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Weekend Sale: Huggies Nappy Packs $6.75, Apline Cheese 1kg (Edam, Colby, Mild) $9, Moccona 75-90g $6 @ Countdown (North Island)


Countdown Weekend Sale

Apline cheese 1kg $9
Moccona 90g $6
Huggies Small Packs $6.75

Possible pricebeat (nappies) at The Warehouse ($6.08)

If prefer to order via countdown.. can combine with cashrewards sign up offer here.

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Countdown Supermarkets


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    Special thanks to wakrak for your legendary editing!

  • 'Weekend Deals are on now at Countdown! So grab yourself a deal from one of our North Island stores, instore or online'

    North Island only?

    edit - now says $13.90 for me after selecting a south island store

  • I tried to pricebeat an item with multibuy offer the other day and the agent will only do 1x and said it's the instruction from the tech team

    Edit: Just tried pricebeat the nappies, they can adjust the price to each pack and remove the multibuy offer (so doesn't make it 2 for $24). Think just need to find a right agent, the previous agent said they cannot do that.

    For size 5 $6.08/16 make it $0.38 each which is not the cheapest in my opinion

    • I can confirm EJ had price beat at warehouse for 9 packs of nappy pants. I think for huggies, nappy pants are needed then probably one of the better value option as they don't come in jumbo box. So at 9 packs at $5.52 per pack is pretty good value. for effectively huggies standard huggies which is around $22.09 for a jumbo pack which is same as 4 packs of these smaller packs.. Which is better value than this previous deal.. https://www.cheapies.nz/node/33868

      • Yes it's pretty cheap for Huggies ultra dry, I usually just buy Huggies essential or Treasure (which fit him better and never leak) when they are on sale combine with other offers, because my toddler changed like 6-10 nappies each day even he is already 3.5y/o. He just have constipation issue and he doesn't do it all at one go…so we are like keep changing the nappies because it's really stink…many of the time the nappies aren't even wet..

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    The 4 pack toilet paper are 3 for $3 (cheaper than the bigger packs). If anyone is interested (not part of the weekend deals but weekly deals).


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      I just checked the 24pk is $7.4, it's cheaper than this 24pk for $8 if you haven't buy it

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        Nope, 4 pack ones are 3 for $3, ie. 24 rolls for $6, cheaper than the 24 pack (at $7.40).

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          Yes sorry you are right!!

  • Maconna coffee is still much cheaper on Amazon with free shipping


  • $9 cheese blocks are backed this weekend!

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