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Unlimited 300/100 Fibre Broadband, Orbi Modem and 6 Months Prime Video for $62/Month (New Customers, 12 Month Plan) @ 2degrees


Sort your year with Unlimited Broadband starting from as little as $62 per month PLUS get 6 months Amazon Prime Video for FREE. All when you join on a 12 month plan.

This offer is for a limited time so get in quick and strike while the iron is SUPER HOT HOT HOT!!!

Link with a 2degrees Pay Monthly mobile and get another $10 off.

Deal is actually through Broadband Compare…

Gig Fibre only - $74 or $62 with Mobile plan discount.

Looks to be cheapest deal around considering $54 Prime Video included as well

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  • So it's actually $74 OP unless you have a mobile plan as well?

    Slingshot is still $57.95/month if you don't care about Prime Video.

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      See link below for the $64 deal. The $74 deal includes a $250 joining credit if that takes your fancy instead..

      Slingshot deal has $5 modem cost per month though…

      • I just didn't read your post properly. I was associating

        Gig Fibre only - $74 or $62 with Mobile plan discount.

        with the title.

        And good point about the $5 monthly cost. Did not notice that.

      • 5 a month? Thats pretty stink most just charge the courier. 2 degrees lets you keep it as well at the end

        • Obviously the Orbit modem is just for rental, you have to send it back after 12m term.

          • @cyphei: Obviously? Why do you say that?

            • @quote: Orbit modem is quite expensive. Only those self-owned brand modems would be free.

        • Modem Is a rental. Says on the website.

      • How do you get the $74 deal with $250 credit?

  • I can't seem to post the correct URL to the deal its reverting back to normal deal on their website..…

    • +1

      Guessing you're trying to post the Broadband Compare link?

      • Yup and the terms on cheapies wont let me .. LOL

  • $5/mo off for supergold holders too

  • Looks like they dropped the $100 prezzy card and made it $3/month cheaper, $36 cheaper than the previous deal.

    • oh Prime is only for 6 months also, instead of 12 months. sheesh

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    I signed up recently and have been pretty disappointed with their customer service. Tried calling them at different times of day about an account issue and can never get through. They don't even put you in a queue, instead the voice tells you're they're too busy and hangs up.

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      I've signed up recently too and waiting for connection at end of month. When did they send through the modem for you?

      • I brought my own router

      • Connection date 15/02/23. Router shipped 08/02/23.

        Connection date 04/01/23. Router shipped 29/12/22. Router delivered 30/12/22.

        Received a TXT and email with tracking on day of shipping.

        • Connection date 15/02/23. Router shipped 08/02/23. Router delivered 09/02/23.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: Cheers for the info. Don't need to worry about that aspect. Was the switch over to 2degrees all smooth from your previous isp On the day you had scheduled?

            • @CarterNZ: There were no problems on connection date. Swapped the routers and working.

      • I had to chase up. They hadn't heard from former ISP confirming I was leaving or from fibre company. Gave me wrong deals to chase up with fibre company. They said send 5 days before

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    2degrees call center is atrocious (wait time is measured in hours)

    I'd seriously avoid them if you need any actual technical help with your setup (i.e. installing new connection)

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    Similar experience with their customer service. It took 3 days to get a resolution through their Facebook chat as it took them a whole day just to read each singular message I sent them.

  • Same here, they kept stuffing up my cutover and pushing it back in to my next billing period which would have cost me an extra month with my old provider. Called them twice and sat on hold for an hour only for it to revert back after the call.

    I ended up dealing with the LFC instead as it was apparently then pushing it back as they have to supply notice to the losing provider but 2degrees didn't supply all the details to do that, as I'd already given notice we made that problem go away pretty easily.

    • Sounds like I got lucky. Smooth as cutover for me

  • Wow thought 2Degs customer service was better than most especially compared to Vodafone! Wonder what checked in the last year ish.

    • I miss the days when they were Snap, they were awesome back then and I was a very loyal customer.

