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40% off Next Delivery (New or Inactive Accounts with No Purchase Previous 13 Weeks) @ My Food Bag


Decent deal from My Food Bag/Bargin Box/Fresh Start and can be used with the Amex deal for even more savings:


  • Feb - March 2023 New Customer Offers - SAVE40 - Get 40% off your first delivery.
  • Offer valid for new customers only and/or customers who have not bought with us for 13 weeks.
  • Expires 26 March 2023 for deliveries up to and including 2 April 2023 delivery weekend.
  • Get 40% off your first delivery.
  • Offer only valid on My Food Bag, Fresh Start and Bargain Box meal kits, no other brands.

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  • Mfb share price took a hammering recently.

    • +2

      The IPO at $1.85 was criminal.

  • anyone here use this service? i have never and wonder why its appeals to you.

    • It's all right, similar to Hello Fresh, quality I think a little bit better, but not significantly. I circle it with HF.
      B.t.w., they had better offer than this recently.

      • +1

        I've tried most food boxes, and hello fresh in comparison for the actual quality of food is terrible.

        In saying that, I'd stick with bargain box. Good quality at a decent price, but it's no where near as fancy pants as other options. These are just my/my partners opinions though…

        • I agree, you can't get much worse than hello fresh. My Food bag is far better!

        • +1

          Love the packaging of Bargain Box but I felt that the meals lacked flavour.

          • @Wakrak: That's totally fair. As I said they're by no means as fancy pants as the other boxes and I'm a simple man with simple tastes ;)

            In saying that, because the meals are typically so simple I always find myself throwing in extra ingredients/spices to make it stretch that bit further and taste a little bit better too. Just depends on how inspired you are in the kitchen.

            • +1

              @Latex Fist: Think another thing in Bargain Box's favour is that the ingredients are much fresher compared to what Hello Fresh gives. With HF, if you miss a day, the food is probably off lol

              • @Wakrak: I totally agree. HelloFresh just does not have the same quality or shelf life as Bargain Box.

                When we get the boxes (on discount only), my partner and I will get the biggest box, and that'd last us two plus weeks in the fridge (we'd freeze some meat obviously). With HF, if it's in there for a day or two the veges start to wilt.

    • Have used it in the past - for us the main attraction was the convenience factor… Neither my partner nor myself particularly enjoy cooking and tend to do a set number of meals on repeat, so getting a bunch of new/different meals in one go and not thinking about what to cook during the week was certainly the main driver for us.

      Another plus is getting to being exposed to ingredients we didn't usually use and the recipes are easy enough to follow.

      However, it is pricey and can be a bit hit and miss with some meals. Have since stopped now as we have a couple of young fussy eaters to consider. But will definitely take up this offer for a one off.

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