Whats the best fuel card for decent discounts?

Basically my car is fussy with what kind of fuel it need. It runs Ok on 95 but great at 98 or NPD 100.
I am struggling to find a card that does decent fuel discounts.
My weekly fuel spending is minimum $100 and I work from office 5 days of the week. It is quickly adding to my monthly expenses. Hence, I am on a lookout for a fuel discount card.


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    I have a Farm Source card - 16c off a litre at Mobil, 12c at Z, BP and Caltex, and 6c at Waitomo. Anyone can get one. Combined with Gaspy you can find the best place on the day to get fuel.

    • How do you get one?

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        • Thanks for the link! Just going through it now.. man there is a lot of admin!

          • @JH4: Yeah, I applied last night and it was almost 40 mins task for me.
            However, my web browser had an attack when it was submitting application. It errored out. Application is submitted but awaiting digital signature so I am waiting for confirmation email from Farmsource.

            • @Cheapiesquestion: @Cheapiesquestion no good! I tapped out after 15mins! I need to revisit this afternoon. Are you primarily going to be using it for fuel etc?

              • @JH4: Yep, only for fuel. Nothing else hence why I haven't asked for big credit limit. My monthly fuel cost is ~$350-400 so I asked for $800 limit.

                • @Cheapiesquestion: @Cheapiesquestion oh yeah forgot you get a monthly bill and pay it all at once

                  • @JH4: Just a quick note about the monthly payment.

                    The cost usually shows up 3/4 days after you’ve filled up. I usually wait for it to appear and then pay it off straight away. That way my bill is $0 or thereabouts at the end of month. If you add more than what is required for the month, it’ll become credit and show as -$xxx

                    • @Wakrak: @Wakrak Thanks for that! Do you know if the card is better than the Asset Lab pricing at Bunnings?

                      • @JH4: No idea sorry. @bigcheese do you know?

                        • @Wakrak: Sorry I don't know either.
                          I have both a PowerPass 30 Day Account and an N3 card through my work which both offer the top level of discount at Bunnings but I don't have a Farm Source card so can't compare.

                        • @Wakrak: Asset lab is better.

                      • @JH4: Per Farmsource website. Trade pricing won't apply to items already on sale so I guess you'll get some decent discount. If you've applied for farmsource card then I guess try it first hand yourself and also let us know whats the difference between powerpass and trade price discount?
                        Bunnings do not disclose how much percentage discount but my best guess is 15% discount on each item or on the total.

                        • @Cheapiesquestion: The Bunnings discount will be variable.
                          Some products could be nothing at all, others could be 30%-40% or more.

                        • @Cheapiesquestion: The trade pricing isn't really a "discount", it is more like a different price list. Products on sale don't matter, you can get whichever price is lower.

                        • @Cheapiesquestion: it's better than power pass had multiple Bunnings staff comment how good the discount is.

                      • @JH4: I have CSC Buyers Group Powerpass and the Supercard - I would say the pricing is fairly similar, but I haven't compared everything. Benefit of the Powerpass is you get access to the pricing on the Bunnings website, Supercard you only find out the price when you scan at the till.

        • Anyone else getting 'Form Error' when clicking on apply for reward card?

          • @lzbz: Yes, I got that when I was applying.
            I found the process a bit confusing too. So I called Farm source to get this in line.
            They advised, In order to get farm source rewards card you must have a store account with us. Once store account is approved and setup (because you'll have to upload bank statements, ID details and set credit limit). You'll be notified when store account is setup. After this It'll enable you to order rewards card. Then you won't get form error.

            So go to: https://store.nzfarmsource.co.nz/shopping-at-farm-source/app…
            follow on screen instructions.

          • @lzbz: Did you apply for Farmsource?
            They withdrew my application even though I have enough savings to make payments.
            The reason was given as I have many transactions going out but they didn't clarify nor give me a chance to explain those transactions. Those transactions are basically my money going from my main account to my saving account in the same bank hahaha.
            I can't trust their Credit team anymore lol.