  • I signed up last time only to be told I'm not eligible for the Orbi modem and the credit (im an existing customer who resigned). Apparently you need to be on a 'new' plan to get the Orbi. I'm on the std 300/100 plan so that makes no sense but they wont budge.

    • The discount is an incentive to gain customers, not to retain them.

  • Took me several goes and a probably a week or so to resign for a another year. When I finally got it sorted they were very helpful and gave me a good deal for a further 12 months. Unfortunately they seem to have major delays in the call centre. I guess it is staff shortage like many other businesses currently.

  • Signed up with the previous deal of 100 prezzy card and 12 months prime, but cancelled today.
    There call center wait times is horrible.

    I just cannot wait 4 days for a response as I work from home, and need to have quick help "if" needed.

    How is the service with Orcon?

    • Signed up to the same deal and had no issues with my cutover. I was using my own modem so a fast or slow helpdesk wouldn't have made a difference for me.

    • +2

      Sounds like you need a business service with an SLA if that's what you're using it for, obviously that's not going to cost $60 a month though. They're all similar really, you'll get good times and bad times to call through regardless of who you're with. A 5/4G modem would be better as a backup than relying on an ISP to pickup their phone or resolve an issue, that's likely out of their control, within the timeframe you need them to.

    • I'm with Now broadband and I could recommend their customer service and tech support. They're really helpful whenever I needed help. Currently paying $72/mo though .

      I think they have a dral with broadband compare last time i checked. (6 months half price from memory)

  • +1

    2degrees offered to swap the 6 months Prime Video subscription for additional $4 per month discount.


    Unlimited (304/109Mbps)
    $710 = $82 × 12 - ($250 + $4 × 6) per 12 months
    $59.17 per month

    Ultimate Unlimited (865/497Mbps)
    $864 = $99 × 12 - ($300 + $4 × 6) per 12 months
    $72.00 per month

    2degrees SuperGold

    $650 = $77 × 12 - ($250 + $4 × 6) per 12 months
    $54.17 per month

    Ultimate Unlimited (865/497Mbps)
    $804 = $94 × 12 - ($300 + $4 × 6) per 12 months
    $67.00 per month

  • I signed up for the last 2Degrees deal. They didn't send me a router or notify my last ISP to transfer the service. My Skinny router won't work so 3 phone calls later (once on hold for 2 hrs 20 mins!) they washed their hands as it's not their router. So I'm waiting for their router to arrive (hopefully Mon) but it took them 2 days to even send it even though they initially stuffed up. Of course my last ISP disconnected me last week as I gave them a courtesy heads up to cancel account & to expect a transfer (as advised by 2Degrees) but they didn't get a transfer so disconnected instead.

    • Did you receive confirmation of connection date after signing up?

      • It's stressful reading how many people here have had issues with what should be a simple transfer process..

        We signed up for the last deal on ~Jan 18th and set date for Feb 20th and got an email saying they have booked the connection date, 2 days later Spark were telling me they couldn't see it on their end and to contact 2D and make sure they have placed it correctly. 2D say they have so I guess we will wait and see next week.. Will try Spark again to see if they can see it now. If they have not then we will probably be in the same spot(gave Spark notice of Feb 20th being our last day because I thought it would be painless)

        • There were no problems on connection date 15/02/23 except for Prime Video subscription I received even though it's swapped for additional $4 per month discount on bill received today.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: My status changed(today or within the past few days) to 'Order Status: Ready for Installation Appointment' when I already have an existing connection..

            "It's almost the big day! You can expect a call the day before your appointment to confirm what time the technician will be visiting to begin the last stages of getting you connected to fibre – make sure you answer that call from an unrecognised number! Remember that you’ll need to be home for this appointment as the tech will need access to both the inside and outside of your home.

            You will need to be there the whole time the installer is working.

            During the visit, they’ll complete any residual work to bring fibre up to your home and install your optical network terminal on an inside wall. This is the talking point between your 2degrees modem (which the technician will also install, so keep it handy) and the fibre network.

