YouTube Premium Plan

Looks like they are on to us. Anyone else just get the email?

Where to next?

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  • No email so far, what did yours say?

    • Update your YouTube payment method to avoid service disruption

      Due to a recent change in Visa's processing policies in Argentina, payments may be declined if your card was not issued by an Argentine Bank. If you use an international Visa credit card or debit card, payments may fail and your subscription may be suspended.

      To avoid a disruption in your membership and other purchases, please add an Argentinian-issued credit card to your payment methods as a primary or as a backup payment method.

      To check your YouTube payment methods:

      1. Go to
      2. Click Manage membership
      3. Click EDIT next to your existing payment method.
      4. Click the down arrow next to your payment method.
      5. Select another payment method or add credit or debit card
      6. If applicable, enter your card information
      7. Click SUBMIT

      To add a backup payment method to be used if your primary payment method is ever declined:

      1. Go to
      2. Click Manage membership
      3. Next to "Backup payment method," click EDIT
      4. Click Add credit or debit card
      5. Enter your card information
      6. Click SUBMIT

      The YouTube team

      • So this seems to be related to Visa. Can I just use a MasterCard - I have an Australian Mastercard Debit - anyone tried just changing away from Visa?

        • +1

          Think there were some comments on OzBargain that stated that switching to Mastercard did the trick.

          • @Wakrak: Australian Mastercard worked fine as the backup.

  • Bit bare OP. What country are you connected to, what card have you been using etc.

    • Yep, it’s Argentina. Been using a ANZ Visa

  • If you have Mastercard, you might be alright.

    I'm going to buy a Bonfire card to see if that fixes it.

    • Honestly I hate credit card admin and applying for new cards etc, but with how annoying standard YouTube ads have become, I'm thinking applying for a Mastercard might be a better alternative than canceling my premium……

    • Went to 4 different shops showing as Bonfire stockists on their website. All said they've never heard of it.

      • I’ve got Bonfire cards from Pak n Save before.
        The staff never seem to know about them but they are with the gift cards around the checkouts.
        They never have that many so I’ve had to search but they are there.

      • I always get Bonfire cards from New World, sometimes you have to ask the check out operator for it.

    • Does Wise offer a Mastercard? If so, could that work?

      • No. Visa only.
        Wise may work if you change your address to somewhere in Argentina?

    • Why is a MC ok? Would the One Smart MC debit card work then?

      • Not sure. Feel free to try and report back.
        The email along with some discussion i read online makes it seem like its a Visa issue and that by changing payment method to a Mastercard will resolve this.
        Unfortunately i dont have access to a Mastercard to test

    • So did the Bonfire card method work?

      • Haven’t had a chance to go to the store. Might do later today.

  • can always go google pay turkey - $2.50 a month
    havent gotten any issues with mine :)

    • Care to elaborate a bit more? Sorry just a bit confused lol

    • hmmm I've been getting charged $1.80 nzd per month for YouTube premium via turkey payment.

      I've always stuck with Turkish currency as its pretty much the cheapest for most things i pay for.

      • mine is family plan maybe yours is solo?

        • yes i think your right there

  • I got the same email.
    Here’s a discussion over on OzBargain about this

  • So is it only with Argentina or any country? I am currently with India payment with MC

    • +2

      India here too. I hope we survive

      • Also India. Would be gutted to lose this. Lost Tidal recently which I didn’t really use.

  • +1

    I did mine through Turkey… no issues here.. yet.. touching wood right now too :D

    I am however still on my 4 month Free trial period too

  • What are the main reasons you guys are paying for Premium over using stuff like Vanced (or fork of it) or SmartTubeNext?

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      For me it's the simplicity of paying $25 a year and having no ads across all devices, plus being able to download music for offline on YouTube Music instead of having a premium Spotify account.

    • +2

      Similar to Baagin + easier to give family members (especially older ones) the log in details of a new account vs. mucking around with Vanced etc.

    • Again basically same reasons.. I watch a lot of YT vids across multiple devices and got sick of the ads… plus now I use YT Music a lot more instead of Spotify, although I'm still part of a friend's Spotify Family plan.

    • Can you still use Vanced? I tot it's banned and gone? And SmartTubeNext is only for TVbox not for phone?

      • I use Newpipe. It's not in Play store, but you can install easily with F-Droid.

        Allows you to watch and download Youtube video or audio ad free on your phone. It works in the background too, unlike normal Youtube app.

        I normally download audio as opus file and then playback using VLC.

        Works great for playlists in the car, etc.

        For YouTube on desktop, just use uBlock Origin extension.

