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Samsung S23 Ultra 256GB $914.90 (After $600 Trade-in Bonus + 10% off + $50 Voucher + Discount Codes) @ Samsung NZ


Just want to start things by saying that this price might be different for everyone. As the trade in value depends on the model of your phone

$914.90 is the price I was able to buy the device for. I currently own S21 ultra which had a trade in value of $538 and i got $600 trade in bonus on top of that

To get additional 10% off + $50 Voucher. Here is what you need to do:

10% off

$50 Voucher

  • DO THIS STEP IN INCOGNITO MODE or private mode depending on your browser.
  • Go to and you will see "Need help? Talk to Samsung People" Circle in the bottom right. Click on it > Help me buy > Smartphones > S Series > Chat with Agent > Fill in your info and Submit.
  • After you are connected to the agent, request for a $50 loyalty Voucher

After you have both vouchers, you can use them together at the checkout

Try these codes (credit Parlane)

  • CRP2023 - 50 off
  • WELCOME50 - 50 off
  • THANKYOU30 - 30 off
  • Signup new email for $20 off welcome discount

Also worth mentioning that Total will include the Trade-in Value of your phone at the time of checkout but the amount will be released once they have your old device.

Sorry about the formatting. Typed this at work.

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  • Is that the price is for the 256GB version?

    • +1

      yup. will update the title

  • so you got a trade in value of $1138 for the phone,thats a great deal. samsung and apple had a market share of 50% in russia now 3% so they will have to retain the existing markets.

  • anyone know the tradein value for iphone 11 pro max 64gb ?

    • based on the samsung website: $455

  • not able to download their tradein app @apple app store

    • Same, I just contacted their support.

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    Is the trade-in ID different to the diagnostics ID?

    Or do you only get the trade-in ID once you've done the whole process (I.e. Uploaded your details and personal ID)?

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      Yes you have to go through the whole process to get your trade in ID ( uploading your personal ID etc.)

    • At the end of the diagnostics it gave me a "Diagnostic Trade ID". I attempted to enter this on their site and it said it was invalid. I proceeded to the next screen of the trade-in app where it asks for your personal details and it has now rename it to "Diagnostic ID". Not the most clear naming but I think that it is not the Trade ID.

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    Hmmmm wonder how much I can get out of my S21…

    • +2

      400 is what i got last month

  • -1

    For the most part selling your phone if its from the last 2-3 yrs will generally net you more.

    • I doubt. I got $1138 for my s21 ultra. Don't think I will be able to sell it for that much

      • That S21 price is pretty good.. I have a 22 Ultra and paid a handsome amount for it and of course its newer but the trade in price is very similar to the 21. So thats a bit annoying. Overall not a bad deal thou - Dont think its worth paying the extra 1k to go from 22 to 23 - but if i wanted to this would probably be the best way to do it.

  • Oppo Find X2 Pro = $212 so not worth it for me :(

    • +1

      $812 with the trade in bonus so i would say pretty worth haha

    • Sellling for $500-$600 ish on TradeMe

  • Curious what the smallprint on the $50 loyalty voucher is, is there a minimum spend or anything in those? I've had the 10% codes a couple of times which has been really useful.

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    Can someone clarify somwthing, I used this link to give me the value of my old phone:

    With the $600 tradein boost, is it on top of the tradein value I was quoted using the above website?


    • Yes, correct. Trade in boost is added to your trade in value. So $600 + whatever the value of your phone is.

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    Where can I find the Need help? Talk to Samsung People circle ? in the page

    • Weird that its not popping up now. Maybe it only pops up during business hours since the point of it is to connect you to live chat?

    • +1

      I spoke to the agents mentioned in the 10% off directions and they said there is no $50 voucher. So I guess they really are two separate teams.

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        yup 100% two different teams

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    I'm on what I assume is one of the last pages for the trade-in app. It's asking me to sign out of my google account before I proceed. Does this mean I need to sign out and stay signed out from the moment I hit proceed, and I can only sign in on the new device once it arrives? I do not wish to be without the google account for any period of time.

    • +1

      Pretty sure you can sign back into google account after you get your trade in ID. Make sure you wipe everything before you send in your device though :)

      • If I let this trade-in app run through to completion will it wipe my phone for me? I'm too nervous to hit proceed in case I'm left with an expensive brick while I await the new device.

        • +1

          no it will not wipe your phone. the only thing it does is sign you out of your google account. I checked after I completed the process and I was still signed into Gmail and stuff so I don't even know what it signs you out of

    • The trade-in app wanted a 16 digit pin to start the tests - do I make the pin up or should I have received one somewhere during the checkout process?