            You can expect the technician to leave your property as they found it – except for the addition of your new fibre connection and the associated hardware. If there’s any work that can’t be completed on the day (either to get you connected OR to restore your property to its original state) then the technician shouldn’t leave until they explain what still needs to be done and when it will be completed. Don’t worry though – the vast majority of installations will be done and dusted after this visit."

            Thinking I should ring them as why would they give this status as it's a transfer(ie we have an ONT and active fibre connection) so that does not require a physical visit..

            • @Dunno: Who sent that? 2degrees, LFC or both?

                • @Dunno: On the Services page in 2degrees Broadband app?

                  Did you get any email or TXT when status changed?

                • @Dunno: Have you setup the 2degrees Broadband app?

                  • @Peter Wyngarde: Have installed it now, on the services tab it says We're working on getting your services connected. Once your connected you will be able to view your usage here. No alerts/messages for status chages as far as I'm aware but will check my dads phone later.

                    • @Dunno: That looks like what both connections I managed displayed before transfer.

                      I don't know what the website was displaying before transfer because I used the app.

                      If you're concerned then I'd call the LFC and confirm the status.

                    • @Dunno: The day before connection date I received this email from 2degrees.

                      Subject: Your upcoming fibre installation

                      Hi there,

                      It's almost the big day!

                      You’ll be connected on the 15/02/2023 and you won’t need to be home as it’s all done remotely.

                      We’ll text you once your broadband connection is up and running. You can then plug in your modem and get your devices connected. If you’re not sure how this is done, you’ll find some handy instructions included with your modem. Don’t worry – it’s simple as!

                      The team at 2degrees

                      • @Peter Wyngarde: and.. transferred with no issues thankfully. Spark(old ISP) have also correctly ended billing for the services as they should.

                        Ultimately I think the 2d account portal user feedback is really poor when it had nothing to do with the transfer process, hope they fix it.

      • +1

        Yes. Received 'Welcome' email on 20th Jan. I should have contacted them before my switch date on the 8th Feb as my router hadn't arrived but I had a flood issues and family issues so it slipped my mind.
        They admitted that it wasn't correct in their system which had me waiting for Skinny to disconnect me before the process of sending the router kicks in!!

  • I was the same. No modem, luckily rang up. Skinny hadn't confirmed my disconnect. I had to ring Tuatahi fibre (guy on phone noticed booking for connection was Saturday that I chose using online 2 Degrees signup. Apparently they don't do weekends so we changed to a Friday. Monday was a holiday so would have had no internet until the Tuesday). After that, modem arrived and changeover on Friday was easy.

  • +1

    If you get the plan directly on 2Degree's website, it is actually cheaper (by less than $1/month) than via Broadband Compare

    $10/m off for 12 months and $250 joining credit on a 12 month plan

    $92/month - $10/month - $20.83/month = $61.17/month

    Same price if you upgrade though

    $10/m off for 12 months and $300 joining credit on a 12 month plan

    $109/month - $10/month - $25/month = $74/month

  • If you have Mobile with 2Degree's, the plan on 2Degree's own website works out to be cheapest for $51.17 per month because of the $10 monthly mobile bundle discount (which Broadband Compare apparently doesn't do, is what BC rep said)

    Broadband Connection Details
    Plan: Unlimited Fibre 300 Broadband
    Add-ons: Amazon Prime Video
    Cost (exc. discounts): $92.00 per month (total broadband cost over contract term: $1104.00)
    Contract: 12 Month ($199.00 early termination fee applies)
    Modem: BYO modem
    Requested connection date: [redacted]
    Promotional offers: Amazon Prime Video - 6 months free, $10 monthly mobile bundle discount, $250 joining credit, $10 discount for 12 months

    $92 - $10 - ($250/12) - $10 = $51.167 per month

    Just signed up today, had to call them as their website is having issue applying the $10 discount for Mobile bundle
    (even Pay Monthly Group plans are eligible, which is what I am on)
    Rep also said he couldn't do the Prime swap for $4 per month :(

  • Anyone that joined this can give feedback?
    From what I read recently the customer support on 2degrees have been horrendous?