        • Too many things to get it working on some devices. I believe this doesn't work on iPhones or Samsung TVs.

  • +2

    For those having trouble logging into the premium page

    • Click on the premium page without VPN

    • Turn VPN to Turkey and now click Try me on the premium page [DONT REFRESH THE PAGE LEAVE IT WITH DEFAULT CURRENCY NZD/AUD]

    • And now you should see the prices in Turkey Lira.

    From here can follow the OP's instructions.

    • Thanks this helped.
      Also I couldn't reuse the same credit card - it threw up random errors even after deleting and creating a new payment profile. I had to use a different card (still Visa) but it worked in the end

  • One of my 'Family Members' received an email saying to contact support to confirm address. However I didn't get any email. I just removed him and resent the invite and he's good for another year.

    Used SBS Bank Debit Mastercard
    Used Indian VPN

    $3.6 NZD/month Youtube Premium Family

  • Fifth store lucky in terms of finding a Bonfire card.

    New world Hillcrest ❌
    4 Square Hillcrest ❌
    Edinburgh Dairy ❌
    PNS Clarence ❌
    PNS Mill ✔️

    Will add it to my account later on today. Membership doesn’t expire until the 23rd, so probably won’t know if it has successful until then.

    • Is it a reloadable card and do you have to register it to use it?

      • Yes, have to register on the website.

        Don't think you can keep adding money on to it.

        • Found on the first attempt at new world takapuna, although the checkout operator was not sure and I showed him their logo, then he managed to find a couple under the counter.

          From bonfire website they say if you purchase the card in-store it's already ready for usage, if purchased online then you need to register.

          It's not clear from their website but in the card's package it says "The card cannot be reloaded and cannot be used after the expiry date."

      • Confirming here it's def non-reloadable, you can find this info in their T&C just trying to search for reload:…

    • Looks like it might be a no go after all of that. Security measures getting in the way I think.

      • Switched to Turkey in the end using these instructions.

        Family Plan. Same Visa card used for Argentina. No issues so far.

        • So my payment failed this morning for Argentina. Trying to follow these instructions but when trying to subscribe again it says cant verify country to even show the available plans. What VPN did you use? I'm trying with Windscribe

          • @Madao: NordVPN.

            • +1

              @Wakrak: Solved, tried Windscribe browser extension and it worked fine, instead of trying on Ipad. Able to choose an annual pass and didnt even ask me for a Turkish address

      • Still waiting to see if my OneSmart MC will work tomorrow when it rolls.

      • Can you expand a little bit more about "all of that" and "security measures"? Have you tried without success or how far did you get?
        Thank you

        • Tried but failed. To be successful, the card needs to allow a verification payment to be made ($0.XX). I don't think the Bonfire card allows this to happen.

          • @Wakrak: Thanks for getting it back, when I tried (on Argentina using tunnnelbear) I got some errors like:

            • Se produjo un error en tu solicitud. Comprueba que la información de la forma de pago sea correcta o agrega una nueva a tu Cuenta de Google. Más información [OR-CCSEH-05]

            • La entidad emisora de la tarjeta rechazó esta solicitud. Asegúrate de que la información de tu tarjeta sea correcta o usa otra forma de pago. Más información [OR-CCSEH-25]

            I sent an email to bonfire and banzpay (their issuer) to confirm if they have any restriction (although not really optimistic about getting a response hehe)

          • @Wakrak: Can you please confirm the error codes you got when it failed just to verify if they're the same?

            • @fcaraujo: Can't sorry. Already spent the money and cut the card in half.

              • @Wakrak: No worries, I tried a couple of times again with no luck.
                I'm still waiting on their responses (less and less optimistic anway hehe)

  • youtube vanced

    • Is Vanced back?

      • +1


        • Yes I use ReVanced. It's brilliant.

  • Used Windscribe to VPN to Turkey. Shows the correct pricing in Lira. asks to log in. But after logging in, It shows "We couldn't verify your country. Please see Help Center for more information.". Has anybody else got this before?

    • Log in prior to connecting to Turkey?

      • Exactly the same issue if I log in before hand. If I incognito connect to Turkey, and then load the Premium Page. It doesn't load the page. If I don't connect, bring up the NZ price for it, then connect to Turkey VPN. It allows me to continue, but I'm met with that "Please see Help Center" Comment.

        • Guess you need to figure out what’s causing the issue: VPN, YT account, or other.

          Maybe try India using Windscribe?

          • @Wakrak: Tried a series of different troubleshooting steps. Turns out it was Windscribe itself. Got it working by using nordvpn.