            • @Cheapiesquestion: Haven't gone through application, maybe this weekends task. Will update.

            • @Cheapiesquestion: I don't think they asked for bank statements from me. Just a form of id iirc.

              • @Bill: You only upload bank statements if you are asking for rewards card that you can use at petrol stations for fuel discount. So sounds like at this stage yuou only applied for store account which means nothing.

    • Thanks yea that sounds good. Mobil is my go to pump anyway so that'd help. I hate stacking smiles and redeem later just not my thing.

  • Does your car actually require the higher octane fuel? What does your owners manual call for?

    • Manual recommend 95 but it is more efficient and runs smooth on 98 so I would prefer 98 over 95

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        You're probably dreaming.

        It's unlikely to make any difference unless your car is tuned to run on only 98 and it's most likely not. There is a pretty much zero chance it is tuned to 100. The only cars that typically(for either) are high strung sports turbos, or cars that have been tuned.

        And before anyone says "but euro/jap cars are tuned to…" - they are not.

        All coming from the owner of multiple high strung twin turbo Japanese and Euro cars. The only one that ever needed 98 was the car I tuned to run on it.

  • As above, Farm Source Rewards card (SuperCard). 16c per litre off at Mobil everyday, sometimes even cheaper than Costco (if you're in Auckland).

  • Farm source (Supercard) is the best ive seen.

    Theres a couple more less ethical routes you could take to get larger savings. These generally involve repco or briscoes, (https://www.cheapies.nz/node/39035) and spending xyz limit. Then returning the items after using the AA fuel card discount.

    I wouldn't consider this to be sustainable either. More a once in a blue moon kinda gig^

    • Yea, its not ethical to buy something. Use discount and return the item. No for me. I'd wait for my farmsource card.

  • Biggest discount is Farmsource and Farmlands cards.

    However 9 out of 10 times, petrol is still cheaper getting it from somewhere else (Eg PakNsave/NewWorld/NPD)

    • Yea, I used to top up with Pak n save 95. It ruined my car performance. I am surprised because Z supplies fuel to PNS so shouldn't be a difference but price tells otherwise. I believe they sell less refined/less additives fuel to PNS. But no I will never go to PNS/NW or NPD.

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        Have you actually tested this in any sort of blind fashion i.e. got someone else to randomly fuel it for you and not tell you?

        Frankly there's a major question whether the additives actually make any useful difference, and especially those differences you're noticing anyway but that's too complicated to deal with here let's just assume they can do.

        Price is pretty useless as an indicator. Just look at how much price varies within suburban Auckland for the same retailer. And the cost of the additives is undoubtedly miniscule and does not directly affect the price of the fuel. The only effect on price is when it's successful enough of a marketing element that they can charge more and still get enough customers. The supermarket outlets are also not intended to directly make money for the supermarket. They're to get you shopping in the supermarket.

        Point being, there's zero reason why Pak'n'Save etc could not have the exact same fuel as Z with the same additives no matter the price differences. What matters not is the price but whether Z is willing to supply it. If they refuse to supply it it's not because of price, but because of the marketing element. But my gut feeling is it's probably simpler for Z to supply the exact same fuel including additives but perhaps forbid marketing the additives.

        Lincoln Road (Auckland) Pak'n'Save has a Z right next to it. I strongly suspect if you hang around long enough at night, you'll see a tanker go to the Z, then drive the 100 metres or so to the Pak'n'Save and fill it up as well.

        • Yea, I have PNS fuel just 600 meters from my home. My home is on elevated level so I can see the road and PNS fuel station. In my case, I've noticed Z tanker 3 times an unbranded tanker once and an Allied tanker twice. I believe it is just resourcing by Z because they are contracted to supermarker and whoever has the capacity to deliver fuel. They do it and just gets the job done.