    Also if I read the T&C correctly now, the Orbit router is now on rental? Does that mean we'll have to return them after 12-month contract?

    Just weighing whether the extra discount is worth moving given that I could continue my existing contract for $72/month

    • I tried ringing the 0800 number and hung up after 40min on hold and their email support takes 2-3 days to answer an email. If you never call your ISP anyway you will likely be fine.

      The orbi router is a rental(one time shipping fee) that you are expected to return at the end of your service with them. I don't know more specifics about this but they are well within their rights to chase you for costs if you don't return it at the end. Some ISPs(ie Spark) will write off the free modems after a number of years and not ask for them to be returned, can't speak to 2D policy on this.

      • Was that ringing 0800 number to join or for support?

        If I remember correctly, the previous 2degrees deal include a free router that is yours (so people could sell them on TM if their current one is better) but looks like they changed it now.

        • I've only known 2degrees to offer a free rental. They supply a courier bag for returning the router at termination of contract.

          Electric Kiwi are offering the same Orbi RBR350 router for free and Orbi RBS350 satellites for $110 (was $100) each.

    • I had to ring up just before my connection date as modem hadn't arrived. Found out date wouldn't have worked. Sorted out change over with fibre company (not ISP). Modem delivered. Change over day was easy. First bill, January did not have $4 discount in place of Prime. Rang (1 hour every time) and they promised would be on February bill. Just got bill. Had $4 discount for February but not missing $4. Also, haven't had $100 Prezi card arrive. Will be waiting 1 hour on hold on Saturday morning chasing up Prezi card. Don't expect will get missing $4 back. Internet connection is fine but every non-standard thing takes +1 hour.

      • Looked like it's something that might be a problem then. I spent 40mins on hold for calling to join yesterday and to try getting the $4 discount in place of Prime. Had to give up the call caused of something else.

        Not a good start. .

      • It says allow upto 30 days for the item(prezzy card) to arrive on my email. I assumed it would be after they did your first billing.

        • Well, it was over 30 days yesterday and they said should be sent in 5-7 days and I would be emailed. I interpreted it as we are disorganised and would never have sent it without a reminder and may still forget in the next week.

          The $4 Prime discount was started from month 2. So, assuming I'm still with them after the 1 year contract is up, I will get it then.

          • @2cheap: I would get in touch with their email support then rather than wasting time on phone calls

            • @Dunno: Haven't been able to find an email address for that. Nothing in the phone app or logged in to account or on the website IIRC. Did send a message to the [email protected]… while on hold as well.

              • +1


                Theres an email us bit you can click to show a form you can submit

              • @2cheap: I got an email today with shipping confirmation of my prezzy card so it seems they are onto it now.

                • @Dunno: Cheers. I rang and complained on Friday and emailed while on hold. Got a reply in weekend and shipping info Monday and delivered Tuesday

  • if I cancelled my current broadband on the 31 March, do I connect to new provider on the 31 March ? or next day which will be 01 April ? I would assume they cancelled service at the end of day ?

    • Since we had fibre (last ten years or so) changeovers have always been instantaneous.

      Can't recall when we were on VDSL what happened.

    • +1

      You should check your contract if you are required to give 30 days notice etc, you might be required to pay a full 30 days with Spark etc even if you only use the next 27 etc. You could also call your ISP and ask for a better deal as some are more open to retaining customers via incentives.

      Assuming this is fibre to fibre service..

      You signup with 2D etc via broadband compare, within a day or two you should get a call from them where you tell them/confirm the date you wish to transfer on and your current ISP details(account number etc) and they book the order. After thats complete you can ring your current ISP and tell them you are transferring on the 31st or whatever date you set(pick a weekday) and this is you giving them notice of that(if required).

      You should be given a transfer windows(ie on the morning of March 31st or the afternoon of March 31st) and on that day your connection will drop out as the new connection goes live.

  • To get the $5/month off for supergold holders, could I just say my father in-law lives with me, and give 2degrees his supergold card number?

    Or does the account holder at 2degrees have to be the supergold card holder?

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