      • +1

        You must use the QR code or the link to download the app in Google Play or Apple store, they are available upon checkout when choosing to trade-in a device(s). If you seek the application directly from the app store it will ask you for pin and not work.
        Uninstall the application then use the QR code or the link from the Samsung website to download the correct app version.

        • Thanks!

  • Anyone else struggling to get a hold of them for the 10% code? I've been sat in their chat since 5:30pm yesterday.

    • Restart the chat bro. Sometimes it gets stuck haha. Shouldn't take you more than couple of minutes to connect.

  • What are the conditions around the condition of phone? I have a phone to trade in, but the back is cracked etc. My wife's phone has a corner crush. Are they still eligible?

    • that's the tricky part ay. check this out…. Apparently it should not have any cracks. My camera lens glass is broken as well for which I have ordered a replacement. Maybe you can try replacing the back for cheap?

      • That’s the US terms, the NZ terms doesn’t say anything about cracks.

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    I still can't connect to chat either - just gets stuck despite clearing cookies etc. Any tips anyone?

    • have you tried using a different web browser?

      • Yes tried chrome and edge

    • +1

      Same, still stuck no matter if I use my mobile, my laptop, incognito etc.

      • Same here - mobile or laptop - Chrome, Edge or Firefox both in normal and incognito mode

    • Yup :)

  • Can someone DM me the 10% discount code please!
    Was able to get the $50 one, and that seems generic.

    • +2

      Same please if it is generic as i have tried many computers and networks but cannot get a response to the sales channel

    • +1

      Likewise, me too plz!

      • +1

        Same here, please

    • +1

      Try "CRP2023"

      • That works for $50 off :)

        • +1

          And you can add THANKYOU30 as well for another $30 off…..

    • Yes can I get a PM for 10% as well? Chat still isn't working for me at all. Thanks!

      • +1

        It's a very unique code that chat generates for you, instead of choosing sales choose service that worked for me and others.

        • Oh awesome thanks!

  • +3

    Finally got through by using service option in chat - couldn't get through using sales before. Code is auto generated so not generic.

  • +1

    So with the 10% off, the THANKYOU30, CRP2023 and a $20 welcome code for signing in? I think my total upgrade price for S21 Ultra to S23 Ultra is 834.1

    • no idea how you got it down to $834 but fair play hahah

      • I actually couldn't work out how you got 994?

        Phone shows up as 2299.00
        Minus 10% is 2069.1
        Minus 538 is 1531.1
        Minus 600 is 931.1
        Minus 50 is 881.1

        So with only the codes you mentioned in the description I get 881.1 not 994 ? Then I added a 30 off code which is added before 10% discount for some reason and the welcome 20$ off code gets me to 834.10

        • I havent added my trade in code yet, is the 10% off the cost after the trade in price is taken off?

          edit: must be as that gets 994, sorry that means my price is down to 948.9 then not 834

          • @parlane: are you able to add the 10% discount first and then add the trade in ID?

            • @coxbussy: I'm going to try this when I get home but the 30 off code didn't care what order I put it in.

              • @parlane: Tried that. Did not work :(

                • @coxbussy: Ended up getting the 512gb model for 1267, thanks @coxbussy

                  • +1

                    @parlane: WELCOME50 seems to work for an additional $50 off as well (I went trawling through all the old codes posted on here and that's the only one I found still working).

                    • +1

                      @joshtnz: I can't use that code, it says invalid

                      • @parlane: Interesting… It worked for me half an hour ago, maybe you've used it before? Or maybe they've removed it. Dunno!

                        • @joshtnz: Haha oops I typed thankyou50, WELCOME50 definitely works, I could have saved another 50 but I already ordered lol

                          • @parlane: Ah well, hopefully someone else can benefit, still a really good deal anyway!

  • +2

    I've gone through the full order process. So if anyone else was as confused as me by the trade-in steps I'll do my best to summarise it here.
    * Choose trade-in on the S23 product page, scan the QR code to download and install the trade-in app. If you try to get the app via other means it will be PIN locked.
    * Run the trade-in app through to completion to get you "Trade ID". This is not the same thing as the "Diagnostic Trade ID" on the screen where it shows you the value after the tests. You need to proceed further and submit all your personal details to get the ID. You'll also get an email confirming this.
    * Back on the S23 product page enter the Trade ID, add the phone to cart, and apply all your discount codes
    * You will receive a return bag for your trade-in phone in 3-10 days
    * Hang on to your current phone until the new one arrives. Transfer over your data then send away your trade-in. They must receive your trade-in within 7 days of you receiving the new phone.
    * At the time of ordering you will be charged as if there was no trade-in. However after they receive your device and assess it they refund the amount they assess it's valued at.