          However, I tested PNS/Z/Mobil/NPD and BP fuel myself. 3 weeks in test with each brand. 3 weeks full tank per supplier PNS/Z/Mobil/NPD and BP so my card computer gets used to it.
          By far the best performer is Mobil 98 then BP 98 and third place Z.
          I drove with the same style as I would and didn't try to drive economically. AC on, heavy foot and sent it as soon as the engine is warmed up.
          Mobil 98 = 590km on full tank
          BP 98 = 574km
          Z 95 = 559km
          PNS 95 = 554km
          Gull 98 = 516km - caused engine pinging. So this test is on one tank only and only 1 week. Added octane booster to stop pinging noise.
          NPD 95 = 525km

          Hence why I prefer Mobil 98. Unsure what other retailers add in their fuel but it makes difference.

          • @Cheapiesquestion: Imma chip in with a bit of recearch on my end but it all comes down to the actual and its worth trying them all if you are a high user.

            Mobil uses 10% ethanol to bump the octane which can improve engine performance but at the trade off of less range

            Gull uses a biofuel+ 10% ethanol mix which could explain the strange running.

            BP Does not use ethanol last i checked and is in my experience the most consistently performing.

            NPD100 uses a special addative somthing but seems to work quite well in our car good range and high performance.

          • @Cheapiesquestion: I checked with local Mobil last night just coz I had the same concern. Mobil rep who is working there for the last 10 years told me Mobil used to have E10 blend but not anymore.
            Is there a recent article or a document that confirms Mobil is e10?

          • @Cheapiesquestion: your results make sense, the higher content of Octane, the further the vehicle goes except for Gull, with their biofuel they have been consistently tested independently to do worse.

            It would be worth to account for the differential in prices as well as 98 is more expensive than 95, so may be using 91 from each fuel company may be a fairer comparison.

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    Z's Sharetank is also an option.
    It's quite often that the price at Sharetank (within 30km) is cheaper than Mobil after 16c discount near my location.

    • I have used Sharerank in the past. Whilst it is a good tech to use but fuel prices fluctuate alot in my area due to competition so I am better off just using smiles at Mobil than using Z sharetank.

  • Morning all, Is the Farm Source Card better than the Assetlab Card discounts at Bunnings? Or is it dependant on the product you are buying? Thanks.. great site!!

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      Apparently, hard to tell though. I have both cards and use Farm Source at Bunnings. Note that Bunnings and Resene seem to have the Farm Source card in their systems under the name RD1.

      • @Amosbosshogdog Great! Thanks for your reply! I saw Resene is up to 40% off too

    • The assetlab is better. I would assume it is not dependent on the product, as a higher discount level should have a lower or equal price for everything compared to a worse discount level.

  • My car needs 98 as well and I found Gull, Auck, down to $2.80 one one occasion, but always cheaper than others locally. Don't know how this compares though.

    • Gull is a no no for me. Used them in the past and always had issues with engine pinging etc.
      Although, NPD/Pak n Save/New World/Gull are cheaper than Z, BP, Mobil. I'd rather pay 4 cents more to buy good fuel.

  • Slightly off topic but I have a McKeowns card through NZMCA. Diesel currently $1.869 per litre at McKeown, Caltex and Z truck stops. Includes GST but not Auckland regional tax. That makes it about 40c per litre cheaper than the cheapest pump price in Nelson.

    • Do they have annual fees to keep the card? Already got Farmlands card that gives similar price but yours is 10c cheaper than Farmlands so wondering if I should apply for it mainly for Diesel. Any other perks with this card? @Baagin

      • You have to be a NZMCA member which is $240 first year then $90 per year.

        The McKeowns card is free, you apply to them on a NZMCA form and have a direct debit setup. The national price (different to pump price) changes each week, and is only at the truck stops. If you use service station there is a discount off the pump price, not off the national price, so is not as cheap. I don't think there's any other discounts on the McKeowns card, just fuel.

        NZMCA have discounts on ferry, DOC passes/huts etc https://www.nzmca.org.nz/join-us

  • the 75L free fuel offer from Z electric is still on, without contract is one of the best deals (if not taken up already) to take up as the free fuel arrive after 2 weeks of joining. Also power prices had not gone up by Z recently, with 5L per $100 spent around 15% discount if you do choose to stay with them but also an option to pick up other free options as well.



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