    • Were you connected to Istanbul - Ataturk? If not try that one

  • +1

    I just use the Ublock origin plugin/extension for Firefox on PC.

    Android devices are a little trickier to setup, but basically you need to setup a Mozilla Firefox account on a PC and add the ublock extension… Then install Firefox NIGHTLY on your Android phone, and login to Nightly with your new Mozilla account, and then sync your plugin(s) from your PC version.

    No more ads, ever… and as a bonus, the "Paypass Paywalls Clean" plugin also syncs perfectly with Nightly, which is great for reading News articles. Just don't use the youtube app - watch in Firefox… it's actually better and safer.

    • What about on the tele.

      • Chromecast dongle

    • Can you cast to youtube in firefox?

      • +1

        Yes, if setup correctly and browser.casting.enabled=true

        • Thanks, will give this a crack 👌

  • Please Note - there seems to be an issue with Turkey servers atm using Windscribe VPN. Server relocates to Prune (India) rather than Istanbul (Turkey), hence everyone is getting USA prices. Not sure when it will be fixed. I suggest using Hola or Urban VPN which works a charm :)


    • When I did mine, I used TunnelBear and used the Cypress server.. another option for people. However, this was before all these changes happened, so YRMV

      • Thanks ScoobyNZ. Using Cypress gives me a price of ₪23.90 (Israeli New Shekels) which is currently $10.67 if I'm converting it correctly. Quite a bit more than the $3.36 I was paying in Argentina for the family plan (which isn't available in Cypress). The hunt for a deal continues.

        • Did you try India? I am paying around ~$3.65 for family plan

  • I got the SBS debit Mastercard and added it as the backup card. Due to bill on the 24th, will report back.

    • It work. Charged $5.84.
      Failed to charge the old wise visa first and then prompted to go in and update the payment method, picked the SBS Mastercard and it just worked.
      I like this method alot as the debt card has no fee

  • Borrowed my dads Westpac Mastercard and that did the trick - here's hoping its smooth sailing from here…..

  • I managed to buy one bonfire card although it keeps getting rejected.
    Was anybody here able to get one working? If so, how did you do? (e.g. named as "gift cardholder" with an argentine address?)

  • Tried using India, Turkey and Argentina VPN using MC or other Visa cards and all no luck.

    Errors I've got from "declined by issuer" to "you are from unknown country".

    Anyone tried with success recently?

  • +2

    Charged $5.27 yesterday. Guess it’s working.

    • Thanks for reporting back.
      I'm thinking to do the same, just wondering about some info first.

      I assume you switched from Argentina to Turkey, right?
      Did you have to change anything related to the family member setup?
      And how about payment profiles?

      Thank you

      • Yes, Argentina to Turkey.

        Family setup
        No, I already had all members in one grouping. So didn't need to do anything there.

        Payment profiles
        It kept failing to add my card to the new payment profile. I had to delete all other payment profiles except for NZ (think I had both an India & Argentina profile).

  • Over a week I was struggling connect my VPN to Turkey but was still getting US price or something it will say something along the lines of "YouTube is not available in your country"

    WHAT WORKED - i tried Nord VPN and that was it ! Finally got the turkey price and signed up for premium in next 30 sec.

    Hope this helps if you having similar issue.

    Also just used the VISA card

  • HELP!
    My Youtube Premium has expired.
    Was on Argentina, now trying to move to Turkey
    Was able to VPN successful to Turkey .
    When try to sign up to Youtube Premium it gives me:
    "YouTube Premium is not available in your country".
    Also tried VPN to Ukraine, but same Message on Youtube:
    "YouTube Premium is not available in your country"
    Any Ideas please?

    • Before I had the issue mentioned above, I have cancelled my Argentina subscribe.
      Since the issue, I just tried using the same VISA card (which failed payment) to re-subscribe to Agentina Family Plan - and it worked!
      Check Visa transactions, Youtube has taken payment from my card.
      Now lets see if it auto renews okay.

  • Switched from Argentina to Turkey using the various instructions from this thread and OzBargain. I cancelled my YT sub then removed by Arg payment profile, then used Hola VPN browser-plugin as WindScribe was connecting to anywhere but Turkey.

    Once I got the Turkey pricing I selected the individual annual plan, entered Visa card details and didn't bother with an address. Worked first time.

  • Mine finally worked after using Urban VPN Chrome extension (using Turkey) and Visa card

  • Hey, I have brought a bonfire card to use on Turkey as my Argentina Visa card wouldn't work anymore and YouTube is not letting me use the bonfire card !! How does it work please and TIA??


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