    Something else to note is that all these trade-in values seem to be approximations until they've done their hands on assessment. On the S23 product page it said "get up to $715". When I ran the trade-in app it said I'd get $755. Then on the dedicated "galaxy trade in" page of their site it said $839. Under the terms and conditions it states that the value can change on a daily basis, so I wouldn't be surprised if its changed again by the time they receive my package.

  • +1

    @coxbussy you should add these to the description:

    CRP2023 - 50 off
    WELCOME50 - 50 off
    THANKYOU30 - 30 off
    Signup new email for 20$ off welcome discount

    • Definitely this. I missed out on the first $50 off because the sales chat was closed for the day. I also missed out on the other $50 and $30 due to not knowing they existed.

    • +2

      Done :)

      • +2

        Added description (so people know what code does what) and credit.

        • I have also updated the title to reflect the price better

  • You're a bloody legend mate. Ended up getting a 512 GB one for myself ($1567) and a 256 GB one for my mum ($1286). We both had old Note 9's and Note 8's to trade in respectively.

  • +3

    I signed up to Cheapies just so I could say thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread - I was just about to pull the trigger on a 2nd hand S22 Ultra off Trademe when I saw this thread. It would have been around $1k-$1.1K for a 1 year old 256GB S22 Ultra & I ended up getting a new S23 Ultra for $1,293.
    - Got the 10% personal discount going through the Service chat, as per the comments above (in the weekend, literally took less than 2mins)
    - less $30 for the code
    - less $50 for the code
    - less $50 for logging into my Samsung account
    - less the trade-in for my rear glass cracked Note 9 ($46.10 + the $600 bonus)
    = $1,006 discount
    Very happy and thanks again 👍😁👍

  • Is the $50 voucher generic or i can ask for another voucher excluding the one already mentioned?

  • Can someone confirm the $50 loyalty voucher is Generic "CRP2023" ? or do I need to request a one-off voucher (I already got a 10% voucher)

  • Hi @minhas @miamikk I used the generic codes listed at the top, the only private code I got was for the 10% discount. I was wondering if I should have tried to get that extra $50 private code mentioned but too late now.

  • Can someone please DM me a 10% off code if you changed your mind? It seems they run out of 10% off code now. Thanks 🙏

  • People in OZ seem to get a much better deal with better promotions (someone scored an S23 Ultra 256GB + Watch5 for $982)

  • Shows the profit margin buyers who are unaware of these discounts are contributing to ! Ouch.

  • For anyone wanting to maximize this deal I suggest using a cheap old or broken phone for the trade-in so you get the $600 boost, then sell your main phone on Trademe or Marketplace etc. I pulled out an old phone I'd struggle sell for $150, and got $700 trade-in value. Then I'll be able to sell my current phone for $900-1k instead of the $1100 they offered me for trade-in.

    • +1

      Can you use a broken phone

      • I think you can do it with a cracked screen and back, but you need to be able to install and run the tradein app. Obviously they will offer basically nothing for the phone itself, but you'll still get the $600 trade-in boost.

        • Just chatted to Samsung Support and they confirmed it can have a cracked screen. Just as long as it runs the software (which I could not get working on an iPhone 5S/6S).

  • Oh the SRP2023 is the 50% loyalty voucher code from chat I just found out haha

  • +2

    Y'all are legends, thank you for compiling all this!

    My wife has had her eye on the S23 Ultra and by your powers combined we got a whopping $1011.90 total savings.

    $2649 starting cost.

    • $600 trade-in bonus
    • $150 for her old phone
    • $50 from CRP2023
    • $30 from THANKYOU30
      (WELCOME50 did not work for me, or it did but it said it had no effect)

    AND following the advice here of using the Service chat I was able to get a unique 10% loyalty voucher, so they may have released more codes.
    I did the 10% last because I had to wait half an hour for the chat, but in retrospect I should have done that one first in case the order mattered - the 10% is definitely off the price after all the other discounts were applied.

    All in all, pretty pleased. Cheers!

  • Ordered 1 on Sunday for a family member and 1 on Monday for me, both have been shipped today. Also made another order for 2 of the 65w chargers which was shipped today as well. Looks like they're honouring orders which is awesome!

  • +1

    I got the trade in bubble mailer. I do not feel confident in the lack of bubble wrap for this lol.

    • Haha I thought the same, super thin and a bit big for even my large s21 ultra…. Make sure you take pics putting your old phone in to prove the state you sent it…

  • Anyone have an old phone I could use to trade in? My wife’s S20FE doesn’t work as they don’t accept the 256GB version she has. Cheers all.

    • How did you find out they dont accept it? I think I have one aswell and the tradein app freezes at the last step so Im wondering if thats why…

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