Play 6 & Shout Game for a Chance to Win Free Food @ KFC App


Score some free KFC (avoid the snack burger, it's not great).

How to play

  • Participate in the Six & Shout digital experience via the KFC app and select one of six zones they think a six will be hit into in the next Eligible T20 Match. A KFC product item will be assigned to each zone.
  • If a six is hit into the Entrant’s selected zone during the match, they will be notified via text message witha unique 5-digit Claim Code the day after the Eligible T20 Match finishes, by midday.
  • The unique 5-digit Claim Code will be redeemable for the product item that corresponds with the zone
    the Entrant selected. The code will be valid for redemption for 24 hours after match day.


Bangladesh v Pakistan – Fri 7 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Pakistan – Sat 8 Oct 22, 7:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Bangladesh – Sun 9 Oct 22, 7:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Pakistan – Tues 11 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS vs Bangladesh – Wed 12 Oct 22, 3:00pm
Bangladesh v Pakistan – Thu 13 Oct 22, 3:00pm
T20 TRI-SERIES FINAL, Fri 14 Oct 22, 3:00pm
BLACKCAPS v India - Fri 18th Nov, 7.30pm
BLACKCAPS v India – Sun 20th Nov, 7.30pm
BLACKCAPS v India – Tues 22nd Nov, 7.30pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Fri 2nd Dec, 7:00pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Sun 4th Dec, 2:00pm
WHITE FERNS v Bangladesh – Wed 7th Dec, 2:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Sun 2nd April, 1:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Wed 5th April,1:00pm
BLACKCAPS v Sri Lanka – Sat 8th April, 1:00pm


There are six KFC products that can be won after each Eligible T20 Match throughout the promotion

  • KFC Zinger Burger
  • KFC Regular Chips
  • KFC 3pk Wicked Wings
  • KFC Snack Burger
  • KFC Regular Potato & Gravy
  • KFC Secret Recipe Piece

Terms & conditions
KFC Six & Shout - FAQs
Live scores:

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  • It says I have to wait a day

    • +2

      You can lock in your zone now but then need to wait until after the game to confirm whether you have won or not.
      The first game is still two days away.

      • Is the Black Caps vs. Pakistan game on Saturday?

        • Yes - Sat 8th Oct.
          5pm start.

          Actually just noticed the start date for this post is wrong.
          Sat 8th is the first Blackcaps game but the Six and Shout promo starts on Fri 7th at 5pm with the Bangladesh v Pakistan game.

  • +2

    I actually like the snack burger ;)

    • Me too, with supercharger sauce

      • +1

        Honestly all their burgers with supercharged sauce

  • Looks like you have to download an app this time

    • +6

      But then the app takes you to your browser to play the game??? Crazy

      • +1

        That's taking the piss

      • Forced to install app so that the colonel can spy on your smartphone, wot

  • were any 6's hit?

  • Yeah the zinger

  • +1

    I'm not going to use it so here it is - CONGRATS. You're smashing KFC 6 & Shout! Redeem your FREE Zinger Burger in-store or online for the next 24 hrs with code 44RMP3.

  • Got my text too!

  • Chips BHZTC4

  • Can the codes be applied to orders on the app?

  • Zinger 67TGLD for anyone that wants it.

  • Anyone got a code that they are not gonna use?

  • It says it has encountered a problem when I try to redeem the code online through the KFC app

    • code one use only

  • I get the same thing here saying it’s encountered an error

  • +1

    This coupon is not currently valid

  • We have encountered an error, please try again.

    I wonder if they tested it before rolling it out

    • I've just redeemed in store ok

  • Please private msg me a code if you are not going to use it, thank you!

  • Welp was too busy celebrating brother's birthday missed out on this! If anyone has any spares left, a PM would be appreciated <3

  • Please pm if you have any spare codes you don’t wanna use!

  • is it possible just to tell them the code at the counter for the free zinger burgers?

    • I did but they didn't know anything about it. Had to explain it to them to enter the code

  • Anyone have a code for wicked wings or zinger burger if so much appreciated.

  • Has anyone been able to order online?

    • I did

  • +2

    Didn't work online for me. Used it instore without any issues.

  • Anybody got a spare code?

  • Everyone asking for a code; download the app and get your entry in for tonight's game.

    • And make sure you use your real phone number. You will not receive an email, only a text.

  • Used the code in store. Asked if I could use the code twice and they let me. And I got 2 free zinger! Anyone have the same experience?

    • lol was the staff drunk? But anyways, do let us know which store and which employee! And I hope they work tomorrow haha

    • If that’s so, would the codes work if you tried the same codes again but at another store?

      • If they don't record it, then yes.


      Haven't tried the same code at a different store. But the cashier was nice enough to enter the code twice.

  • Used two codes in the drive thru no issues! :)

  • Zingerrr burrrggeerrr 🏏🍔🏆😋

    • 2 in 2 days. And another tomorrow hopefully.

