickens!

          • +1

            @The Hound: I must be cooked too. No idea where Kentury is.

      • +1

        This comp still having 3 more months to go is seriously going to kill someone. Not even midday yet and I've already downed 6 wicked wings.

        • If you avoid the stale chips you should live be fine

          • @The Hound: Popcorn chicken arteries. Chocolate mousse shits.

            • @Bill: I just had the mousse today, it ain't too bad. Just don't eat it when it's been sitting in the hot car for a while 😉

              • @The Hound: I had 3/4 of one yesterday as well. Was fine but definitely diminishing returns the further you get. I had tried to store a snack burger in the fridge overnight and I think the mould on the bread might have had something to do with me feeling sick. Still prefer ice-cream.

          • @The Hound: Replying to what you deleted, I don't know how likely that is to occur. I haven't seen anyone else try to redeem a code yet. I'm thinking other than the people here, barely anyone else even knows about this.

        • Woah can’t believe the comp goes for so long! Thought surely it would end this week lol

          • @SparksCollide: Same here. 1 day at a time I guess.

          • @SparksCollide: If it's any consolation, it actually ends 10 days earlier than stated in the post.
            End date 20th June 2023 according to the terms

  • Winner winner, chicken dinner. Redeemed seven codes accumulated over a couple of days by our household. One of the codes (the only code without numbers) did not work when entered by hand and only worked when copied and pasted. Thanks OP!

  • Won mini popcorn chicken this morning, son won some wings - is someone negative voting the people who win?

    • They must of neg'd the guy above because redeeming that many codes together will get KFC rethinking giveaway promos.

  • +4

    I'm not really a big fan of KFC and after a couple of orders in the last few days I'm done for a while.
    In saying that I hate not collecting free stuff so here you go:

    • Mini Popcorn Chicken Snack Box: SD810
    • Mini Popcorn Chicken: OVADW
    • 3 Wicked Wings: 1PW10
    • 6 Nuggets: E7CPB
    • 3 Wicked Wings: I7KSO
    • If you use it, please say so.

      • yeah those are all redeemed or invalid

        • Liked the comment but didn't redeem any of them. Did you guys redeem them via app?

          • @Geoffgo: The couple of orders that I made this week were redeemed via app.
            Figured it is much easier just to go up to the counter and collect without mucking around with codes at the register.

          • @Geoffgo: I redeemed 4 codes tonight from the last few days winning. 2 pack of wicked wings, pop corn chicken, and 2 Pc Secret Recipe chicken. I ordered through the app, so I can pick them up at the same time. Have done this 3 times since it started and still have unused codes left 😅

        • Cheers must be my local store doesn't allow for delivery or pickup, i have no option in the app for these

    • We need a Cheapie deal on some defibrillators sometime soon…

  • +2

    Staff must be quite busy filling lots of these orders and might be even busier tomorrow with the 6 and shout promo as well.

    • my local got confused and gave me 4 sliders instead of the 2 I ordered..

  • Only seem to be getting either a piece of chicken or slider or nothing this week

    • Does it give certain items each week depending on your location?

      • More dependant on the account I suspect. Like you can't win everytime when you play the game everyday.

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