YouTube Premium Plan

Looks like they are on to us. Anyone else just get the email?

Where to next?

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      Bonfire card won't work. At least it didn't for me.

      • I ended up just using my visa. So weird!

  • Just wanted some clarity on this… Do you guys make a new youtube account to switch over to Turkey or can do it woth existing account?

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      I typically cancel my current subscription and then sign up again through a different country.

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      i used existing

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      In case you are worried and going for family plan. I would suggest get a new account. Add everyone as family members to that and subscribe using that.

      • I might try that method. Good to know I can use either way too. Thanks team

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    Anyone happen to successfully use a Dosh card?

    I get the error 'We couldn’t complete this action. Contact us. Learn more [OR_CCREU_06]'

    Tried my Visa debit, and that didn't work either. Seems like I need to find a Mastercard

    • I am having the same messages

    • What country are you going through?

      • I tried Turkey, India both using Wise card (visa)/ westpac debit (marster). No luck..

  • Just had to do this for our plans that are expiring. I now live in the lovely war torn country of Ukraine. When adding the credit card it didn't even ask for an address.

    Steps I took were:
    Connect to vpn
    Change address to Ukraine
    Wipe all payment profiles
    Sign up to YouTube premium

    For family accounts connecting I had to repeat all of these steps, cancel the sub on that account then join the family.

  • I see that Tidal Argentina have now announced that they will only accept Argentina bank issued Visa and Mastercards going forward.

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    If anyone is looking at this, got it working today after messing around for a while, using urban VPN to connect to pakistan, couldnt get past the "we cant verify your location", however when I tried it through youtube music instead it worked, disconnected my vpn when confirming my payment details and added a random PAK address.
    299PAK = about NZ$1.75 + cc exchange fee /m.
    See how long it lasts..

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