      • Same.
        Hopefully the staff know about it this time!

    • That's odd. I chose the zinger zone last night but didn't win. I got a Zinger yesterday tho.

      • Where did you smack your 6 to? I went over deep square leg (seems to be a consistent hitting spot for right-handed batsmen).

        • I override where I had hit and always chose that zinger burger zone which is around north west. So you're saying you could win random item when it hits your zone?

          • @The Hound: Note you don't need to actually hit anything, you can click settings and choose where you want from the getgo or choose skip game

        • could be a limit of one zinger per account, but we'll find out tomorrow

          • @The Hound: No it’s not limited to one per account.
            I’ve already won two.
            It’s limited to whatever you locked in last as long as that zone had a six hit in it.

            The ‘Zinger zone’ is fairly small.

            • @bigcheese: yeah I definitely chose zinger zone in the 2nd game, but got that "bad luck" txt. Ah well, maybe I'm blacklisted by KFC lol

            • @bigcheese: Saw one or two post on their FB saying they got that bad luck txt even though they chose the correct zone.

  • +1

    Was nice to meet a fellow cheapie at the last visit to KFC hornby for my zinger.Off to papanui today to get my zinger today 🙂

    • Hey dude. Great meeting you too. First time to meet a fellow cheapie. Will go and get my second today aswell 😁

  • any chance of a spare code for any item?

    • did you not enter? Or didn't get a winner.

  • Better enter the next one then 😂team members are still not being informed properly what's going on

  • Zinger for me, and wicked wings for the wife. Lunch sorted.

  • If they keep hitting 6's us cheapies will be eating good for the whole week

    • It’s T20 - 6’s are pretty much guaranteed.
      The trick is guessing the right zone it’s hit in.

  • My friend got a code but it came up as the regular price when redeeming 🤔.

  • Free Zinger code for first person to correctly guess this town

    _ a _ e r_ _

    • kawerau

      • 👍

  • +1

    Thanks @Wakrak Dinner is sorted

  • The store I selected didn't have the zinger in stock so I had to change store, which cleared the cart, and invalidated the code gg

  • plz pm if youre not gonna use a code :) - much appreciated

  • Just collected my winnings, a zinger burger. Pretty tasty really.
    Am I the only one to be surprised that these retail at $9.99?

    • Am I the only one to be surprised that these retail at $9.99?

      Not at all, we were surprised too.

      Looked like another 6 in the Zinger zone tonight.

  • Free Wicked Wings if anyone has the late night munchies - Y77ATL

    • Code is not currently valid

  • Anyone else get more than one code for their app? Think they must have glitched as I got to three Zingers for one account tonight :/ hope all the codes work tomorrow?

    • Should have preordered via app for tomorrow pickup before they fix the glitch hehe

  • No 6's were hit in the zinger zone

    • Landed in the potato&gravy zone. Lunch sorted.

      • wtf it's the small tub haha

  • Anyone have a code for the regular chips?

  • Next game is tomorrow afternoon

  • Looks like my zinger luck ran out

  • So what zones did the 6 sixes hit?

    • Commentary:

      • Tossed up on middle, Allen gets under it and smokes this over the bowler's head and comfortably over the boundary for another massive six
      • That's a crowd-killer! Finn Allen brings up his fifty. It's his second T20I fifty. Length ball on the pads, he skips down the wicket and launches it over deep midwicket for a massive six on to the grass banks
      • He's hit that on top of the roof, pure power! Another googly on a length, Allen goes with the spin and hoicks it on to the leg side as it goes sailing over deep square leg
      • Goes again and it's another massive six. Very similar to the previous one that sailed into the crowd. It's a length delivery on the pads and he just whips it away on to the on side and sends it on to the grass banks
      • Clubbed for six! It was fullish and angled in, Allen just picked it up and got a lot of power behind it, sending it sailing over deep square leg
      • Allen dashes out of the crease once again, picks a full ball on middle early and launches a straight six. That is the first six of the game
    • No zingers but wicked wings for me

      • My workmate got the piece of chicken.

    • According to my mate; Chips, Mashed Potato, Wicked Wings and a piece of chicken were hit according to KFC. No Zinger or Snack Burger. To be clear this is for the match on Tuesday 2022 10 11 where you got vouchers on Wednesday 2022 10 12. It's not for the just completed match

  • I entered a code online but accidentally selected delivery, when I went back to selecting pickup, the code disappeared and became invalid when re entering. I was able to use that code in store later. I wondered if one code also works at multiple stores?

    • Bunch of the comments above suggest it might do. Or maybe there is a warning but they can override it and most just do that?

    • Tried it and does not work. "Code already redeemed" plus suspicious look from staff ahem lol. Perhaps if delivery order was not picked up, code becomes usable again, but I dunno.

  • Who wants some wicked wings - enjoy!




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